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This Phoenix-based company provides cladding and architectural products for elevator cabs.

JAZ Elevator Products was established in 1997 in Phoenix, becoming one of the first woman-owned fabricators and installers of architectural products for elevator cabs and entrance cladding in the state of Arizona. The company’s initial success is connected to its strong commitment to customer service and the experience of co-founders Joe and Anita Zadravec (whose initials were to form “JAZ”). During the company’s first few years, Joe held a myriad of responsibilities, including engineering, drafting and sales. Anita was originally a certified public accountant and handled the financial aspects of the company.

Since then, JAZ Elevator has added employees with experience in various areas of its business. The following employees fulfill fundamental roles within the company:

  • Eric Farah is the company’s National Sales manager and estimator. He works to manage the company’s product quality and customer service, in addition to overall business management.
  • Bill Dapke brings more than 20 years of experience in installing elevator interiors and has been with JAZ Elevator since the beginning.
  • Mike Baker is also part of the installation team and has more than 15 years of experience in the cabinet/woodworking industry. 
  • Art Aguilar works in various areas of the company including project management, purchasing, drafting and designing.
  • Patricia Lentz is the office manager and bookkeeper.
  • Shaun Patterson is the shop foreman with experience in building and assembling.

The company’s success is dependent upon its teamwork and efforts to excel in promptly providing bids, working closely with clients to keep them informed, providing accurate and detailed cab designs, demonstrating knowledge of elevator codes and experience in fabrication, and scheduling projects for timely installation. JAZ Elevator has expanded to the West Coast and now has the capability of shipping its products nationwide. In 2003, it became necessary to upgrade to a new, larger facility to accommodate customers’ growing demands. As part of its effort to expand, the company continues to pursue opportunities to fabricate elevator interiors in new regions.

JAZ Elevator specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of custom and standard elevator cab interiors and entrance door, entrance frame and escalator cladding, for new construction and modernization projects. JAZ Elevator also has the ability to build complete cabs when the design requires standard or custom shells, fronts and interfacing. The company can provide consulting for an outdated elevator or a new elevator interior that matches one’s building.

The company analyzes cab designs and materials, whether it is glass, stone, woods, logos, etchings, metals, fabric or a combination of decorative finishes and creates a cab interior while making sure all specification and architectural design criteria are met. JAZ Elevator can provide design and engineering assistance at no cost to help facilitate the customer’s vision and budget requirements. During the design stage, the company ensures all code and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements are in compliance.

Currently, the company is working with Otis to provide eight cab interiors for the Las Vegas City Hall project, which is expected to be completed in October. JAZ Elevator is also working with Schindler to fabricate and install 10 cab interiors for the new Maricopa County Courthouse in Phoenix, which is to be completed in November. In addition, JAZ Elevator is working with ThyssenKrupp Elevator to provide 14 cab interiors and cladding for 24 escalators and four moving walks for the Sky Train project at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. The airport project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2012.


Having been cofounded and operated by a woman, JAZ Elevator is federally certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise. The company is certified in the states of Arizona, Colorado and Washington as a Small Business Enterprise. JAZ Elevator is also certified as a Disadvantage Business Enterprise and a Minority Business Enterprise. These certifications equip the company to work on any level of project.

JAZ Elevator has skilled professionals with experience in fabrication and installation, and its installers are signatories to the International Union of Elevator Contractors. As part of its plan to be a one-source vendor, JAZ Elevator plans to expand its services to include a low-cost standard cab interior package, complete cabs (including shells and ronts), and observation cabs.

As in the past, JAZ Elevator is eager to continue servicing its customers to the fullest capacity and will “always go the extra mile.”

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