ExpoElevador 2012: The Latin American Elevator Expo


This biannual São Paulo, Brazil, show boasted 150 exhibitors, an increase of more than one-third over its 2010 version.

ExpoElevador, the biannual Brazilian expo dedicated to the vertical-transportation industry, took place August 7-9 at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes located in São Paulo, Brazil, boasting 150 exhibitors. This year’s show was successful compared to the 94 participants in 2010. This year’s figure indicates significant growth and a stronger position in the industry for Latin America. Organized by Editora World Press, this fourth ExpoElevador shared the venue with Expo Predialtec 2012, an expo showcasing new technology for buildings, as it did in 2010. This year’s expos had separate entrances; this was an improvement for ExpoElevador, because it could be directly accessed.

The expo officially opened on the evening of the second day with a welcome by Editora World Press Director Edilberto Almeida. Almeida thanked all who participated in the event and stressed the importance of the growth of the Brazilian independent elevator sector. He was accompanied by the city of São Paulo Councilor Edir Sales and other elevator-industry members and entrepreneurs.


For three days, São Paulo was the center of the vertical- transportation industry in Latin America. ExpoElevador 2012 was successful for several reasons: it is the only fair in the region dedicated specifically to the elevator industry, many international companies have rediscovered the continent in their search for new markets and this edition was better organized. The location was also enjoyable due to the good humor of the Brazilian exhibitors, who not only showcased their products to new customers, but also entertained existing ones. Colleagues and friends were welcomed to booth areas, where food and drinks were served.

The exhibitors displayed their products in booths of various sizes, and some occupied or shared island booths. Most exhibitors were Brazilian, some of them loyal participants. Other attendees included those from international companies with branches in Brazil. The increased participation of Chinese companies in this edition was remarkable. Several European firms (mainly Italian and Spanish) made their debut in Brazil side by side with others coming from Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, South Korea, Ireland, the U.S. and Greece.

The organizer informed your author that the show was visited by approximately 5,000. The majority was from Brazil, followed in number by Argentineans and others from Latin American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico. Other countries with a strong presence included Spain, Turkey, India, Canada and the U.S.

This show is a favorite of Argentinean entrepreneurs. The Cámara de Ascensores y Afines de la República Argentina elevator association and its publication Subir & Bajar, which displayed posters of sponsoring companies, were present. With the effort of its members, this 62-year-old entity participated for the fourth time with the attendance of its chairman, Jorge D´Angélica; secretary, Carlos Carrizo; and Subir & Bajar director, Ing. Luis Maldacena. In addition, the Brazilian Seciesp-Sindicato das Empresas de Elevadores do Estado de São Paulo was present. The European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Elevatori shared a booth. The Asociación de Empresas de Componentes de Aparatos Elevadores (Spanish association of lift components manufacturers [AECAE]) also attended the expo again.

Argentinean elevator component manufacturers were represented by Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Ascensores y sus Componentes with President Ing. Rafael Cala and other associates. Its participation was sponsored and supported by the Argentine Chancellory and the Foundation Export-Ar. These institutions are devoted to promoting the national industry and exports. Agustín Molina Arambarri, the Argentine consul general in São Paulo, invited all Argentinean exhibitors and the trade press to his residence to show appreciation for the Argentine elevator industry’s efforts. This courtesy has been repeated at each ExpoElevador.

 The 10,000-m2 Imigrantes Center provided enough space for the larger island booths displayed in the central area. Long rows of smaller booths were located along the sides. The expo did not showcase operating equipment, and there was not an abundance of products on display. Instead, many exhibitors used video displays and brochures to promote their products and services. Gearless machines with permanent-magnet motors were the majority of the showcased components, followed by automatic doors, push buttons and fixtures, cars, platforms and lift equipment for wheelchairs. The presence of trade magazines included ELEVATOR WORLD, Subir & Bajar, Elevatori and Revista del Ascensor. 

Important Launch

During ExpoElevador, the Quality Seal for Elevators was launched by FEBRAFE (forum of Brazilian elevator manufacturing companies). With this seal, Brazilian manufacturers will be able to compete on an equal quality level complying with Brazilian standards in an effort to avoid competition. This helps to ensure customer safety.

Brazilian Elevator Market Today

Several local exhibitors discussed the continued growth of the Brazilian vertical-transportation market, mainly pushed by the building projects planned for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games. This boom encourages the independent sector that must compete with predominantly international companies. The increased participation of independent elevator component manufacturers and installers in ExpoElevador 2012 reflects this.

Estimates indicate approximately 15,000 new elevators and 800 escalators will be installed in Brazil in 2012. The number of existing elevators is around 300,000. However, the market for new jobs has not changed: 90% of the units are installed by international companies, and the other 10% are installed by independent companies.

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