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New NEXIEZ Series

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the NEXIEZ-S, a new lineup of NEXIEZ-series elevators targeting office and residential buildings up to 10 stories, particularly in the Middle East and Europe. The company expects annual sales of 1,000 units by March 2018. The compact units have a carrying capacity of 320-450 kg, travel at up to 60 mpm and also feature:

  • A new small, flat traction machine positioned inside the shaft to save space
  • No need for a machine room on the building’s roof
  • Simplified structure to help reduce lead time
  • Energy savings with a gearless traction machine using a permanent-magnetic motor
  • Optional LEDs in car ceilings to reduce lighting power consumption by approximately 60% (compared to conventional fluorescent lighting)
  • Simple car designs suited for diverse architectural styles and aesthetics
  • An additional “combination wall” with hairline-finished stainless steel and painted steel sheets
  • Lighting arranged to be reflected off car walls creates sense of spaciousness inside car


Digital Benchtop Multimeter

The SDM3045X is a four-and-a-half-digit dual-display digital multimeter designed for high-precision, multifunction and automation measurement applications. It features a combination of basic measurement functions, multiple math functions and display functions. Its 4.3-in., high-resolution color thin-film-transistor LCD display is coupled with a clear keyboard layout. It supports USB and local area network for remote communication, and an Ethernet connection interface supports the common Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments command set. Weighing 8.3 lb., the unit includes:

  • Histogram
  • Trend chart
  • Bar chart
  • Statistics
  • Up to 150 readings/s. measurement speed
  • True-root-mean-square AC voltage and current measuring
  • 1-Gb Nand flash size, mass storage configuration files and data files
  • Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocoupling


Lift Emergency Call Systems

Through a partnership with Prague, Czechoslovakia-based 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, Schmersal Bohnke + Partner is offering emergency intercom systems for door communication and emergency calls. Complementing the range of systems currently offered by Schmersal, the Lift1 and Lift8 systems allow both simple and more complex solutions to be achieved. They are EN 81-28, 81-70, 81-71, 81-72 and 81-80 compliant.

Used, in particular, where only communication between the cabin and machine room is needed, Lift1 enables two-way communication. Schmersal states the fact only two wires are required for voice transfer and power supply means the system can easily connect to land-based, private bank exchange and global system for mobile communications (GSM) telephone networks.

Lift8 is easy to install due to its two-wire bus. Its modular design means it can be tailored to individual applications, and a choice of GSM, universal mobile telecommunications system, public switched telephone network and Voice over Internet Protocol communication interfaces is available. If a project is expanded, the missing module may be added at a later date. Lift8 allows up to eight lifts to be operated on one telephone line.


Project Workflow Synching for Contractors

Dodge Data & Analytics has launched Dodge PlanRoom, an online service for contractors and subcontractors to store, manage and share plans, specifications and other construction documentation. Designed to support construction-specific workflows, such as evaluating potential projects by quickly reviewing linked plans, sections and elevations, it integrates with the Dodge Global Network construction-project database. Users can also add their own projects or participate in private projects they are invited to by owners and other contractors. 

 Helping to make relevant project documentation available in a single, secure repository, PlanRoom allows the whole project team to collaborate throughout the entire project lifecycle. Simplified project syncing can help the team avoid working with out-of-date information. Also, version control ensures a document record that allows contractors to track history and pinpoint plan changes when necessary.


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