Safe, Clean, Connected

One of the features of the new escalator step cleaner is its smaller size: at only 105 cm tall, it can be transported in small vans like the Ford Transit Connect and Volkswagen Caddy.

Elevator IoT connectivity, an upgraded escalator cleaner and safety components

MAX Digital Services Packages for North America

thyssenkrupp Elevator has introduced three digital subscription packages for North America for MAX, its cloud-based, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled elevator monitoring and predictive-maintenance platform. Through collecting data on components, systems and performance, MAX helps property managers achieve higher elevator and escalator uptime and longer product lifespans, the company states. The three new subscription packages are MAX Plus, MAX Pro and MAX Premium. MAX Plus provides customers with real-time elevator status updates and traffic patterns. MAX Pro allows technicians to take immediate action when an equipment failure has been detected. MAX Premium includes equipment health monitoring and predictive action to recommend preemptive action if a potential failure is detected. Each package includes IoT connection to a MAX virtual coach, along with access via a web portal and mobile app. Users can also sign up to receive email notifications.

Information obtained via MAX’s machine-learning system is sent to a technician’s mobile device with a service request, enabling earlier diagnosis and faster repairs. Traffic statistics, real-time status and failure alerts are part of each service package. Auto-response dispatching is available with the Pro and Premium packages only.

MAX team monitoring is exclusive to the Premium package. This feature includes an expert team that performs a regular review of a building’s elevator usage, predictive analytics and other relevant factors, then provides recommendations. If the team predicts a failure, technicians will be sent out to investigate and address the issue.

Updated Escalator Step Cleaner

Oxfordshire, U.K.-based Rosemor International Ltd. has launched the Rotomatic, an upgraded version of its escalator step cleaning machine. Focusing on eliminating what the company calls “the time-consuming aftercare,” the new machine offers automatic cleaning at the push of a button. This mode includes self-cleaning and a 10-s-per-step rapid-cleaning cycle. New energy-efficient drying takes place with a two-stage process using a turbine motor to suck wastewater and a powerful air blower to blast it away. Its touchscreen interface gives the operator enhanced control and status information, in addition to operational guides. Larger detergent tanks can now accommodate up to 20 l of detergent.

The company looks to expand its 59-country reach with the Rotomatic, in addition to its T10 moving walk deep-cleaning attachment (ELEVATOR WORLD, January 2016). Though originally made for the Rotomatic’s predecessor, the ET15B, the T10 can also be attached to the Rotomatic.

Phone Line Monitor

Burnaby, Canada-based EmerCom Technologies Inc. offers the EMC-60-ALRM VoIP Phone Line Monitor for the verification of phone line operability for fiber-optic connections. The company explained that, as the traditional analog copper landline is being phased out and replaced by citywide fiber- optic and cellular networks, which are digital, the analog communication is converted to digital in a module called an analog telephone adaptor (ATA). This digital communication is generally referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). ASME A17.1/CSA B44, Section requires verification of the operability of the line or “equivalent means” for two-way voice communication and the triggering of an alarm if not functional, it added.

DEADLINE:APRIL 24,2020The conventional phone-line-monitoring techniques for copper landlines measure line voltage or detect dial tone. Most ATAs generate a dial tone and line voltage with or without the network connection, which will satisfy the traditional monitoring systems and not trigger the alarm, even though the operability of the VoIP connection is not verified. One solution is to ping a remote connection, which will respond through the ATA. If not received, this will generate the alarm.

Two-Stage Safety Stair Nosings

Wooster Products Inc. of Wooster, Ohio, has introduced its NITEGLOW® two-stage safety nosings with glow-in-the-dark technology. Intended for exit pathways in new construction or retrofits, they can also go on leading edges of landings. The treads are two-stage and anti-slip, meeting NYC Local Law 26, the 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Fire Code. Available in lengths to order, up to 8 ft., it includes a mill-finish extruded aluminum base with anchor. An optional wood insert keeps the base clean during initial construction.

According to the company, NITEGLOW is made of heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum substrate and a nearly diamond-hard aluminum-oxide filler for long tread life under heavy pedestrian traffic. Its bright, long-lasting, replaceable photoluminescent epoxy filler is free of hazardous and radioactive substances.

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