Component Integration

An integrated, high-resolution screen in one or more of the elevator walls helps create what Panoramia calls “a unique and elegant atmosphere” in the elevator car.

Motor technologies, virtual window headline new offerings.

3D Visualization for Cabins

Interior-design technology startup Panoramia has launched a 3D visualization solution for elevators. Intended as a “virtual window,” it is considered a “smart” elevator product straight from the box, enabling property owners to create a unique and brand-compliant environment for any kind of elevator. It is sold as a complete product with screen, control computer, measurement devices and animated visualizations.

Stockholm, Sweden-based Panoramia outlines sample scenarios: a panoramic view of the surrounding skyline, a Norse fjord, a moon landscape or abstract scenery. The passenger feels as if he or she is moving up and down the landscape as the elevator moves, because the 3D visualizations on the screen(s) move accordingly. With three installations under its belt, the company plans to launch a software-as-a-service solution to enable customers to easily change scenery in the elevator with an app in 2018.


Updated Safety Barrier

Adams Elevator Equipment Co. has updated its compact, portable Slim Safety Barrier. The product is designed to reduce maintenance costs with a more flexible, space-saving barrier, while keeping the public safe near work zones during maintenance. With options of a standard-height 42 in., as well as the double-height 84 in., in seven or nine 16-in. panel configurations, the product is versatile. Made from a rigid 10-mm-thick plastic substrate, they are fully hinged and interlocked, reducing time and effort onsite without requiring assembly and preventing loose panels. As before, the barriers feature a shoulder strap, a full flat-bottom edge, suction cups and a flexible accordion-fold configuration (ELEVATOR WORLD, August 2016).


Smart Motor Sensor

ABB’s remote condition-monitoring solution for low-voltage motors was recently released. The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for motors uses compact sensors to pick up multiple data from motors and provides information about motor health and performance via a smartphone or a dedicated web portal. Predictive analytics based on data from trials reveal it can reduce downtime by up to 70%, extend motor lifetime by as much as 30% and cut energy consumption by up to 10%. Sensor modules can be factory fitted on new motors or retrofitted on installed motors, regardless of brand, within minutes.

Otto Preiss, managing director of ABB’s Motors and Generators business unit, explained:

“It enables plant operators to do effective maintenance planning for their motors, assess the efficiency of their operation and prevent costly downtimes. We are confident that this solution will not only transform the maintenance approaches but also create added operational value for our customers.”


Interactive Motor Dimensions Tool

Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. has developed an interactive tool to identify standardized motor dimensions. The tool displays standard dimensions as established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). The frame number of the motor can be selected, and sizing information will be displayed. These dimensions apply to all base-mounted motors that carry a NEMA frame designation. The tool can be accessed via the link below.


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