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590 Madison Avenue from the south (the IBM Building); photo by Matthew Bisanz via Wikipedia

An update on what TEI is working on in NYC

by Karen Jackson

EI Group has been delivering accomplished vertical transportation services in the Big Apple for more than 30 years. By executing a straightforward business plan based on customer care, TEI Group has grown to become the largest independent provider of comprehensive elevator construction, modernization, maintenance and repair services in the NYC metropolitan market — the most competitive multistory marketplace in North America (ELEVATOR WORLD, September 2019).

One reason for TEI’s success is its capacity for, and willingness to take on, challenging projects. The following is an update on several current projects on which TEI is working.

Destination Dispatch

111 8th Avenue

TEI is preparing the groundwork for a significant destination-dispatch installation at 111 8th Avenue that will be implemented later this year. Twelve passenger elevators will be modernized with a new destination- dispatch system at the 17-floor, multiuse, full-block Art Deco building. The units will include several special operations, including independent service, anti-nuisance service, firefighters’ and earthquake emergency operations, card-reader access and remote monitoring.

590 Madison Avenue

TEI teams are planning for a record-breaking job at 590 Madison Avenue, the 41-story Plaza District building also known as the IBM Building. The modernization of 20 elevators includes the biggest destination-based dispatch installation ever performed by an independent elevator company. The project is planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Complex Modernization at 1166 Avenue of the Americas

Work by TEI is well underway on a complex modernization project at the 44-story 1166 Avenue of the Americas. A total of 28 elevators are being modernized using five different specifications to meet a range of needs. As of January, the project was 80% complete.

Door-Lock Monitoring (DLM) Rope- Gripping Compliance

TEI has completed more than 800 DLM projects in compliance with the deadline that occurred at the end of last year. It is also now advising all clients to prepare for the installation of rope-gripping devices to comply with the 2027 deadline. Starting now allows for ensuring compliance well in advance, providing more flexibility and control of the process and immediately improving elevator safety. TEI has already installed the devices in some of NYC’s largest and most prestigious buildings.

Hunters Point Housing Development

In January, TEI’s new-construction teams were approximately 10% complete on elevator installations in two towers in Hunters Point, the biggest affordable housing project NYC has undertaken in the last 40 years. In Parcel C, the high rises total 1.4 million ft2 of residential and retail space slated to provide 1,400 apartments. South Tower will host five elevators; North Tower will host nine.

Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson

President of Jackson Solutions LLC, which advises small and lower middle-market business-to-business companies on sales and growth. The company is based in Ludlow, Vermont.

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