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Several remote-monitoring devices are joined by problem-solving components.

Smart, Connected Seismic System

Adams Elevator Equipment Co. has introduced its new Smart Seismic System. The ASME 17.5, CSA B44.1 and UL 508A compliant monitoring system uses the latest micro-electro-mechanical systems sensor technology and a 32-bit processor for intensive digital signal processing algorithms, detecting seismic events and filtering out nuisance vibrations. The system then provides signals to the elevator controller with both latching and non-latching relay contact output with normally open and normally closed configurations. In addition to a manual reset button of the latching relay, provisions also include an input for a remote-mounted reset button.  

The system also includes a water sensor to be mounted in the elevator pit. A corresponding output is available to trigger an alarm to alert personnel in the event of water accumulating in the pit. Additionally, an Ethernet connector in the device allows communication via the Internet. The system can be programmed to send emails to predetermined recipient(s) when a seismic event is detected, the water alarm is activated, a fault is detected during self-diagnostics and/or the backup battery voltage is low.


Remote-Monitoring Platform and Controller

MP Lifts has launched the sigma4lifts remote-monitoring platform and MPecoGO controller in 29 European countries. The Web-based platform was developed with the University of Seville and Telefónica. Although it can operate with any controller, sigma4lifts is especially powerful when used with MPecoGO, states MP Lifts. Using the platform and controller, a technician can access the main controller’s boards from any Internet-connected device, monitor lift performance, remotely change firmware and customize car displays. It alerts the technician in real time to errors and significant events affecting operation. Data is encrypted through a protected network. New user profiles for technicians may be added, and accounts may be customized to provide access to particular groups of lifts. MP Lifts maintains the system improves safety, operation quality, productivity and service life.


Enhanced Elevator Analysis and Monitoring Tester

Qameleon has released the Elevator AnalyticsTM EA7s elevator analysis and monitoring tool. International Organization for Standardization-level ride quality and noise parameters are now among its performance measurements. Qameleon also added automatically generated, customized reports for companies to share with customers. Designed with inspectors, consultants, mechanics and building owners in mind, EA7s may be used “with a laptop or tablet to automatically create a complete evaluation of an elevator’s operation, for every trip it takes.” Setup takes minutes, and it can be used to troubleshoot problems, perform pre-modernization evaluations or document regular inspections. Rich Madarasz of Qameleon says the EA7s represents a significant change from EA7 (ELEVATOR WORLD, October 2014), since it adds capabilities of other instruments to the original tool.


Plastic Pulleys

Schwartz Technical Plastics offers OPTAMID® pulleys in various designs and sizes, for either traction or roped-hydraulic elevators. The products can be used as deflection sheaves, counterweight sheaves or sheaves in double-wrap systems. Calling it “the first roller molded from plastic,” the company states the light part is simple to install and gentle with ropes due to the properties of its material. It also claims an extension of rope life by 1.8 times, compared to that of steel rollers. Ride comfort is also said to increase, due to the plastic absorbing the vibrations of the ropes and, therefore, the elevator car. For the U.S. market, the deflection rollers are certified to be used without restrictions in elevators.


Touch-Activated Wall Switch

The Larco HandiTap touch-activated accessible wall switch is 4 in. wide and available in 36- or 9-in. lengths, allowing it to be easily tapped by a wheelchair, gurney or hip at any height level. It features a vertical, rounded design and anodized aluminum finish. The wall switch is intended for easy installation in either interior or exterior locations. It was primarily designed for elevators, healthcare facilities, universities, physician’s offices, rehabilitation centers, restrooms and restaurants. The 36-in.-long wall switch replaces high/low switch mechanisms.


Car Door Restrictor/Interlock

Elevator Dynamics LLC, a new startup company in southern Florida, has released a bolt-on solution to comply with car-door interlock requirements of the 2013 ASME code. Called DoorClamp™, the product is “of electrical means and [works] in unison with door restriction,” as required. The patent-pending design of the product is a result of five years’ work and can be installed by one person. Electronic coils or batteries are not required, with only one flag per hoistway door. There is also no need for extra brackets on the fascia or follow-up adjustments.


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