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The Touch Panel 600 line includes a Linux operating system WAGO calls “future ready” and HTML5 support.

Controllers, switches and more offer modern solutions to timeless problems.

New Position Switches and Door Contact

Porta Westfalica, Germany-based BERNSTEIN AG has introduced its IN-series switches and SEL3 door contact. The new position switches, IN62 and IN65, are designed to meet increased market demand and have contacts specially designed for switching low currents. The IN65 also features a combination of metal and plastic components; its mounting plate is made entirely of metal to simplify installation and enhance durability. Its mechanical service life is up to 30 million switching cycles. The lower part of the housing is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, which both electrically insulates the IN65 and makes its production economical.


IoT-Based Remote Maintenance

Netherlands-based Delmation Products and Liftinsight have launched an Internet of Things (IoT)-based system that uses the Liftmanager® free software package and Liftboxs® universally applicable lease sensor. It enables maintenance planning based on actual use, instead of regularly planned maintenance. This means reduced in-person checks by the mechanic and less time he or she will spend stuck in traffic. The companies say sensor-based maintenance reduces annual building maintenance by approximately 20%. They also said the solution is suitable for all lifts, irrespective of age, brand and type.

www.delmation.nl www.liftinsight.com

Contactorless Integrated Controller

Aybey Elektronik of Turkey launched a contactorless integrated lift controller at Asansör Istanbul 2019 (ELEVATOR WORLD, June 2019). AE-MAESTRO supports EN 81-20/50, 81-1 + A3, 81-70, 81-28, 81-72 and 81-73 lift standards, and has been certified by Liftinstituut as a safe-torque-off device. Its output can be connected directly to the motor without contactors. This is to make the controller wiring easier and the operation of the panel quieter. The company says it also extends the lifetime of the output transistors at the driver stage due to the absence of a mechanical switch between the motor and transistors.

The compact integrated controller includes the lift controller itself, a motor driver, an EMC filter, a DC choke coil and a rescue power supply isolation circuit. It uses dual microprocessor architecture, and manages the motor with a digital signal processor and the lift system by another processor. This allows the motor processor to be dedicated to motor signals and helps achieve high precision in generating motor signals, which it outputs at 250 Hz with a selectable carrier frequency of 4-16 kHz. Its power range is 4-30 kW. It can be used up to 64 floors as simplex, as well as in a lift group with up to eight units.

AE-MAESTRO can drive both synchronous and asynchronous motors. It supports both closed- and open-loop operation for geared traction machines. Therefore, it can be retrofitted to one- or two-speed geared traction machines directly without an encoder. It offers three Controller Area Network buses. Car communication is always serial. Landing panels can be connected in serial or parallel connection. It can also use incremental or absolute encoders for floor selection. In this case, an intelligent speed system determines travel speeds depending on the path and manages the travel curve. It can also use magnetic switches when open-loop operation is selected.

The product includes a thin-film-transistor terminal for monitoring and adjustments that can be used anywhere in the shaft via CAN bus. The device’s two serial ports are used for serial data communication (such as USB or Ethernet). The system can be monitored and adjusted directly with USB or in a local network and via the internet with Ethernet.

The system supports access-control restrictions based on floor number or time and VIP travel. These two systems are managed by the access control software built into AE-MAESTRO. A radio-frequency identification card or iButton device can be used with this function when read by a reader in landing units or the car operating panel.


Energy Conservation System

Skeleton Technologies of Grossröhrsdorf, Germany, has partnered with Spanish company Epic Power to offer the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). The product uses silicon carbide-based DC/DC converters to recover energy in braking applications. Skeleton says it can reduce the power consumption of elevators by up to 50%. Used with a regenerative variable- voltage, variable-frequency drive (VVVF), the graphene ultracapacitors in the KERS recirculate and store energy, which can then be recalled from the system’s ultracapacitor pack when the elevator needs it.

KERS can be applied to new installations or retrofitted to existing lifts. As a rule, the systems have a capacity of up to 15 kW. If, however, more stored energy is desired, it can be made possible by installing multiple systems in parallel.


Touchscreen Operator Interface Line

WAGO’s new line of operator interface devices, the Touch Panel 600 line, features a Cortex A9 multicore processor for fast operating speeds. Onboard security includes a built-in firewall and virtual private network. Other features include an energy- saving standby function, integrated sensors for automatic brightness adjustment and an easy-to-mount design. The three versions are the:

  • Control Panel: Offers control and visualization performed simultaneously for all-in-one automation
  • Visu Panel: Offers greater performance by splitting the responsibility of control and graphic visualization with the programmable logic controller
  • Web Panel: An industrial web browser optimized to operate with WAGO’s e!COCKPIT-based PFC100 and PFC200 controllers


LED Rechargeable Area/Scene Lighting

Bayco Products’ Nightstick has debuted two new 1,000-lm LED rechargeable area/scene lights. The XPR-5592GX is a standalone light, and the XPR-5592GCX is a full kit built around it, complete with a durable case and 6-ft tripod. At 4 1/4 lb, the low-profile scene light provides up to 17 hr of 500-lm light or up to 6 hr of 1,000-lm light on a single charge with its integrated lithium-ion battery. A powerful rare-earth magnet in the supporting base allows it to be attached to many metal surfaces to enable hands-free use. The kit includes a 6-ft-long tripod with camlock adjusters and both AC and DC power supplies placed inside a durable blow-molded carrying case.

The more affordable version, the NSR-1514, was sent to ELEVATOR WORLD for review. Its adjustable handle works well for carrying or hanging, and both AC and DC power supplies are included. Also with 1,000 lm of light on high or 500 lm on low, it uses a single push button switch that is sealed to help it attain its IP-67 waterproof rating. The housing is constructed from lightweight, powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminum and seems robust, as does the tempered glass. The multi-fin heat sink keeps the fixture cool to the touch. Its main portion can be independently swiveled from the base and handle for precise positioning, and the heavy-duty magnetic base is convenient for mounting, even on some vertical metal surfaces. While the throw distance is short, the light does its job as a powerful source of illumination across a wide area.


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