Flexstep Compact Platform


Designed by Liftup ApS of Denmark, FlexStep Compact provides users improved accessibility for areas with split levels. Ideal for passengers in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments, the FlexStep transforms into a lift, which raises the user to the upper level. It features a circuit containing an infrared safety system to monitor user activity. The FlexStep is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and requires no structural alteration, only a level floor and an electrical connection of 230 V.

The FlexStep comes in standard painted steel, and steps and handrails can be adjusted as needed. The platform measures 1,250 X 800 mm; has a lifting height of 1,250 mm; and a lifting capacity of 250 kg/two persons.

For more information, contact Liftup at Hagensvej 21, DK-9530 StØvring, Denmark; phone: (45) 96863020; e-mail: mail@liftup.dk; or website: www.liftup.dk.

Adams Elevator Lifejacket Buoys Passenger Safety

When it comes to elevator safety, John DeVincentis, manager of Coastal Elevator in Jacksonville, Florida, knows you can never be too careful. As an Adams Elevator Equipment Co. customer for much of his 30-year career, he depends on the elevator-parts supplier to keep his customers’ elevators in top shape.

“We got a call from our customer, a nursing home, saying that something triggered the LifeJacket® locking system,” DeVincentis explained. “When we examined the issue, we discovered that there was [a] fluid leak in the jack system and, therefore, a loss of pressure. The LifeJacket product sensed this and did its job, stopping elevator operation.”

While not a catastrophic failure of the cylinder, a fluid leak such as this may go undetected and can lead to potentially life-threatening elevator accidents. Elevator inspections do not include direct inspection of the in-ground cylinder, and while other critical components may pass inspection today, they may fail tomorrow. The LifeJacket, however, is designed to catch unseen or unexpected problems that may lead to hydraulic failure at a fraction of the cost of cylinder replacements. These issues include valve failure, corrosion, electrolysis, cylinder rupture and all other types of hydraulic failure that result in a loss of pressure.

The LifeJacket installs above the cylinder head around the elevator plunger. If the LifeJacket senses any loss of pressure or uncontrolled downward movement, it grips and closes around the plunger, bringing the car to a safe, controlled stop with no damage to the plunger or elevator. It is reusable and can be reset once technicians address the underlying problem.

For more information, contact Adams Elevator at 6310 West Howard Street, Niles, Illinois 60714-3480; toll free: (800) 929-9247; or website: www.adamselevator.com.

Vertech VT-2000

Vertech Elevator Products has introduced the VT-2000 Fire Service Nudging Device, a product that provides a simple and cost-effective retrofit that minimizes the challenges encountered when adding fire-service nudging to existing elevator installations. A wide front-end universal power input is intended to make installation simple and efficient. The VT-2000 mounts on or in an elevator controller, paralleling phase one and two fire-service inputs (receiving signal voltages of 17-270 VAC or VDC) and door motor A-1 and A-2 to the elevator onto the device. No other connections to the elevator or car top are required. Additional high-power relays are available for external control to disable door protection during fire-service operation if needed. When upgrading to an infrared door detector, the VT-2000 can minimize the time required to achieve reduced kinetic closing force of doors for fire-service nudging. The VT-2000 is Underwriters Laboratories listed.

For more information, contact Vertech at 1038 East Bastanchury Road, #240, Fullerton, California 92835-2786; phone: (714) 442-2382; fax: (714) 442-2396; e-mail: sales@vertechelevatorproducts .com; or website: www.vertechelevatorproducts.com.

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