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Safety Announcement Systems on a Madison Square Gardens escalator

A new maintenance/replacement aid joins a variety of components.

Safety Relay

The new safety relay SR3E by Aachen, Germany-based Zander Aachen is designed as a safety component for elevators according to the latest version of EN 20 and 81-50. The SR3E has three safe relay contacts, as well as an auxiliary contact, and serves as a security monitoring system for single- or dual-channel signal transmitters. Three status LEDs are available for diagnostics. The current state of relay contacts K1 and K2, and the operating voltage are displayed.
Wiring variants include fixed or pluggable screws, as well as pluggable double spring-cage terminals. As the relay is certified by TÜV Rheinland for use in the elevator car, a shorter wiring path can be used, and less space can be consumed. Additional certifications include up to PL e, SILCL 3, Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1/EN 62061/EN 61508.


Kit for Display Upgrades

Janus has launched a display product kit, PRP, designed to mitigate the difficulties faced by elevator maintenance companies when updating or modernizing a display unit in an elevator. Connected to a navigation box that functions as a self-learning sensor that informs the display of required elevator information, it can be installed on the car operating panel (COP) “with minimal effort,” the company states. The display processor and screen are mounted on either side of the COP and connected by a single cable. Since there is no requirement to remove existing metalwork, less onsite time for an engineer is required.

The product can overcome the challenge of different elevator controller communication protocols when installing a new display. This is done by allowing maintenance companies to install a display without needing to decode the elevator controller by wiring an encoder. Other benefits include drag-and-drop layout designer software designed to be an intuitive tool for building owners to easily update display layouts.

Janus is represented by Avire, which is part of the Infrastructure Safety Sector of Halma plc.


Servo Motors and Coatings, and Drive

KEB America has released an epoxy coating for servo motors, STEEL IT, for the North American market. Designed for motors exposed to moisture and chemicals, the coating helps them withstand harsh environments. As it makes motors resistant to caustic solutions and washdown procedures, it can be compared to a fully stainless-steel motor.
The company’s DL3 Servo Motors provide dynamic control for positioning and cycling tasks. KEB touts their torque density and range of options for voltage and power, making them appropriate for many industrial applications. They are CE and cUL certified, built to IP65 (IP64 at shaft seal) environmental protection standards and are lifetime lubricated. In addition to the option of it being STEEL IT coated, the motors’ range encompasses holding brakes, failsafe braking and many encoder types. They are complemented by KEB’s planetary gearheads, particularly for applications that require precise positioning and maximum efficiency. The S6 Servo Drive completes the system, integrating precise motion control into a new or existing automated process.


Enhanced Safety, Wayfinding for Escalators, Moving Walks

EHC Global has two new products intended to enhance escalator and moving walk safety and wayfinding. Its Safety Announcement Systems consist of enunciators and speakers that play prerecorded and custom safety messages available in multiple languages for the reinforcement of safe and responsible passenger behavior. Stainless-steel enclosures around them are built to withstand vandalism, dirt, grime and grease and have flexible mounting options. The enunciator can drive more than 12 speakers, available in glass, low-profile, anti-slide knob, flush-mount, flush-panel and side-/center-mount configurations.

EHC claims its Virtual Assistant, being both visual and audible, is 10 times more effective at influencing behavioral change than other forms of digital signage. A cutout made from composite material joins a proximity sensor and built-in Bose speakers with a voice-tuned amplifier for clarity of sound. Moving graphics with special effects can be added or changed.

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