Light, Access, Aesthetics and Movement

Like other handrails in the NT series, the MotionRail is made of thermoplastic urethane and available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Equipment and components that control speed, ease access, move units, illuminate and modernize are offered.

Variable Traveling Speed Elevator System

Mitsubishi Electric’s variable traveling speed elevator system VSE enables elevators to exceed nominal speed based on the cabin load, as well as the balance between the elevator and counterweight. The optional feature allows an automatic change in the elevator’s speed depending on the load within the elevator’s cabin.
The elevator can exceed the nominal speed based on the cabin load, as well as the balance between the elevator and counterweight. The energy difference between these two is used as an additional speed when the cabin is balanced with the counterweight. With this feature, the waiting times are improved by approximately 15%, while the travel time is reduced by 32%. Thus, significant improvements are ensured, both in terms of energy saving and comfort. For example, an elevator cabin with a capacity of 14 persons (1050 kg) operates with a speed of 1.0 mps when there are one to two persons, 1.6 mps when there are six to nine persons and 1 mps when there are 12-14 persons.


Customizable Handrail withm Motion Indicators

EHC Global has announced the launch of its NT MotionRail worldwide. The patented handrail features permanent and vandalism-resistant motion indicators that provide a visual indication of the speed and direction of travel, intended to help riders to take a more natural step onto the escalator. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the product enables designers and operators to select a preconfigured motion indicator or design their own graphic to meet local code requirements, language and/or branding considerations. Intended applications include public-transit systems, airports, shopping malls, department stores, convention centers and healthcare facilities.


Digital Signage System

Advantech offers a digital signage solution that combines industrial-grade hardware with cloud-based content management software for elevators. The display is the UTC-510D, a 10-in., industrial-grade all-in-one computer with high image quality and a wide operating temperature range. Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ E3825 processor, the fan-less display has a 1280-X-800 resolution and 350-nit luminance. A removable frame allows it to be easily integrated with the enclosure and mounted flush to the wall.

The company’s ARK-DS762 digital signage content server is based in the elevator control room. Designed to serve as an advanced digital media player and content server, it combines a third-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with rich input/output ports for easy expansion.

An industrial-grade Ethernet switch provides a fast and stable Ethernet connection for the industrial-grade digital signage server equipped with content management software. Advantech WebAccess/Interactive Multimedia web-based digital content management software supports more than 30 media formats and can manage more than 500 displays. The software also allows staff to remotely view and capture the content of any elevator display in real time.


Exchange and Repair for Obsolete Drives

NDC Elevator Drives offers transatlantic Otis drive exchange and repair services, which grew quickly since their inception in 2015, especially around obsolete products no longer supported by Otis in North America. The process is billed as technically robust and achieved within a quick turnaround window. As the service has been ramped up over two years, NDC has hired sector-specific export and logistics staff, appointed dedicated couriers and acquired the expertise necessary to negotiate the safe and timely passage of heavy technical equipment across the Atlantic. In North America, it is represented by CED Elevator Supply in the West and Southwest; Southern Elevator & Electric Supply in the South, Mid-Atlantic and New England; Quality Elevator Products Inc. in the Midwest; and Renown Electric in Canada.


Multi-Volt Escalator Demarcation Light

Mathis Electronics has announced a new multi-volt escalator demarcation light, the MES798. The light uses LEDs, instead of easily breakable fluorescent bulbs. It is also water resistant, which the company notes is beneficial for exterior escalators. The light draws no more than 2 W.


Photoelectric and Inductive Proximity Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi has announced the addition of two sensors to its range. First is PD140 series long-range photoelectric sensors, targeting door and gate access applications. Designed to stand up to harsh outdoor use where strong ambient light, fog, rain, snow and dust might be present, it has a range of 60 m (200 ft.). For controlled indoor environments, the range is 120 m (400 ft.). An aluminum and polycarbonate housing also protects the sensors against vandalism. With the optional APD140-LA01 green laser alignment tool, alignment of the PD140 can be performed in seconds, even at long distances. It also features full UL325 certification, ensuring it has the features necessary to meet the UL requirements for “Door and Gate Access” applications.

The company’s ICB12S extra-short inductive proximity sensors feature a thread length of only 23 mm and housing lengths as short as 25 mm. Intended for where space is limited and high performance is required, they inherit many of the benefits of Carlo Gavazzi’s longer ICB-series sensors, including the heavy-duty IP67’s nickel-plated brass housings, extended sensing distances of up to 8 mm, status LEDs that are clearly visible from any direction, a wide operating temperature range, a high switching frequency, and protection from short circuits and overloads. The microcontroller-based design ensures high accuracy and repeatability.


Wheels for Moving Dry Power Units

MEI Total Elevator Solutions now offers Dry Unit Wheels for attachment to its Dry Power Unit. The four removable wheels attach to the frame to allow the unit to be jacked up and rolled into place. The wheels can then be used again on another unit. Each wheel hooks under the frame, and the proper socket is included.


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