Changing the Culture of Safety

HeliosESG is a software solutions company that has been working with various partners in the elevator industry over the last several years (ELEVATOR WORLD, December 2015). It recently increased its focus on safety within the industry, partnering with Elevator World, Inc. to deliver “Toolbox Talks” on mobile devices. The introduction and use of this product can change the way safety managers and trainers conduct their activities by automatically providing real feedback and analytics from the use of the system.

The customizable application is designed as a mobile platform that works on all operating systems and ties to a cloud-based management tool. With the Toolbox Talks release of the app, Elevator World specifically changed the questions associated with each week so results for each user can be graded. This provides better insight into the topics the users are struggling with and allows the trainers to better focus their next training session. At the same time, office managers can now track the completion of the talks in real time and eliminate associated paperwork and office hours. It also allows safety managers to spend more time in the field training and less time in the office filing paper.

In its efforts to change the culture of safety by bringing it into the 21st century, Helios is moving it from paper to a mobile app. Its collaboration with clients means companies can share their data with their trainers, who can manage and track the system offsite and help with additional training requirements.

In accordance with its proactive approach, Helios will begin to hold quarterly “safety study” meetings specifically designed to discuss the results from the prior quarters’ Toolbox Talks for all subscriber companies. This is a chance for the companies to hear what is going on across the subscriber base and help Helios tailor the system and the content to their requirements. 

Additional functionality expands the scope of the safety app to make it a single source for safety management, in both the office and the field. From tracking hazardous conditions, to auditing personal protective equipment, Helios strives to make safety an integral part of a worker’s day in the easiest ways possible.

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