VEE 2012

The Lobby, where attendees were welcomed to VEE 2012

Elevator World, Inc. held its third-annual Virtual Elevator Event (VEE) on July 11.

On July 11, Elevator World, Inc. held its third-annual Virtual Elevator Event (VEE), which allowed exhibitors and attendees to combine the benefits of face-to-face events with the interactivity of an online environment. Conference presentations and scheduled chats were given by 11 of the industry’s leading professionals. The event, using INXPO, Inc. (a virtual-event provider) and organized by Elevator World, was held live between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. CDT. More than 1,200 people registered for the web-based expo, which was held on demand until August 10.

How It Works

The Lobby is the entrance to the event, where attendees were welcomed by Elevator World Vice President and Chief Operating Officer T.Bruce MacKinnon. The Lobby displayed platinum sponsor MP as well as other sponsors and upcoming presentations. A toolbar was also displayed for navigation to the Exhibit Hall, Meeting Room and other areas. The Speakers area included PowerPoint presentations, question-and-answer sessions and live chats with the presenters.

The Meeting Room included a general chat area and three scheduled chats with industry professionals on various topics. Mike Semones, Safety manager at ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas, commented in the Meeting Room, “Enjoyed the event – gained a lot of useful and important information, and didn’t have to travel!” José María Compagni, Commercial Director at MP Lifts, also commented, “MP is delighted to be in touch with so many interesting elevator experts worldwide. As you know, we believe every company should be able to profit from great online events.”

Booths and Sponsors

The Exhibit Hall, where attendees could easily click the area they wanted to visit, displayed each booth’s company logo. All VEE sponsors received a booth with several options to showcase their products and services. Sponsors were able to display their company catalog and brochures, provide information about any upcoming events and present product videos and demonstrations to booth visitors. Attendees were also able to interact with company representatives and other visitors through live chats available at each booth.

VEE’s booth participants and sponsors included MP Macpuarsa (platinum); Ningbo Xinda and Torin Drive International (gold); Draka Elevator and NAESA International (silver); and Hydro Safe, the International Association of Elevator Consultants, ZZIPCO, the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Unitec Parts Co. and Wurtec Elevator Products & Services Inc. (bronze).

“As a quick comment regarding the VEE, such was not only informative, but presented in a user-friendly fashion, which was much appreciated.  Looking forward to the next virtual conference!”    – Daimon Parker, Senior Associate, VDA


Elevator World provided cash and prizes valued at more than US$10,000, including an Amazon Kindle; Apple and Amazon gift cards; a three-year print subscription to ELEVATOR WORLD; a VEE 2013 booth or presentation opportunity; a two-page editorial piece on a company’s product, service and/or company itself to be published in a predetermined issue of EW; a full-page advertisement and company listing in the 2013 EW SOURCE© Directory; and educational packages.

In the vertical-transportation industry, virtual trade shows are establishing several advantages in the market. As a global trade show, VEE provided industry members with networking opportunities and introductions to new products and services. Participants were able to visit at their convenience and as often as they wanted without the hassle and expense of traveling.

For the latest information on VEE 2013, visit website: www.elevatorworld.com/vee.

Conference Agenda

  • George W. Gibson of George W. Gibson & Associates, Inc. presented information on rope-traction theory and practices. Gibson’s presentation is also available for purchase at www.elevatorbooks.com.
  • Robert Kaspersma and Dennis Lindeboom of Liftinstituut discussed global elevator safety and how technology developments are affecting the industry.
  • Ana Belén Piazuelo of MP Lifts provided an overview of the European standardization process and its key figures and stages, focusing on the continuous evolution of standards.
  • Lutfi Al-Sharif, associate professor at the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Jordan, provided an overview and comparison of four methods used in elevator traffic analysis and design.
  • Tim Eason, vertical transportation consultant, discussed the important role that elevators and escalators play when providing access to mass-transit systems. 
  • Patrick Carrajat, senior consultant with the LIR Group, Inc., presented information about various types of elevator and escalator accidents and the importance of elevator safety systems.
  • Jim Runyan, a member of NAESA International, discussed the ASME A17.1 code requirement when completing a step-skirt performance index test on all escalators to determine their potential for side-step entrapments.

Scheduled Chats

  • Sanjay Kamani, president and CEO of TessT, LLC, discussed best practices in managing annual mandated tests and violations.
  • Jim Wieler, vice president of Strategic Planning and New Business Development for MagneMotion, talked about the future of linear synchronous motor elevators.
  • Paul J. Waters, Esq., of Waters Law Group, discussed perspectives on OSHA’s application of the lockout/tagout and permit-required confined-space standards.

VEE Stats

  • How attendees participated:
  • Average time spent in event: 3 hr., 26 min.
  • Exhibitor documents viewed/downloaded: 2,501
  • Exhibitor booth visits: 1,979
  • Virtual business cards exchanged: 412
  • Emails exchanged: 376
  • One-on-one chats: 489
  • Educational/technical presentations viewed: 1,303 
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