Making It Golden

Making It Golden
(l-r) Nicodemo De Amiicis, Conforma; Paolo Tattoli, INAIL; Luigi Clementi, ALPI; Pasquale Gentile, union; Marco Galliano, Assocert; and Lorenzo Petrilli, Accredia, during a panel moderated by Ing Roberto Corradini, standing

ANACAM celebrates its 50th anniversary with a magnificent assembly in Milan.

It was fitting that the first face-to-face event held by ANACAM (National Association of Lift Maintenance Associations and Consortia) since the pandemic marked its 50th anniversary, resulting in a trade fair and congress at Superstudio in Milan, Italy, on November 25-27, 2021, that was very well-attended. ANACAM’s first assembly happened in 1971, when the association was founded and, for the past 10 years, it has been hosted in Milan — an important meeting point for the elevator industry. Festivities at the most recent trade fair and congress proved how much industry members missed socializing after the nearly two years that COVID-19 affected their lives. Fifty-seven companies presented booths. They were mainly from Italy, joined by others from Spain, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland. From start to finish, every detail of the event was planned and presented professionally.

At the end of the first day, a cocktail bar set up at the interlift booth by interlift organizer AFAG Messen became the gathering spot for participants. On the evening of the second day, trade fair and congress organizer ANACAM brought the participating companies together for a gala dinner. Various Italian dishes and wines were consumed in abundance, giving all guests a pleasant time.

The congress, organized by ANACAM and the Milan Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and held simultaneously with the fair, included panels with presentations in many fields. Presentations made on the first day were:

  • “Lifting Equipment for the Removal of Architectural Barriers: Comparison Between Italian and European Legislation” by Michele De Mattia, director of the territorial operating unit of Milan (certification, verification and research sector) at the Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul Lavoro (INAIL)
  • “The Main Novelties of the 2021 Edition of UNI 10411-1 and Two Standards Relating to Changes to Electric and Hydraulic Lifts Installed Before the Entry Into Force of the Lifts Directive” by Roberto Corradini, manager and general secretary of ANACAM

The second day began with a presentation on interlift by AFAG Messen General Manager Henning Könicke. Subsequently, Elettra Bilibio from the European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EFESME) provided information about the special fairground belonging to EFESME and ANACAM members at interlift for the first time this year. Then, before noon, Andrea Codebò (ANACAM), Angelo Fumagalli (AssoAscensori), Francesco Burrelli (ANACI [Italian association of condominium administrators]), Stefano Maiandi (FIABA Onlus [an association aimed at raising awareness of the importance of breaking down architectural and cultural barriers]) and De Mattia (INAIL) attended the panel, moderated by Saverio Fossati.

At lunchtime on the second day, attendees raised their glasses to toast the 50th anniversary of ANACAM in the Superstudio Loungeroom, where guests gathered for a delicious lunch. During the afternoon, various technical presentations were made on building information modeling and digitalization with EN 81-41 and EN 81-42. On the last half-day, Corradini and Paolo Tattoli gave a presentation on the UNI 10411-1 and -2 standards.

50 Years of ANACAM

From its foundation to the present day, ANACAM looks back at a half century of its most important moments and significant dates representing 50 years packed with events, faces and projects.


On October 7, 1971, during the Constituent Assembly of Montecatini, the National Association of Lift Maintenance Associations and Consortia (ANACAM) is born. Marco Antonio Mazzarda is the first president, holding the position for nine years. In 1972 in Rome, the association holds its first biannual government meeting. In 1980, Ruggero Maglio is elected president.



In 1982, Paolo Gabrielli is elected president. Gualfredo Fabbri follows him in 1984. In 1986, ANACAM participates in preliminary meetings at the Ministry of Industry on the decree implementing directive Nos. 84/529/EEC and 86/312/EEC relating to electric lifts. The most important ANACAM points are included in DM 587/87. During the 1987 Montecatini Assembly, the National Register of Lift Maintenance Companies is approved. It will be discontinued 18 years later, following a failed attempt to transform it into the National Institute of Certification of Lift Companies. In 1988, ANACAM becomes a first-level association. In the same year, the Undersecretary of State for Health Elena Marinucci Mariani participates in a safety conference organized by ANACAM. In 1990, the first issue of the news bulletin Notiziario ANACAM is released, and Giovanni Ferrarini is elected president.



In 1992, in Stresa, on the occasion of the 21st ANACAM assembly and the first lift fair, the presidents of the European associations meet for the first time to consider a European federation. ANACAM organizes its first traveling seminars. It is also the year of the first study on the lift sector in Italy, carried out for ANACAM by Censis. 1993 is marked by the launch of Sviluppo Impresa, ANACAM’s magazine. The first and only ANACAM assembly organized abroad is held in Brussels in 1994. Giovanni Cavallaro is elected president. Under his presidency, documents on safety are produced, combined with Legislative Decree 626/94 relating to Directive 391/89, a unique and innovative work for that period. In 1997, ANACAM changes its constitution and moves to trade unions. Ferrarini is once again the president of ANACAM. The multinationals leave the association in 1999, and the constitution is changed again. In the same year, Roberto Gianfranceschi becomes president. In 2000, ANACAM goes online. The Gruppo Giovani is born in Ancona, and its first president is Nicola Di Lillo. He will be succeeded by Michele Mazzarda, Ernesto Scala, Gianluca Bertazzoni and Ivan Ferrarini. ANACAM joins the European Builders Confederation. With Presidential Decree 162/99, ANACAM interprets the numerous reflections on the operational aspects that the new regulation of the sector imposes on operators and users. The first training courses for verifiers are launched. The first Master in Management of Lift Companies training program dates back to 2001.



In 2003, ANACAM signs an agreement with ISPESL (Italian National Institute for Occupational Safety and Prevention), the present-day INAIL. Ferrarini is elected president for the third time. In 2004, Luca Incoronato becomes head of the national headquarters. In 2005, ANACAM and Confartigianato promote the foundation of the European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EFESME), the first European federation representing small and medium-sized companies in the sector in Europe. The first president of EFESME is Ferrarini. That same year, Bruno Vergati is appointed president of ANACAM. In 2008, Massimo Bezzi is elected president of EFESME. In 2009, during a convention of the association, the Scajola Decree (on reinstating nuclear energy) is examined in depth with Senator Antonio Paravia and Luigi Mastrobuono, head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Economic Development. In the same year, the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Policies Maurizio Sacconi speaks at the conference on safety organized by ANACAM. Michele Mazzarda is elected president. In 2011, ANACAM becomes a partner of Accredia (The Italian Accreditation Body). In collaboration with the Elis Consortium, a training course is launched comprising the entire lift sector. ANACAM Basic, aimed at young students, is introduced. In June, ANACAM celebrates 40 years in Rimini on the Adriatic coast, presenting awards to the earliest registered companies. It was the first in a series of successful meetings brought about by a new and more modern aggregation method.


In 2012, during a ceremony to award certificates of participation in the training internship as part of ANACAM Basic, the TV show TG1 interviews Michele Mazzarda and the students involved. In 2014, Lazise is the location of the first edition of ITALIAELEVA, an event that witnessed the first national annual assemblies of ANACAM and ANICA and the expo. That same year, an agreement is signed with partners of Conpiai to merge into ANACAM. In 2015, during the 44th National Assembly in Milan, TG1 interviews Michele Mazzarda on abolishing commissions revolving around the license issue. In February 2016, Mazzarda is interviewed on the TV talk show Ballarò about how to increase lift safety. ANACAM and Confartigianato Ascensoristi sign a protocol. That same year, Edoardo Rolla becomes president. In 2017, both the ANACAM logo and website are updated. ANACAM participates in the interlift exhibition for the first time with a mini-collective of associated companies. Mazzarda is invited on the “Mi Manda RaiTre” TV show to talk about apartment-building lifts and reactivating commissions over the issue of the license. ANACAM helps finance Iuav University of Venice’s lift research for a book. The book, “Beyond the Square and the X — The Elevator in Architecture,” also contains case studies of systems from ANACAM member companies. It is presented during the third edition of the conference. Diversity campaign ANACAM Pink is launched in 2018. In 2019, Edoardo Rolla inaugurates the training courses of the technical officers of the MiSE designated to be part of the examining commissions at the prefectures for issue licensing, restored two years earlier. Andrea Codebò is elected president. In the same year, he is invited on the “Mi Manda RaiTre” TV show to discuss lifts and safety in less-populated apartment buildings during summertime. The first biennial program of regional seminars occurs. In 2020, the first meeting with associated component manufacturers takes place. The COVID-19 emergency fails to stop member companies or the association. In April, the first national webinar to discuss the end of lockdown is organized, and ANACAM’s guidelines for operating safely are presented. “Good Morning ANACAM” is broadcast in June. Sviluppo Impresa gives way to ANACAM Magazine, and Assolift Servizi changes the company name to ANACAM Service. In December, the ANACAM assembly and the association’s first digital fair are held online. In 2021, the new courses of the 2021-2022 training catalog start, with SAEF and the ANACAM Academy project outlined to interest young people in careers as lift technicians. A large group of component manufacturers joins the association. ANACAM increasingly represents the entire supply chain. The platform with ANACAM video tutorials goes online; it is a first in Europe for the elevator sector.

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