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Elevation LU/LA elevator

Elevator collective Symmetry Elevating Solutions provides built-to-order home and LU/LA elevators.

Owned by a group of experienced residential elevator companies throughout the U.S., Symmetry Elevating Solutions provides custom home elevators and limited-use/limited-application (LU/LA) units with features such as user-friendly car-operating panels (COPs), quiet drive systems and furniture-quality cabs. Symmetry’s residential units offer:

  • Multiple drive systems, including machine-room-less, winding drum and hydraulic
  • 8-ft. overhead and 6-in. pit
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Travel at 40 fpm up to 50 ft. with six stops
  • Cab areas of 12-18 sq. ft.

Symmetry’s Elevation LU/LA elevator meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, providing access for low-occupancy, low-rise commercial buildings in which traditional passenger elevators are not feasible. Ideal functionality consists of six stops and 50 ft. of travel. It is designed for use in schools, churches, multifamily housing units, libraries and more.

The Elevation LU/LA elevator has, according to Symmetry, the shallowest pit depth and shortest overhead required. In addition, it includes:

  • An energy-saving LED light system
  • Directional indicators
  • Automatic self leveling
  • Smooth start and stop
  • 36-in., automatic sliding doors; two-speed hoistway and car door; and full-height light curtain
  • Selective collective programmable logic controller and fully automatic push-button operation
  • 4-hp submersible pump and motor with quiet operation
  • Emergency phone integrated into COP
  • Two-speed control valve
  • Low-oil protection
  • Single-stage, hydraulic jack and two 3/8-in. aircraft ropes with wedge sockets
  • Flat-panel wooden or powder-coated steel cab
  • Powder-coated car doors
  • Stainless-steel car-door returns, COP and hall station
  • Drive system using biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • 8-lb. T-rail
  • Programmable door operators
  • Heavy-duty rollers and guides


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