Alimak Hek Light Lift Range

An installed cover

Alimak Hek has announced the extension of its light lift range with the introduction of HEK TPL 500 and 300. It is designed to be flexible, robust and simple. Applications are direct to buildings and scaffoldings for both new construction and refurbishment.

The products are available in either three phase with 500-kg capacity or single phase with 300-kg capacity. Each unit has dual functionality and can be used as either a transport platform or material hoist. For the three-phase 500-kg machine, the traveling speed is 12 mpm in transport-platform configuration and 24 mpm in the material-hoist configuration. In the single-phase 300-kg machine, the traveling speed is 10 mpm. With a simple key switch positioned on the electrical control panel, the machine can be converted from a transport platform to a material hoist, with all appropriate safety features enabled.

The products are designed on a modular concept with a load-ramp position that can be installed on three sides. It can be replaced by a bi-foldable gate to permit easy loading of the platform with a forklift, or for when it is to be used as a transport platform for ease of personnel access. The exit ramp is also interchange-able, can be installed on two sides and includes options for a control-bar system with vertical or horizontal bar openings. The third side of the machine is provided with either a fixed railing, ramp or bi-foldable gate.

The enhanced mast design allows for tie distances up to 7.5 m so three floors of a building or scaffold can be spanned. The tie pipes are fixed on the mast sections via a double-frame arrangement that also affords greater rigidity to the masts. The safety systems for the full control and operation of the machine are housed in the con-trol panel and conform with the latest available safety standards. The internal panel layout has been opti-mized for compactness and ease of use for installers and service engineers. The design of the control panel and installation platform (positioned either side of the main drive unit) can also be interchanged.

The platform floor structure comprises of folded and perforated plates, which form both structural elements and a rigid, anti-slip walking surface also suitable for the transport of loads. A hot-dip galvanized finish protects the surface, installation platform, ramps, mast and tie ins from corrosion. The mast sections are fixed to each other by means of four eyebolts, permanently attached to the mast section itself. The installation platform allows safe access to the mast and façade.

The TPL 300 and 500 are fitted with an overspeed safety device that comes into operation if the platform exceeds the rated speed, bringing the hoist to a controlled stop. The hoist is also fitted with an overloading-sensing device that prevents the use of the machine if too much load is carried.

For more information, contact Andreas Magnusson of Alimak Hek at e-mail: andreas.magnusson@alimakhek.com or website: www.alimakhek.com.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator Launches Products

ThyssenKrupp Elevator has officially released two of its products to the consumer market – the iwalk moving walk and Velino Compact escalator. Although both types of units have been installed at different projects, the installations were prototypes. With their reduced external dimensions, the installations are de-signed to save space and are suitable for both new installations and modernization projects.

Wider steps provide more space and comfort for passengers and in-crease the transport capacity of the systems. The horizontal model of the iwalk can be installed directly on existing floors with no additional construction work needed. As a result, individual segments can be added or removed whenever needed; the entire installation can even be moved to a new location. These features make the iwalk especially suitable for metro and train stations, airports and exhibition grounds.

Both the iwalk and Velino Compact are capable of being fitted with a new energy-saving system. Depending on the number of passengers, the system optimizes power consumption with-out reducing operating speed. In addition, the systems have decreased energy requirements and extended the life of the drive systems. Further savings are achieved by using modern components and efficient LED lighting, and the compact size of the systems also adds to their green credentials.

For more information, contact ThyssenKrupp Elevator at website: www.thyssenkrupp-elevator.com.

Baumer Magnetic Tape Encoders

The Baumer Group has introduced its HDMag line of high-precision, bearing-less and contact-free magnetic tape encoders. Replacing solutions that require belts, gears, couplings and linkages, the HDMag series of encoders will direct mount onto almost any large shaft torque motor or generator. The unit can be installed and removed repeatedly without an affect on performance, and offers wear-free speed and position feedback with an almost unlimited service life.

Using Baumer’s HDMag MSGP sensor technology, the series con-sists of a magnetic encoder attached using flexible magnetic tape. The customized tape can be easily buckled onto the drive or generator shaft like a belt. With the help of the welded fastener, the tape is tightened on the shaft and can be quickly exchanged when required. The narrow read head incorporates an integrated dual sensor head that is mounted to a frame over the flexible tape. This takes up minimal space on the shaft, operates without interruption over the fastening gap in the tape ends, and has no effect on the encoder output signal.

For more information, contact Baumer toll free: (800) 937-9336, e-mail: sales.us@baumer.com or web-site: www.baumer.com.

GSM Interface

Elevator Engineering Enterprises (EEE) LLC has announced its GSM Interface elevator safety product made by Italian manufacturer Movilift. The product functions both for end users and building maintenance. An SOS telephone installed in the cabin allows for the configuration of up to five numbers. The GSM Interface box is installed in the machine room where there is a frequency signal. If a pas-senger becomes trapped in the eleva-tor, all he or she has to do is press the call button, which will call the assigned number(s) one after the other until someone receives the call.

For more information, contact EEE at phone: (971) 04-435-6969, e-mail: info@eeeco.co.uk or website: www.eeeco.co.uk.

Gal Galaxy Wiring Package

GAL has introduced a new wiring package for Galaxy elevator controls to make wiring to other GAL elevator devices quicker and easier. The package consists of the Galaxy car-top box with custom harnesses al-ready wired to the plug-in connectors and ready to connect to the MOVFR Can Bus door operator, GAL’s serial car-station fixtures and a choice of a taped or tapeless selector. Field technicians must plug the harness into the matching terminal on the board, route the harness out through the proper knockout, pipe it to the car-operating panel, door operator or selector, and make the device connections.

In addition to custom harnesses, GAL offers a traveling cable matched to the needs of the Galaxy, including spares. Traveling cable can also now be delivered in the same shipment as the Galaxy control.

Another facet of the wiring package is the communications wire for serial hall station risers. GAL offers the wire needed for the task in 1,000-ft. spools, along with connectors and a tool for attaching terminals.

For more information, contact GAL’s Estimating Department at 50 East 153rd Street, Bronx, New York 10451; toll free: (800) 425-3538; e-mail: info@gal.com or website: www.gal.com.

Maxton Control Valve Cover

Maxton Manufacturing Co. has re-leased a new control valve coil cover design for the UC4/4M hydraulic-elevator control-valve series to the elevator industry. The product is a complete retrofit designed from an approved fire-resistant, high-impact material with improved labeling and a pressed-in metal insert that replaces the previous washer used in fastening the cover to the valve. In addition, a new bracket completes the coil enclosure and provides electrical wiring access and connection, replacing the previous control-valve base plate. The coil designations for-mally on the base plate will be engraved on the control plate.

The normal function of the coil cover is to protect the coils and encase electrical activity, preventing shock. This new design was intended to provide better form, fit and function than its predecessor. Aspects include noise-level reduction; a larger labeling area for added valve adjustment instruction; the absence of a loose washer to drop in the tank; a sleek, uniform appearance; and superior fit compared to the previous control-valve coil cover. The com-pany expects to release the new large control-valve coil cover for the UC1/1A and UC2/2A model series in early 2012. It promises to deliver a similar design and benefit.

For more information, contact Maxton Marketing Director Karl Keller at 1728 Orbit Way, Minden, Nevada 89423; phone: (775) 782-1700; fax: (775) 782-1701; e-mail: kkeller@maxtonvalve.com; or web-site: www.maxtonvalve.com.

Sees Maintenance Tools

Southern Elevator and Electric Supply’s (SEES) Enforcer is a door gib/fire tab in the elevator industry. Made of 304 stainless steel, the Enforcer can handle more than 18,000 lbs. of force. In the event of door failure, it can limit liability to the contractor and building owner and, due to its durability, significantly decrease callbacks for maintenance and door realignment.

SEES also offers two styles of door wedge tools, each with or without slots for fire tabs. The first style features a robust aluminum design with adjustment knob that allows for a secure grasp of the door. The second style is comprised of polyurethane and has no moving parts. This de-sign secures the door without scratching or marking sills.

Also available are flexible handle door keys that provide field safety for mechanics, inspectors and consultants. In the event of a runaway door, a traditional key can sometimes trap a person’s hand against the jamb. SEES’ key is offered in multiple styles, single drop, double drop and triple drop to accommodate all door thicknesses.

For more information, contact SEES at 2781 West McNab Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069; toll free: (800) 526-0026; phone: (954) 971-1115; fax: (954) 917-7337; or website: www.seesinc.com.

Sematic Draw Web Application

Sematic Group now offers an up-graded version of its web application Sematic Draw, which allows users to choose and design the right automatic doors to suit every type of lift. The application has recently been improved to be capable of configuring the 2000 T product line and is suitable for modernization in shafts with reduced dimensions. In addition, Sematic Draw allows users to download their project drawings as 3D versions. Through the application, Sematic’s entire range of doors is available 24/7.

For more information, contact Sematic at website: www.sematic.com.

Janus Alert Panel

The Line Monitoring Alert (LMA) Panel from Janus Elevator Products meets ASME/B44 2009 and 2010 code requirements for elevator phone-line status notification. The unit provides audible and visual signals in the building lobby in the event of a phone-line failure. To manage multiple phone lines, the LMA can be used with Janus’ Line Monitoring Expan-sion (LMX) unit. If mounted in the machine room, up to 10 elevator phones can be connected to an LMA panel by adding an LMX.

For more information, contact Janus toll free: (800) 527-9156 or website: www.januselevator.com.

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