The World’s Oldest Escalators

The World’s Oldest Escalators

Russian news website reported in April that the oldest escalators in the world had recently been removed from the Moscow Metro’s Baumanskaya Station for repairs. The site’s article “World’s Oldest Escalators Removed after 71 Years of Service at Moscow Metro” explains, “The escalators were installed at the station 71 years ago – in 1944.” However, the image here is of one of the real oldest escalators in operation in the world, those at the Macy’s Herald Square in New York City. Thanks to the help of ELEVATOR WORLD History columnist and EW Online Museum Curator Dr. Lee Gray, EW ascertained that these units were built in 1902, beating the Moscow escalators by a whopping 42 years. As of November 2014, several of the historic escalators were still operating in the store, and all but one had been modernized.  🌐

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