Diverse Offerings Hit the Market


Recent new products include solutions for rope noise, wiring, controlling and more.

 Avire’s Products Debut at Expo

Avire plans to unveil two new products at the International Elevator & Escalator Expo, scheduled for March 20-22 in Mumbai: an optical slot sensor and emergency telephone. The sensor, from TL Jones, provides accurate lift leveling to millimeter-scale precision. It is designed to be resistant to dirt and debris thanks to a fully sealed IP65-rated enclosure. The product has high light immunity and repeatability, and the company considers it suitable for new or existing installations.

Memco’s C100 emergency telephone can be surface or flush mounted, or installed behind the car-operating panel. It features integrated emergency lighting, a customizable text plate and pictograms that remain hidden until backlit. The unit can be programmed code-free with a cost-effective programming tool.


Daldoss Unveils Revamped Microlift evolution

Italian elevator and platform lift manufacturer Daldoss has announced Microlift evolution, a revamped version of its small cargo lift, which the company describes as easy to install, intuitive and energy efficient. According to Daldoss, Microlift evolution’s “sophisticated electronics in conjunction with the perceptive, do-it-yourself, self-aligning structure make [it] the most versatile cargo lift on the market.” Standard speed is 0.35-0.5 mps, and rated load is 12-50 kg. The lift makes up to 12 stops.


Rope Noise Mitigator

C.E. Electronics – Acoustics Group has launched its CQuiet™ Rope Noise Boot Kit, designed to quiet noise migration through elevator “open window” machine-room rope holes. This airborne noise is a common cause of annoyance, distraction and sleeplessness in hotels, condominiums, apartments, office buildings and other multiuse commercial spaces. Upon installation of the kit, noise from elevator operation and even conversations within the machine room are directed into the elevator hoistway, allowing for sound migration out of occupied spaces of a building. The results are a reduction in overall noise levels that affect peoples’ ability to concentrate and relax within their environment.


Integrated Rope Brake/Controller

Draka Elevator and Electrodyn Systems have announced a partnership that pairs Draka’s RB500 and RB625 rope brakes with Electrodyn’s Unintended Motion Detection and Control (UMDC) circuitry. This partnership provides a turnkey rope-brake solution for controllers where unintended motion and up overspeed control functionality are not present. Recent U.S. codes require that a means of protection must be provided to prevent the car from striking the hoistway overhead structure(s) when an elevator experiences an up overspeed event, while a means of detection must be provided to identify unintended motion. In addition to a rope brake, a means by which to detect and control motion must be added when the controller lacks detection and control functionality.



Fiber-Optic Junction Boxes

Micronor, Inc.’s MR398-JB-series fiber-optic junction boxes are designed to join two fiber-optic cables and environmentally protect the connection. The product provides system designers with a turnkey, cost-effective solution for installing optical interconnect “hard points” as part of a complete cabling solution for the company’s MR320/MR330-series fiber-optic rotary and linear encoder systems. Additionally, the products can be used for generic harsh-environment fiber-optic cabling applications, including mines, cranes, oil rigs, steel mills and industrial processing plants.


Handheld Feedback System Tester

Industrial Technology Solutions, LLC (ITS) has introduced a handheld diagnostics tool designed to reduce troubleshooting time and effort for sensors and sensor-cabling problems. The Feedback System Tester (FST) is designed with an operator interface to provide users with immediate pass/fail results. With a single button press, the handheld device can diagnose quadrature output sensors and sensor cabling problems in industrial motion control systems. This is intended to reduce time and cost associated with the unnecessary replacement of good sensors.

Housed in a lightweight, weather-resistant polycarbonate enclosure, the diagnostic tool is self contained and includes controls, LED go/no-go display electronics and batteries. www.itsyoursolution.biz.  

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