Unique Plans

Unique Plans
Project model

Raymond Realty official tells the differences taken on by MMR-area high-rise project Ten X Habitat.

Sandeep Maheshwari (SM), COO of Raymond Realty Business, shares with your author (SSP) the aspects that set his company and the Ten X Habitat project at Thane apart from the others, and the significance of elevators.

SSP: How does the Ten X Habitat have an edge over other high-rise projects in Thane?

SM: In general, high-rise towers are placed on podiums, but at Ten X we proposed a multilevel car park, separate from the towers. Standing approximately 140 m, these towers boast indoor amenities at stilt level, which connect with the outdoor landscape, creating a seamless expanse of activities. This also resulted in creating a 5-acre central landscape on the ground, with which no other project in Thane can compare.

SSP: With many upcoming infrastructure projects in Thane, what are the specific location advantages this project offers in terms of connectivity across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and beyond?

SM: Ten X enjoys a premium location in terms of road and rail connectivity. The Eastern Expressway is already an advantage for commuters both toward the city and outward. The proposed Metro station at Cadbury Junction is already in progress. Thane in general is blessed with good socio-cultural infrastructure, and attractions such as Viviana and Korum Mall are easily accessible, as are schools like Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania and recently opened Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania, both trusted by parents. Our project is safe, accessible and in a very premium location. 

SSP: What is the significance of elevators in projects by your company? Have they also been considered a lifestyle amenity?

SM: Elevators are the lifeline for this building. We have taken utmost care and have scientifically designed vertical-transportation (VT) systems by engaging specialist consultants to ensure dependability, safety and robustness. We feel success for high-rise buildings, especially residential, lies in the fact that residents should be able to move up the building with the least waiting time. Elevators are a necessity as well as a lifestyle amenity, and provide confidence to the residents on both our conscious decisions based on quality as well as their safety.

Unique Plans 2
Sandeep Maheshwari

SSP: Do you see buildings getting even higher in the near future? How would this impact decisions regarding elevator selections going forward?

SM: Buildings will get much taller. Raymond Realty is working on 180-m-plus-tall towers in its second project. As we go taller, elevators can either make or break the deal for residents. Passenger-carrying capacities, speed, cost and maintenance factors will have a major impact on the elevator selection process.

SSP: With Real Estate (Regulation and Development) (RERA) implementation and stricter norms, what aspects must developers now keep in mind about elevators in their projects?

SM: Compliance with Bureau of Indian standards for performance and safety, as well as local fire norms, have been our primary considerations when selecting elevators. We buy from reliable and reputed international brands so we can be assured of their commitment to delivering within timelines and providing after-sales support.

SSP: Due to the major shift in demand among residential portfolios of investors with a focus on modern integrated amenities, do you see more and more developers investing in and adopting new automated technology in elevators to enhance VT travel by improving its efficiency and accessibility?

SM: There is certainly a shift in buyer expectations. This has ensured that we provide best-in-class amenities and services in the building. Elevators are no exception, and our approach to procuring elevators is a testimony to that fact.

SSP: As a premium real estate brand, what parameters are considered while selecting elevators for your current and future projects?

SM: Safety is the top priority, and everything else follows. We need a reliable partner that can provide us with world-class service and continuous support. After-sales service is the next most important aspect, both in terms of responsiveness as well as cost.

SSP: What elevator aspects were considered while designing the Ten X Habitat project?

SM: At Ten X Habitat, each tower has been provided with four elevators of 15 passenger capacity traveling at 3 m/s. There are approximately 45 elevators, and a few more towers are envisaged, which may have a different configuration. The elevators have been selected based on traffic analysis and standards. We have strictly gone by requirements recommended by National Building Code (NBC) 2016. 

The elevators will have an average wait time of less than 45 s and a handling efficiency of 7%. We have a group of four or five elevators in a bank, depending on building configuration, an advanced group control system based on estimated response time and an immediate prediction feature that pre-informs the user on the lift that is likely to attend to their call.

We have elevators that are capable of carrying both residents and materials. The passenger-cum-stretcher lift is part of the main elevator group that can carry an ambulance stretcher, should such a need arise. The elevators can accommodate a wheelchair for the physically challenged and elderly. There are Braille buttons and voice announcement systems to help visually impaired people. Our elevators have the provision to install cameras for added security.

Unique Plans 1
Management team of Raymond Realty outside TenX project

Project Highlights

  • Type of Development: Affordable residential
  • Number of Structures: 10 residential towers, one multi-level car parking, one retail outlet and a clubhouse
  • Total units: 3,140

Project USPs:

  • Zero corridor, cross ventilation in all rooms
  • Urban forest themed landscape

Key amenities:

  • 8-ft-high doors and windows in units
  • Entertainment pods
  • Office creche
  • Community kitchen
  • Guest rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Squash court
  • Badminton court
  • Elevated walkway
  • Two swimming pools of half Olympic-size length

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari has been associated with the Raymond Group for more than three decades. He has successfully delivered a number of projects for the company, including industrial, infrastructure and residential packages. His years of experience and expertise have brought him to his current role as COO at Raymond Realty. The company has formulated its growth plans in real estate, and the team is challenging standard construction norms by demonstrating exceptional progress at Ten X Habitat. 

Sheetal Shelar Patil works with a content solutions agency, overseeing weekend sections, special features, news columns, magazines and theme pages for one of India’s leading English- language daily newspapers, as well as working with several business-to-business publications. A holder of a diploma course in journalism, Patil previously worked in administrative positions with various real-estate, hospitality and media enterprises.

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