Sematic 2000 C-Mod, Modernization Kits


Sematic’s 2000 C-MOD is a compact automatic door designed to come with or without a frame. Appropriate for applications that require only door modernizations, the 2000 C-MOD can be coupled with automatic- or manual-swing landing doors. In addition, the doors can be equipped with Sematic’s drive system doors controller for increased performance.

Sematic also offers modernization kits for car and landing doors, which come in various designs and can be adapted to the elevator model. For lift cabin modernizations, Sematic provides a sling package that can be integrated into small shafts. The distance between guides is 30-40 mm, allowing compact dimensions.

For more information, contact Sematic at website: www.sematic.com.

Permalight Signs

American Permalight, Inc. now offers its Permalight® Photoluminescent signs for building occupants. The light markings absorb ambient lighting and emit a yellowish luminance when all lights are out. The non-electrical glow can provide elevator passengers orientation during a power outage and enables them to read emergency instructions on glow signage. Permalight signs can also be designed to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

For more information, contact American Permalight at 2531 West 237th Street, #113, Torrance, California 90505; phone: (310) 891-0924; fax: (310) 891-0996; or website: www.americanpermalight.com.

Wireless Safety System For Industrial Automatic Doors

Carlo Gavazzi has released a new wireless safety system (WSS/WSM) for industrial automatic doors that eliminates the spiral cables between doors and door controllers, often considered a weak point in traditional door-protection systems. Suitable for large multi-door warehouses and distribution centers, the WSS/WSM system consists of a main controller, subcontroller and photoelectric safety-edge sensors, which are compatible with many existing safety-edge products on the market. The system has an operating range of 10 m between the main controller and subcontroller.

Each main controller operates up to four subcontrollers and can monitor either two safety edges or one safety edge and one door-in-door sensor. Thus, up to eight doors can be monitored using a single main controller. Controllers and subcontrollers are fully synchronized and multiplex, operating on 16 different channels, so no crosstalk interference occurs among individual sensors. The main controller connects to the safety input of the main door or gate control panel, which operates the doors, while the wireless subcontroller is powered by one to four batteries. The system meets all relevant global standards, complies with all Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada regulations and received Canadian Underwriters Laboratories and Conformité Européenne approval.

For more information, contact Carlo Gavazzi at 750 Hastings Lane, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089; phone: (847) 465-6100; fax: (800) 222-2659; e-mail: sales@carlogavazzi.com; or website: www.GavazziOnline.com.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s “Geared to Gearless”

In February, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas announced the launch of a new gearless modernization package that allows existing geared elevators in North America to be upgraded with gearless elevator technology. This “Geared to Gearless” solution includes a regenerative drive, which captures waste energy from the system. The drive then feeds the energy produced back into the building’s power grid. This helps customers attain their own sustainability goals for energy reduction. Other potential benefits include:

  • Decreased energy costs through reduced power consumption
  • Energy captured and reused
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Quicker floor-to-floor travel time
  • Increased elevator system reliability and longevity
  • A quiet machine room and cab
  • Elimination of excessive oil and dust in the machine room

Before the advent of compact, high-efficiency AC gearless elevator motor technology, less-efficient geared machines utilized a motor generator to convert power. This system required additional moving mechanical parts that created friction, thereby reducing the efficiency of the machine. In contrast, the gearless system uses a high-efficiency motor directly integrated with the drive sheave, eliminating the geared assembly and achieving up to 95% machine efficiency.

For more information, contact ThyssenKrupp Elevator toll free: (877) 230-0303 or website: www.thyssenkruppelevator.com.

Duravator Cab Carpet

Lift Solutions, Inc. has expanded its product offering to include patented DuraVator carpet for cab interiors. DuraVator is commercial-grade carpet with padded backing that contains small suction cups that prevent unwanted carpet movement. The urethane-polymer backing eliminates the need for permanent glue or adhesive, allowing for a removable carpet that meets code compliancy and allows access to the adjustment plate. More than 20 standard options are available, and customers can create a custom carpet to include a company logo or other graphics. Delivered ready for installation in one precut and fitted carpet, DuraVator carpets include a one-year warranty against shrinkage, wear, unraveling or delaminating.

For more information, contact Lift Solutions at 5225 138th Drive, Southeast, Snohomish, Washington 98290; toll free: (888) 277-8310; website: www.liftsolutions.net or www.duravator.com.

Electro-Mech Potentiometer Switch

Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has released its new SW44832 potentiometer switch assembly with both rotary and push-on functionality. Its compact design is useful for applications with limited panel space and allows the unit to be mounted to the printed-circuit board with front-facing PC pins. The SW44832 is designed to be equipped with an optional edgelit button and a momentary snap-click pushbutton switch. The unit also features a 10,000 W ± 10% resistance potentiometer module and is rated at 0.10 A resistive at 30 VDC.

For more information, contact Electro-Mech at 1826 Floradale Avenue, South El Monte, California 91733-3689; phone: (888) 442-7180; fax: (626) 350-8070; or website: www.electromechcomp.com.

VMI Serial Cop Board

Vertitron Midwest, Inc. (VMI) has launched its VHC-102 Serial car-operating panel (COP) board capable of sending signals via CAN Bus back to the main control panel. The board includes 16 inputs and 16 bidirectional Input/Output signals, which are 24 VDC. VHC-102 has the following inputs: car calls; Fire Service Phase II; independent service; Code Blue Phase II; door open/close/hold; floor encoding; and access zone. It features the following outputs: car call indicators; position indicator; fire service indicator; car lanterns; code-blue indicators; buzzer/gong outputs; low-oil outputs; and overloaded output.

For more information, contact VMI at website: www.vertitron.com.

Kone Launches Direct Drive

KONE has launched its Direct Drive for escalators, an energy-efficient escalator drive system designed for heavy use. Direct Drive has been widely used with KONE’s EcoMod™ 2 modernization solutions and is now offered on a wider scale for new escalators. The system has been tested and is already in use in 130 installations worldwide. Direct Drive is designed to consume less electricity than standard helical and worm-gear drives.

Due to its location outside the step band, the drive system is easily accessible, enabling most maintenance tasks to be completed without disassembling the steps. In addition, the location eliminates the risk of lubrication oil dripping onto the steps. Another important element is its chainless design. Direct Design is connected directly to the main shaft, which means the lack of a conventional chair system not only reduces maintenance and spare parts costs, but eliminates the risk of drive-chain failure. For more information, contact KONE at website: www.kone.com

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