Remote access and monitoring platforms join advanced lighting and hoists.

Schindler Ahead combines several technologies to further the goal of optimizing equipment reliability and uptime.

Updated Remote-Access Software

KEB America has a new version, 8.0, of its COMBIVIS Connect software. Independently certified by ProtectEM, a security-auditing organization for the industrial and process automation industry, the product is a remote-access software solution for programmable logic controllers and human-machine interfaces. Using the software to connect to a remote or distributed installation allows the customer to monitor equipment and perform updates without having to leave the office.

Other new features include:

  • The domain administrator can enable strong password requirements requiring all passwords to meet complexity standards defined by IEC 62443-3.
  • Automatic update ability of runtime software to remote devices
  • Static Internet Protocol virtual-private-network(VPN) pool
  • Simultaneous display of multiple screens using remote desktop functionality for C6 devices supporting multiple monitors
  • Full-screen mode for viewing the remote desktop
  • Runtime logs of remote C6 devices consisting of all activities executed during the remote-connection session can be exported.

Digital Connection Platform

Schindler has released a digital platform that connects customers, passengers, equipment and service technicians. Called Schindler Ahead, it is designed to optimize equipment reliability and uptime. Building owners and facility managers can check the status of their equipment in real time and manage their equipment portfolio via tailored apps. Citing that the Internet of Things can analyze relevant data in real time, Schindler stated possible service issues can be anticipated and resolved before they occur. Updates and new applications can be downloaded from the Schindler Ahead App Store without having a service technician coming onsite.

New Lighting Solutions

Larson Electronics LLC has released three new lighting products. The first is a tripod-mounted LED work light (WAL-TP.S-1X25WRE-25-1227), which is portable and lightweight, intended for applications that require high-voltage work equipment with the ability to step down to a lower voltage. It features the LED WRE series of lights that are waterproof up to 3 m, sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt, and constructed to withstand demanding environments, conditions and applications. They can also monitor and adjust input current to maintain the correct LED voltage levels, regardless of input levels, and operate on 12-32 VDC without modification.

A new explosion-proof, high-intensity LED light tower (LM-SMXB-EPL-30-14-4X150RT-LED-E2E-2KLBS) mounted on a skid can enable quick deployment of 600 W of intense lighting to elevations of up to thirty feet in hazardous locations. It includes four 150-W explosion-proof LED fixtures at the head of the mast, which emit 70,000 lm at 5,000 K. Its boom allows for 360° of rotation, and transportation is facilitated by a removable mast head, four-corner skid pockets and input/output whips for daisy chaining multiple units.

A new ATEX-rated explosion-proof portable LED light (ATEX-EPL-BS-58W-LED-100) provides operators with an energy-efficient alternative to traditional bulky hazardous location lights. Rated for hazardous zones 1 and 2, the light provides 6,000 lm of high-quality light, while drawing only 58 W. It is available in 360° and 180° beam spreads, the latter of which shines in only one direction. A heat-dissipating design, in conjunction with LED driver technology, helps the light to achieve a 100,000-hr.-rated lifespan with 70% lumen retention. Its base stand is fabricated from non-sparking spun aluminum with a carrying handle built into the top.

High-Capacity Chair Hoist

Harmar has introduced a power chair hoist for power chairs exceeding 400 lb. With a 450-lb. capacity, the AL425HD answers what the company calls “the demand for greater weight capacity for power chair users,” as chairs being prescribed are becoming more technologically advanced, thus heavier. Its install weight of 70 lb. includes powered lifting and rotation functions that reduce effort, a built-in offset post that allows easy loading from the side of a vehicle and adjustable base adapters for fast installation. Tested at thrice the maximum capacity, the product is sold under a three-year transferrable warranty.

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