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Door Drive and Handset

Zagro AG of Uitikon, Switzerland, offers the Computec Door Drive 6 (CDD6) general-purpose door drive. It can drive DC brushed and brushless motors up to 40 V, with or without encoder feedback. It supports both standard EN 81-20 compliance and the older EN 81-1 (selectable by software). Its compatibility includes Computec RST, Semag, Sematic and Siemens drives.

The company’s CDD Handset is a keypad that, when connected to a compatible door drive controller, allows viewing and modifying of its functional parameters, checking of its alarms and diagnostic parameters, and upgrading the door drive controller’s software and upgrading its own firmware (both via a USB key). The CDD handset is compatible with the Computec CDD; and Sematic/SDS 4, HV/MV, HR2 and S7000 R4.


Antimicrobial Button Pusher

Atmos Group, LLC of Allentown, Pennsylvania, now offers PushSafe™, a contactless solution for pressing elevator buttons. Made from antimicrobial recyclable plastic, the product includes a refillable cartridge with single-use push pins atop a disposal tray. Passengers can twist off a pin, select their desired floor and dispose of the pin without touching buttons themselves.

Elevator App for Drives

Shakopee, Minnesota-based KEB America has launched the KEB Elevator App, designed for field technicians to use with the KEB F5 elevator drive. It enables such actions as editing parameters, creating and sending parameter lists and viewing real-time diagnostics. The user can also get technical support in the form of offline user manuals. Technicians can also edit parameters to eliminate the trouble of accessing hard-to-reach drives and decrease necessary physical contact with the drive. Parameters can also be backed up. This backup can also be used for troubleshooting assistance. Adjustments can also be made for motor tuning, encoder learning and ride quality.


Low-Maintenance Personnel Elevator

Humphrey Manlift Co., Inc. of Faribault, Minnesota, offers the PRECISION LANDING™ personnel elevator, intended as a low-maintenance solution. Made for industrial operations for authorized personnel, it can simplify installation and maintenance. It is designed for either inside or outside installation. Other features are:

  • Inspection ability from the panel to reduce downtime
  • Stackable counterweights for ease of installation
  • Electromechanical door lock
  • Customizable options including size, capacity and environmental conditions
  • Industrial powder-coated frame and parts


Remote-Monitoring MRL Lift

Global industry supplier IMEM Lifts, headquartered in Santander, Spain, offers the Silens Pro Revolution, a machine-room-less (MRL) elevator with a gearless permanent-magnet drive system. Designed for the vertical transportation of loads of up to 630 kg, it has variable rated speed of up to 1.2 m/s, 3,400-mm overhead clearance and a 2:1 roping ratio. It features a new app designed by lift engineers for maintainers that includes documentation, manuals and communication customer support. Its plug-and-play technology is prewired and pretested with technology that instantly synchronizes machine and drive. Newly designed 7-in. car and landing indicators keep passengers updated on their trip in real time. Car doors, handrails and front returns are finished in stainless steel.

Machine learning and programmable electronic systems in safety-related applications for lift devices are standard. These facilitate automatic correction attempts in the event of an unexpected anomaly and event recording for analysis. A CAN-bus-based remote-monitoring system allows lifts installed in one or more buildings to be run a control room. It also from allows lift monitoring, detection reading of faults in real and time, group control and analysis, among other functions.

The company also sells an EN 81-20/-50 version and Australian version of the system. As with its other products, it can offer full New South Wales Work Cover/BCA/AS1735.12 compliance.


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