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Extended Drive Power Range

Danfoss’ VACON® 100 range of AC variable-speed drives has been extended to include models rated up to 800 kW. This means users can now benefit from higher power additions to the range, now available as IP00 modules for mounting within control panels, and in enclosed versions with a choice of IP21 or IP54 Ingress Protection ratings. Power ratings are up to 630 kW on 400-V supplies and 800 kW on 690-V supplies. Standard features include integrated support for ModBus TCP, Ethernet I/P and Profinet IO connectivity. Other key features include enhanced safety with “Safe Torque Off,” “Safe Stop 1” and ATEX-certified motor over-temperature protection, all in accordance with European standards.



arbeitsicher offers several scaffolding products designed for mobility and safety. Its TeMP Modular Scaffold can be joined with a 10-mm bolt and nut, then, using a wedge, allows users to retain their tubular pipes. Its TeMP Lifeline is an anchorage system for lifelines using a three-cable system in which each workman can use one cable. Sample use includes fall arrestment when working on escalators.

The TeMP Work-Stage is a recently redesigned product intended as an elevator maintenance platform that can be dismantled for easy transportation. No bolting or substructure is required, and it has enhanced fall protection thanks to its “working-inside-the-cage” enclosure. Using the TeMP CLiMB Method with the TeMP Work-Stage enables progressive elevator installation, particularly in high rises, when three-phase power is absent. It entails a 12-m-high climbing method shifted after its length is exceeded for progressive elevator installation.


Safety App

Keeping in mind that a timely reminder can avoid a careless injury, Retriever Communications offers a safety-integrating app to record and rate hazards, which can also assist in ongoing site management. The app can feed this information back to the field worker, giving him or her ownership of the data quality. Providing a feeling of ownership helps the product achieve a strong user acceptance. It looks to be comprehensive enough to enforce safety inspections up front, ensuring completion of required job information at the equipment level and enforcement of items such as time, materials and proof of delivery before job closure. Additionally, it can include ancillary information such as manuals, diagrams and site maps.


Traction Machine for High-Rise Modernization

Wittur has launched the WGG 29, a new traction machine for the modernization of high-rise lifts. This synchronous, high-efficiency gearless drive offers a maximum load of 5000 kg and a maximum speed of 5 mps (with 2:1 rope arrangement). A split housing design enables easy replacement of high-rise lift machines when space and accessibility to the machine room are limited. When disassembled, the product can be moved through a standard, 800-mm-wide door. Under EN 81-20/50, it can be used as a solution to avoid unintended car movement and has options for voltage, speed, torque, measuring-system and traction-sheave parameters. It is UL and CSA certified and compliant to ASME A17.1.


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