HD Series Servos


Servotronix Motion Control Ltd.’s new HD series servo system features a digital servo drive with a high-precision AC servo motor. The combined servo drive and motor are designed to offer advanced functionality, high power density and seamless commissioning. The series incorporates a new current-loop design that achieves a frequency response of up to 3 kHz and an “Auto-Tuning” function that performs optimal configurations and minimizes position error and settling time to almost zero. In addition, an active nonlinear “Anti-Vibration” algorithm eliminates vibration in highly flexible resonant systems.

The HD series comes with the Servo- Studio graphical user interface (GUI) software, which includes a setup wizard for configuration within minutes. Advanced current, position and velocity loops can be tuned through Servo-Studio, and it can enable optimized control to any electromechanical system. Additional features include “Safe-Torque-Off,” 16-bit analog input, fault relay, secondary feedback, encoder simulation, adaptive “Feed Forward” and pulse-width modulation manipulation.

Controller connectivity is through analog command, Pulse&Direction, CANopen®, and EtherCAT®. Upcoming connectivity is through PROFINET®. Firmware modifications are offered to address particular application requirements. Applications with 0.16-28 N/m torque, 6,000 rpm maximum speed, and 50 W-4.5 kW motor power are applicable. Input voltage can be 120/240 VAC, single or three phase, to 400/480 V three phase.

For more information, contact Servotronix at 21C Yagia Kapayim, P.O.B. 3919, Petach Tikva 49130, Israel; phone: (972) 3-9273800; e-mail: info@servotronix.com; or website: www.servotronix.com.

Redesigned Lift Alarm System

Memco Ltd. has redesigned its Memcom emergency lift alarm system to make it easier to program. The latest version of Memcom features a new interface in which programming relies on a tick-box system and dropdown menus, rather than code-based prefixes and suffixes, ostensibly making programming the unit simpler and more intuitive. This version can be programmed without codes or a programming tool. Featuring a keypad, backlit LCD display and built-in microphone to enable quick and convenient setup, the product is designed to help engineers clearly see what they are programming into the unit, despite the darkness of a lift shaft.

New Memcom features include the ability to place two alarm calls to separate numbers in succession and an end-of-alarm function built into the integrated keypad. A lift-monitoring section also allows the unit to receive fault indications from lift-monitoring devices and place calls to flag these faults. Installation can be performed on top of the lift car or behind the car-operating panel. Unlike dialers that need separate units for the machine room, pit and cabin, Memcom can be supplied with a single, versatile “Multi-Point Station (MPS).” The MPS provides local communication between three different lift points via the same unit.

To comply with EN 81-28 2004 requirements that a lift emergency telephone device is checked every three days or less by simulating an emergency call (automatic test) and that any battery supporting the system has a minimum of 1 hr., Memcom ETR computer software can be used to receive EN 81-28 data directly from multiple lift installations. Users can thus maintain their own computer database. Additionally, the software can remotely program the dialers and receive alarm calls through the system.

Memcom’s second option builds on proven remote-data-management software, collating and hosting compliance data on a secure web server. Users can log into Memco Globalnet to view and manage their own database online through an Internet connection. If a fault is detected or an expected call missed, an e-mail or text alert is immediately and automatically sent. This proactive feature means users do not have to manually enter the system to check that all dialers have logged themselves as working correctly.

For more information, contact Faye Wilson of Memco at Clyde House, Reform Road, Maidenhead, Berks, U.K., SL6 8BY; phone: (44) 0-1628-540161; fax: (44) 0-1628-621947; e-mail: faye.wilson@memco.co.uk; or website: www.memco.co.uk.

Focus On Escalators: Sound View Electronics Escalator Speaker

Sound View Electronics has launched a new line of speakers for escalators and moving walks, which are connected to a solid-state amplification system housed in a National Electrical Manufacturers Association-certified enclosure typically mounted in the escalator pit or motor room. They are designed to withstand shock, impact and vibration. All messages are professionally recorded, can be changed and reloaded whenever needed, and play continuously or are triggered by detecting passenger presence via motion sensors. The announcement system provides safety, directional, instructional and advertising messages. The speakers are designed to be attached directly to glass panels and come with accent lighting that can be configured with a number of colors. A non-lighted version is also available. The new line includes center-, side- or flush-mount speakers and low-profile, anti-slide knob versions. In addition, Sound View still offers its stainless-steel speakers.

For more information, contact Sound View at phone: (201) 444-4782 or website: www.soundviewelectronics.com.

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