Messaging Systems for Escalators and Moving Walks

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center concourse

Mass-transit stations, airports and other facilities benefit from audible safety products.

Sound View Electronics has been making automated messaging systems and improving escalator safety for more than 15 years. The Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, company strives to provide a product that delivers messages that are crisp and easy to understand, even in cavernous areas. They have to be resistant to heavy vibration, dirt and grime, and must be vandal proof.

One of the things of which the company is proud is being the only approved provider of escalator announcement messaging systems for the New York City (NYC) subway system, a place it describes as “a challenging environment for operation of an automated messaging system.” This public-transportation system is one of the most extensive in the world. With 468 stations in operation and 229 mi. of routes, it carries more passengers than all other mass-transit rail systems in the U.S. combined.

Keeping People Moving

Another major use for Sound View’s messaging systems is directing people where to go as they exit an escalator. The idea is that riders do not even realize the benefits and just keep walking. However, station managers know they have provided a better experience: helping riders to avoid injuries while directing people to their destinations improves the flow of people, while reducing the risk of injuries.

Other Uses

Sound View also produces announcement systems for escalators and moving walks used in airports and other large facilities. As riders approach the end of the moving walk, a message plays reminding them to keep moving when they exit the walkway, to watch their step and where, for example, the baggage area can be found.

Eight different speaker options that can be programmed using multiple messaging options are available. Such customization makes the product suitable for bus or train stations, amusement parks, arenas, hotels, casinos, and shopping malls and other large stores. Some of more customized versions include:

  • Low-profile stainless-steel speaker: At only 1.3 in. tall, it mounts from the top, allowing it to fit unobtrusively on a unit, even when retrofitted.
  • Flush-mounted speaker: This concealed speaker blends in with the balustrade or panels.
  • Glass speaker: This speaker offers a sophisticated appearance and is installed directly on the sides of glass escalators and moving walks. In function, it turns the entire glass balustrade panel into a sounding board for announcements.

The company’s automated announcement systems can also be utilized for advertising messages. For example, hungry passengers can hear about local dining options while riding an escalator or moving walk, in addition to safety. www.SoundViewElectronics.com  

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