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Lift for Reduced Headroom

Orona has presented its new 3G X-10 lift for reduced headroom. A solution for residential and public buildings, it is designed to optimally use shaft space and headroom, which can be as little as 2,500 mm. It uses direct-drive technology with no machine room. Aimed mainly at existing buildings, the system allows up to 50% more space in the car when compared to its competitors. It can also be powered by 230-V single-phase power and uses energy-efficient technology.

Schindler Mobile Application

Schindler has launched Schindler Dashboard Mobile, a new mobile application that allows service customers to check the operational status of their elevators and escalators, make service requests and receive notifications as issues get resolved. It is available in the U.S. only to both iOS and Android users from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Schindler describes Dashboard Mobile as “the latest enhancement to Schindler’s elevator and escalator maintenance offering.”

Fast-Switching Rectifier

The ROBA®-multiswitch fast-switching module by Mayr GmbH + Co. KG allows adjustment of output voltage for different components. It is intended to save space and energy when electromagnetic safety brakes and other applications are controlled through a rectifier(s) with circuit modules integrated into control cabinets. Called “significantly smaller and lighter than the big standard transformers frequently used,” they have uniform input voltage of 230 VAC with simultaneous variable output voltage. The output voltage of 42-180 VDC can be adjusted via a DIP switch. The product can allow for smaller control cabinets, in addition to reducing component variety and wiring efforts.

In contrast to transformers, which are energized constantly, the ROBA-multiswitch is only energized when needed. It is used in particular for retrofitting solutions and new developments in control- and switch-cabinet construction. In hydraulic-elevator applications, it can replace both a transformer and a further rectifier. Finally, it can be supplied as part of a control cabinet as a complete unit.

High-Efficiency Gearbox

Alberto Sassi Spain has introduced its S38 premium-range gearbox that meets the requirements of the A3 standard and exceeds 90% efficiency. This figure is thanks to a combination of founded warm gear axle, which allows precise twinning with the bronze crown, and the latest generation of electric motors with constant heat dissipation and low noise levels. The product can carry a static load of up to 3300 kg. Its braking system is equipped with a high-traffic coil brake, which also meets the A3 standard. The gearbox can also be equipped with a brake on the slow shaft. The new gearbox’s model lies between the company’s other two signature models S30 and S58.

3D Elevator Design Tool for Architects

Otis has introduced BIMCreateTM, an online design tool that allows architects to create custom 3D files for building plans, in the North American market. BIMCreate is a free addition to Revit® building-information-modeling (BIM) software. It is designed to help architects make key structural decisions by providing elevator specifications for projects before they break ground, in turn “helping buildings and their elevator systems come together seamlessly,” according to Otis. With BIMCreate, architects can design a customized Revit file for their project, instead of having to select from one of the preexisting templates. The tool can read building heights from an architect’s model, and guide him or her in determining pit depths, overhead requirements and hoistway-wall dimensions.

Augmented-Reality Application

Sematic now offers Augmented Reality Glasses for procedural tasks designed to give users valuable, additional information on products and processes, guide them in performing operational tasks and allow them to work hands free. The tool is intended for lift door configuration, data recovery, troubleshooting and remote assistance. Augmented-reality tools augment the potential physical interaction with lifts by displaying information on maintenance steps, real-time diagnostic data and safety warnings. The integration of real-world knowledge with a 3D virtual world provides opportunities for training and simulation purposes. The virtualization of the user environment allows offsite collaborators to remotely support tasks, as well. Future applications and contexts include training, system testing and qualification, and spare-parts management.

Reinventing Elevator Sills

New Jersey-based Archi-Tread, Inc. now offers alternative solutions and approaches to elevator cab and hoistway sills. Intended for new construction projects, the patent-pending sills are made to match any size, including any OEM. Sills ship completely assembled in a variety of finishes, including the most popular, brushed 4-ga. stainless steel.
For modernization, Archi-Tread furnishes and installs SILL SKINS®, an overlay installed onto an existing sill with little impact to the door clearance or running clearance, while maintaining the ½ -in.-wide door groove. These are also custom products made to match any sill profile in height, width and length. Provided as an alternative to traditional methods of removing existing elevator sills, while avoiding risk of damage to hallway flooring and surroundings, the skins have additional benefits:

  • Ability to match hoistway frame and/or cab finish
  • Ability to engrave or deep etch sill face
  • Optional American National Standards Institute-rated nonslip coating
  • Ability to be applied to cast-iron sills
  • Seamless integration with existing system
  • SILL SKINS installed in less than 8 hr.

Headlamp with Helmet Lamp Bracket Clip

Bayco Products, Inc. has introduced its newest Nightstick® NSP-4608BC Dual-Light™ multifunction headlamp with helmet lamp bracket clip. Designed to meet the demand of what the company feels is an underserved and growing number of helmet users, this LED headlamp features a durable stainless clip that mounts directly to existing helmet lamp brackets. The product, powered by 3 AAA batteries, has five unique lighting modes that include a spotlight for distance and floodlight for close-up illumination.

The Nightstick NSP-4608BC is rated IP-X7 waterproof, boasts a 2-m drop rating and weighs only 3.4 oz. The engineered polymer headlamp is accentuated by a multi-position ratchet tilt design that clips directly to a helmet, hard hat, fire helmet or the similar gear that uses a helmet lamp bracket. Two independent switches offer a choice between an independent high- or low-brightness spotlight, an independent high- or low-brightness floodlight, or a combination of both. The spotlight mode is rated at 100/60 lm for 5/13.5 hr. and emits 77 m of beam distance. In floodlight mode, lamp emits 90/50 lm of lighting for 4.25/13.75 hr. The dual-light mode is the best of both light patterns at 180 lm for 2.5 hr.

Updated Small, Sealed Roller Bearings

SKF has upgraded a range of small, sealed Explorer spherical roller bearings offering even lower friction, reduced operating temperatures, higher limiting speed ratings and reduced maintenance than their previous versions. The new ones can significantly improve reliability and reduce maintenance of gearless traction motors for elevators. They use what the company calls “a novel seal design,” designated “RS,” which reduces overall friction in the bearing by up to 20%. In representative running conditions, this can translate into calculated annual energy savings of up to 145 kWh. For a typical gearless traction motor in a heavy-duty elevator, replacing two sealed SKF Explorer bearings with the newly optimized design could cut CO2 emissions by up to 100 kg annually. Over the motor’s lifecycle, it can add up to a 2-T reduction in CO2 emissions.

Moreover, reduced friction means the bearings operate at temperatures up to 20°C lower, permitting maximum operating speeds up to twice those of the existing range of sealed SKF spherical roller bearings that upgraded range replaces. Lower-bearing operating temperatures also extend the life of the bearing grease, allowing lubrication intervals up to twice those of current designs and making more applications re-lubrication free.

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