Safety First

The two rotating clamp-on belt clips are designed to minimize entanglement issues and maximize safe tool changeout speed.

A bevy of new products features complete systems, aids for safer working and more.

Absence-of-Voltage Testers

The patent-pending VeriSafe™ AVT and AVT2 absence-of- voltage testers from Panduit simplify the process of voltage verifcation testing though automation. Once installed, a single button press will show qualifed electrical workers verifcation of the absence of voltage. The products display an active visual indication when the absence of voltage is confrmed. Supplier Benfeld Electric Supply says they “verify an electrically safe work condition has been established in a fraction of the time compared to using handheld portable test instruments.” The more recent AVT 2 model is certifed for National Electrical Code Hazardous Area Class 1, Division 2 classifcation.

Benefts of the testers include:

  • Reduction in the risk of exposure to electrical hazards
  • Reduction in testing procedure time and complexity
  • Support of compliance when used to verify the electrical lockout/tagout process as described in NFPA 70E

MRL Marine Elevator Series

Alimak, which has supplied elevators for the marine and ofshore market since 1974, has launched the Alimak ME marine elevator, designed for marine applications. The new product is a machine-room-less (MRL) passenger and freight elevator suitable for various marine vessels. Built on Alimak’s traction technology, it is available in two car sizes, ofers capacities of up to 1600 kg and prioritizes ride comfort. A reinforced carbon steel car frame with progressive safety gear in accordance with European regulations is available with the option of hot-dip galvanization, suitable for high-humidity areas.

There is an escape hatch in the ceiling of the elevator car, an emergency escape ladder and LED roof lighting with emergency diodes. The landing doors are specially reinforced for marine application and for installation in the welded shaft. Its suspension is 2:1, and it travels up to 1 m/s. Car sizes up to 1,400 X 2,500 X 2,100 mm are available, and travel height can be extended to the client’s specifcation.

Retractable Tethers

Ventura, California-based Gear Keeper has introduced ANSI/ISEA-121-compatible RT3-5603 and RT3-5604 retractable tethers designed to keep tools (up to 2 lb) close to the body. Noting the feature is particularly efective at minimizing entanglement issues when working in close quarters or climbing, the company added that the product allows for a full range of motion. A patented “Side-Release Lanyard Tool Attachment System” allows many tools to be used with just one retractor. The RT3-5603 combo-mount stainless-steel carabiner allows two methods of attachment: a 360° unique dual-axis rotation clamp-on clip or fall-protection harness. It has an extended length of up to 60 in.

The RT3-5604 model has all the same features as the RT3- 5603, minus the carabiner, and is attached only by its 360° dual-axis-rotation clamp-on clip. In both, attaching additional male shock-absorbing lanyards to the other tools being used aids quick tool changeout. The retractor body also features a ratcheted thumb-controlled device that can lock the cable at any extension length.

New Elevator for European Market

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new passenger elevator, MOVE. Designed specifcally for the European market, it is focused on being delivered quickly, saving space and having a low environmental impact. Suited to use in medium- and low-rise ofce buildings and apartments, it is available in630-1050-kg (eight- to 14-person) capacity with a speed of 1 or 1.6 m/s. Development and manufacturing are being handled by subsidiary Mitsubishi Elevator Europe B.V., which will market the model in the Netherlands, the U.K., France and other European countries.

Mitsubishi Electric says its projected short delivery times will be “thanks to local production and simplifed product  structure” that will reduce onsite measurement times. A design methodology it calls “Cradle to Cradle®” is to help reduce the environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle, from the selection of raw materials to end-of-service recycling. MOVE is optimized for energy efciency equivalent to “top-level Class  A rating of [the] VDI 4707 standard,” the company added.

Contactorless Control Panels

Essex, U.K.-based Talinor ofers the new VITA Solid™ control panel, which uses no contactors. The variable-voltage, variable- frequency module is a solid-state panel designed for longer life, no noise and new features, such as plug-and-play capability and the promises of up to 80% fewer faults compared to those of

standard lift controllers. It also has the ability to be ftted to any lift. A modular design facilitates easy adjustment and confguration  to elevator specifcs by using only eight module types, which can be replaced onsite.

Safety Circuits Made Easier

The SFY Relay Series by Panasonic Electric Works Europe is designed to make it easy to build safety circuits for a range of applications, including emergency stop switches for elevators and escalators. The company says the series comprises some of the most powerful relays according to IEC 61810-3 Type A, with all forcibly guided contacts able to switch 6 A at once without any reduction of specifcation. They are available with four or six poles in various contact confgurations and provide high shock and vibration resistance and high ambient temperature. For low-level switching, the contacts provide 10 mA and 10 VDC, or less with optional gold-clad versions. Their small size and low holding power ofer decreased power consumption and self-heating, afording further application size reduction.

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