Year End Comes With Three E’s

by Ricia Sturgeon-Hendrick

The last issue of 2019 comes packed with Event reporting, a focus on Escalators and the Ellies! The Ellies is the awards program that became an overnight sensation. This is the first elevator industry award in which companies are nominated and voted on by elevator industry members. It turns out we are a very competitive group, with more than 34,000 votes this year deciding the 18 proud winners.

The fall in our industry brings events in profusion. This month we report on four:

  • “Making It Grand” by Kaija Wilkinson: The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) celebrated its 70th anniversary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where a local industry man got the William C. Sturgeon Award and Don Gelestino from Long Island, New York, became president. Activities were revamped a bit by new Executive Director Alesa McArthur, and a “grand” time was had by all.
  • Wisconsin Elevator Symposium by Lee Freeland: NAESA International had its first-ever golf event to support the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF). It was followed by a busy two days for 265 inspectors and mechanics. This is always a great education opportunity. Also, Freeland had an opportunity to pose 10 Questions With Bob Shepherd. When asked why he stayed in the industry, he said he stayed for the money, but it became a part of his heart and soul.
  • One Community by Nick Mellor: An audience of 120 came to Highgate House in Northampton, U.K., for a stimulating program of papers on a wide variety of topics.
  • Smooth Sailing for a Good Cause by Jessie Doucette: The annual Toronto boat cruise benefiting elevator and escalator safety in Canada was as good a time as ever.

Last month, we interviewed Johannes de Jong in the “10 Questions” category. This month, we present his paper on Voluntary Egress Elevators. He points out the numerous issues that have prevented these elevators from being in widespread use.

Our focus this month is Escalators and Moving Walks— always a fascinating subject. We have four articles, including a Continuing Education article (first in the list) for 1 contact hour:

  • Step/Skirt Performance Index Testing and Data Analysis by Ken Smith: It’s been almost 20 years since index testing was added to the code to reduce entrapments. The author explains how to properly test for a loaded gap and how to analyze the data.
  • VT a Key Part of Airports’ “Science of Arrivals” by Wilkinson: thyssenkrupp experts discuss the role of escalators and moving walks in the experience of passengers at airports.
  • Escalator Cladding Design by S. Javad Taleghani Nia: The author, from Iran, discusses the various reasons for exterior cladding on escalators and, by examining a case study and applying engineering, examines code-required cladding thicknesses for suitability.
  • The Westinghouse Electric Stairway by Dr. Lee Gray: Our historian and correspondent writes about the early battles (in the 1930s) between Otis, which trademarked the word “Escalator,” and Westinghouse, which had numerous patents on the parts of the “Electric Staircase.”

A continuing feature in the magazine this year has been the new Consultants’ Perspective. This month, we have Deadweight Dead Wrong? by Richard Blaska. The author writes about the deadweight in elevators: why it is often wrong, how it is determined and how alterations change it.

That’s the year-end wrap-up, and, of course, I haven’t mentioned it all, so dig in and find your favorite subject or author this month. January is only a month away, and I have to warn you — we will arrive with a “new look.” We can’t wait for you to see the new ELEVATOR WORLD!

Ricia Sturgeon-Hendrick

Ricia Sturgeon-Hendrick

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