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Innovative doors, lamps and encoders on offer

Three-Speed Side-Sliding Doors

Garaventa Lift has released new three-speed side-sliding elevator doors for its home elevators. The new option will allow homeowners and builders to mimic the look and feel of a standard commercial passenger elevator on their home elevator. Buyers can choose from three door packages:

The Standard Door Package features an accordion car gate and swinging hall doors by others.

The Upgrade Door Package includes a three-speed sliding car door with swinging hall doors by others. This allows for the use of a swinging hall door that matches the other doors in the home. The accordion gate used in the above package is replaced by a three-speed automatic sliding elevator door for the cab.

The Premium Door Package includes three-speed sliding elevator doors for both the cab and hall doors. As the elevator approaches a landing, the car door engages with the hall door. Both doors slide open simultaneously the same way they do on a commercial elevator.


LED Lamps for Elevator Push Buttons

Mathis Electronics, Inc. has released Glo-Rite LED lamps for elevator push buttons intended to resolve the problems sometimes associated with both incandescent lamps and poorly designed or implemented LED lamps. The product is multivolt (shines at full brightness from less than 12-V to 120-V AC or DC); stays cool (operates at only a few degrees above ambient temperature); and does not glow in the “off” mode, flash with voltage spikes or burn out (backed by a lifetime warranty). They are made to fit fixtures from PTL, Innovation Industries, Adams/EPCO, and ERM, and requests for other fixture fitments are accepted.


Miniature Adaptable Incremental Encoders

Kübler provides a family of miniaturized optical 2400/2420 incremental encoders that provide space savings in door-drive and various machine applications. Intended for tight office spaces, its diameter is only 24 mm. The company describes it as having “sturdy bearing construction” thanks to its Safety-Lock™ design and short-circuit-protected outputs. More than 12,000 variants are selectable, reflected in various flanges, shafts and a wide range of pulse numbers. Mechanical adjustments, such as a larger hollow shaft, special flanges, higher bearing load and electrical adjustments (such as special cable lengths), are available.


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