UNITEC Specialty Products

The UNITEC Parts Company offers over 150,000 Otis and non-Otis parts for repair and maintenance projects.


Their product line includes door panels, door operators, door operator rebuild kits, hydraulic power units, starters, tracks and hangers, worm and gear sets, wiring and layout diagrams, car and hall fixtures, escala-tor steps, step chain and tracks as well as com-plete hydraulic modernization packages.

Additionally, UNITEC has an extensive PC board purchase, repair and exchange program. The brands offered, but not lim-ited to include: Otis, MCE, Westinghouse, Montgomery, Dover, Armor, Swift 500, US, Haughton, Kone, Schindler and Thyssen-Krupp.

UNITEC has complete access to Otis machine records to assist in identifying vintage equipment as well as access to Otis blueprints which enables manufactur-ing services for vintage Otis products.

Hydraulic Power Units

  • Quantity Discount Schedule
  • Maxton Valves with Allweiler Pumps & Mufflers
  • Standard Build ships in 3-5 Business Days
  • Compact Tank in 80, 140, and 190 gal. Sizes
  • 48 Hour Build Option


  • Motor Overload Protection/ Phase-Loss Detection
  • Ability to Detect Incorrect Motor Lead Connections
  • Auto-Detect Across-the-Line and Delta Motor Configuration
  • Normal Phase Rotation (Reverse-Phase Protection)
  • Fault-type LED Indicator
  • Removal of Power from Motor Windings
  • No Contacts to Check or Change — Less Maintenance

AT400 Door Operator

Pre-Engineered Packages Include:

  • Quiet, Reliable, Belt-Driven Closed-Loop Door Operator
  • Car Door Vanes
  • Control Components
  • Transformer/Rectifier
  • “Learn Run” Mode for Easy Setup The AT400 is designed to fit new and existing applications. We stock four opera-tor lengths (53”-76”) to meet your space constraints.

Door Improvements

7 ft. replacement panels and applied hangers for Otis integral (welded-in) car and hoistway doors. You retain your header track. Lead time is 5-7 or 13–15 days. Also offer a full line of various ap-plied door panel sizes and finishes.

In addition to Otis, Unitec offers door panels for other manufacturer’s installation. New panels come with:

  • Astragals
  • Bottom Guides
  • Bottom Retainers

PC Board Repair Program

Choose what’s best for you:

  • Purchase
  • Exchange
  • Repair

We can repair many boards from all OEMs.

Expert Drive Repair

  • Factory Trained for Otis Drives Fixtures
  • UNITEC Express Fixtures
  • Car Operating Panels,  PI’s, Hall Stations
  • Two Week Lead Time
  • Easy to Order
  • ANSI Compliant through 2013
  • Wired and Unwired COPs Available
  • Bronze Stainless Steel or custom finisher
  • Vandal-Resistant Buttons and Keyswitches

Hall Stations with ANSI Flame Insert Super Durable & Wear-Resistant

  • Our ANSI flame insert can easily be re-placed if vandalized, without replacing the entire hall station. Finish is highly resistant to harsh cleaning agents.
  • The ANSI flame insert is superior to silk screening and paint-filled applications and costs less!
  • All hall stations can be ordered with a high quality ANSI flame insert.
  • Custom buttons can include both text and graphic you provide.

Escalator Products

UNITEC stocks a wide array of parts for Otis escalators, including steps, step chain, treads, risers, combs, comb plates, rollers, bearings and much more.

New OEM Steps – R, RB, RBC (1950’s Vintage) through Present Day.

In addition to Otis, Unitec offers es-calator parts for other manufacturer’s installations.

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