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Harris Companies, Inc. manufacturers, installs and services special purpose personnel and freight elevators. We custom build to meet your specifications, while meeting all ASME code requirements. We are known for providing safe, high quality vertical transportation serviced by licensed  mechanics and Certified Elevator Technicians (CET’s). Whether you are considering new equipment, or need services on existing equipment, Harris Companies, Inc. can meet your needs.

  • Special Purpose Personnel Elevators
  • Freight Elevators
  • Elevator Towers
  • Accessories and Parts

Service/Safety Surveys/Testing Special Purpose Personnel Elevators (SPPE)

Harris Companies, Inc. special purpose personnel elevators are safe, durable and reliable. They efficiently transport personnel and their tools and equipment from floor to floor. Various standard sizes and capacities are available plus those special sizes often required.

We adapt to our customers needs, while meeting all ASME A17.1 code requirements.

  • Elevator car has a fully integrated safety system.
  • Integral compact drive assembly.
  • Roller guides on both car and counterweight for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Governor safety system.
  • UL labeled hoistway door interlocks with retiring cam assembly.
  • Counterweight frame with stackable weights.
  • Guards.
  • All cabs pre-wired and tested.
  • Communication system standard. Freight Elevators

Heavy duty, dependable freight elevators are designed and built specifically for rugged industrial use. Harris Companies, Inc. believes in reliability, low maintenance, energy efficiency and ease of installation in all of our products. Our freight elevators are designed and built for the rugged use requirements of industrial plants.

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