Universal Door Opener


Langer & Laumann Ing.-Büro GmbH now offers its door operator (TSG), designed for doors with a panel weight up to 1,500 lbs. The TSG is designed to be a maintenance-free DC motor with an encoder linear drive system that enables it to operate smoothly and silently. The integrated microprocessor controls a soft movement of the door in all operating conditions. Due to its independently adjustable opening and closing cycles, it can be used in various applications, including hospitals. The motor waterproofed (IP54) and available in an explosive-proof version.

For more information, contact Langer & Laumann at Wallgraben 30, D-48356 Nordwalde, Germany; phone: (49) 2573-955-990; e-mail: [email protected]; or website: www.lul-ing.de.

C.J. Anderson Introduces “Payavator”

C.J. Anderson & Co. has announced the launch of its Payavator®, a turnkey interface that requires passengers to pay for each elevator ride. The concept started with the idea of offsetting maintenance, repair and modernization costs elevators require. Building owners are able to determine the cost per ride, and all transactions are processed and sent to the Payavator’s online virtual terminal. The system is equipped with a credit-card swipe/touchless terminal and elevator interface board, and requires only a telephone line or CAT5 Internet connection. Building owners receive a monthly check for fees collected. There are no subscription fees. However, all systems must be installed by an elevator maintenance provider.

For more information, contact C.J. Anderson at website: www.cjanderson.com.

Carlo Gavazzi Surge Arresters

Carlo Gavazzi has launched its DSF-PV Surge Arresters. The compact design allows them to be DIN-rail mounted and protects the systems from transient over-voltage due to indirect atmospheric discharge and switching actions. Their internal technology provides backup protection, which enables the DSF series to be safer in the event of a short circuit. A red optical indicator shows the protection status, and voltage-free contacts offer remote status monitoring. In addition, the series is approved per UL 1449 3rd edition and EN 61642-11 (VDE 0675, part 6-11).

For more information, contact Carlo Gavazzi at 750 Hastings Lane, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089; phone: (847) 465-6100; fax: (800) 222-2659; e-mail: [email protected]; or website: www.gavazzionline.com.

Qameleon’s Que Remote Asset Monitor

Qameleon Technology, Inc. has released Que, its new management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into one system. It serves as a user-configurable dashboard for all Qameleon products, as well as equipment from other manufacturers. Que enables users to view all their remote devices at once and choose what they see. Color-coded icons appear onscreen to call attention when action is needed. Clickable icons provide a detailed summary and overview of the issue.

Devices can be viewed in real time through QarVision™ Elevator Performance Analyzer, SpikeWatcher™ or a variety of other programs. Que allows elevator-maintenance companies and building owners to quickly determine the status of all elevators at the same time through QarVision, while SpikeWatcher adds monitoring and troubleshooting for escalators. Monitoring alone is not always enough. Power problems can cause failures, and environmental conditions in machine rooms can interfere with controllers. A modular device, Que allows users to add new remote devices as needed.

For more information, contact Qameleon at phone: (480) 495-2777, e-mail: [email protected], or website: www.qameleon.com.

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