Durable, Attractive Cladding


This product can help keep elevators looking safe and damage-free.

Elevators are used for many different types of reasons. They are utilized by people who need assistance and for pure convenience. They also serve as a major reflection of your business. Keeping them graffiti- and damage-free can be very difficult and, sometimes, impossible. Damage becomes an immediate deterrent to customers in a building once an elevator is vandalized. As replacing a vandalized cab is very costly, Graffiti Shield Inc. offers a variety of surface protection films, including Metal Shield, that can both solve the vandalism issue and save money.

The product is a six-mil graffiti abatement and obscuring film that is installed over a damaged or new stainless steel surface, replicating its original, clean appearance. It protects the substrate from future damage, while covering existing vandalism. Available in stainless steel, brushed aluminum and brushed gold, it can be ordered in a roll or in precut pieces with unique part numbers. It can be installed like traditional anti-graffiti film using a proprietary adhesive that cleanly releases from the surface but withstands removal attempts from the general public.

Metal Shield was recently utilized by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to upgrade its elevators and escalators, making them appear new, while protecting the surfaces from graffiti and other forms of damage. DART started with the City Place inclined elevators just north of Downtown Dallas. These units are on a 45° incline stretched over eight stories into the ground underneath a freeway where trains run. Graffiti Shield applied its product over the severely tagged and scratched stainless steel to make the surface look new and free of vandalism.

DART eventually completely shut down and rebuilt the 12 aged elevators on its Red Line, which runs from the Spring Valley Station in North Dallas to City Place Station. Metal Shield was installed over the new stainless-steel surfaces before they were returned to service. www.graffiti-shield.com

Angel M. Martinez

Angel M. Martinez

director of marketing at Graffiti Shield Inc.

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