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Staying Connected

By Kaija Wilkinson | February 1, 2015

Francisco Ginot, CEO of elevator emergency-communications firm MERak, remains enthralled with the fast-paced world of technology. As a child growing up in coastal Mataró, Spain, Francisco Ginot loved to play with lights and electronics in the family home to create different lighting effects. As he fiddled with a 220-V plug and wall outlet, things would…

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Going Up and Down with DieselDucy

By Elevator World | January 1, 2015

YouTube personality Andrew Reams shares his passion for elevators with fans of all ages. Once the doors open, he hurriedly steps inside the cabin, camera in hand. He hits the top floor button.  “Going up,” he says excitedly. He checks the make and model of the elevator car, fixtures and emergency phone. The doors open.…

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Onward and Upward

By Kaija Wilkinson | December 1, 2014

British vertical-transportation research engineer Dr. Richard Peters maintains a lifelong passion for teaching and learning. Ever since he realized the Poisson probability theory and statistics he learned at university could be applied to improving elevators’ round-trip-time calculations, Dr. Richard Peters has been a passionate student and teacher of elevator traffic analysis, simulation and dispatching. With…

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True to Her Ideals

By Kaija Wilkinson | November 1, 2014

Entrepreneur and Southerner Sheila Swett believes the industry she loves is on the upswing. With an associate’s degree in Mechanical Technology from State Technical Institute at Memphis under her belt, Sheila Swett arrived at the airport to board a plane that would take her to her first post-college job — at a munitions factory in…

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The Power of Relationships

By Kaija Wilkinson | September 1, 2014

Leader of family business and outgoing NAEC President John Sweeney plans to stay involved. John Sweeney, president of Jersey Elevator Co., is passing the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) president torch as his term winds to a close, but he has every intention of staying close to the organization that has helped guide his…

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Marathon Man

By Kaija Wilkinson | July 1, 2014

ThyssenKrupp Elevator CEO Andreas Schierenbeck talks about how his career and personal choices are helping him rise to the challenge of an ever-more-complex “elevator world.” There are parallels between running a marathon and completing a complex, time-consuming job for a client. Both present pitfalls and Pyrrhic victories, but, when completed successfully, provide a feeling of…

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Jim Lawrence

By Lee Freeland | June 1, 2014

Consultant looks back on his long industry career with fondness. James D. “Jim” Lawrence is principal, senior elevator consultant for James Lawrence & Associates LLC. A Norfolk, Virginia, native, he lives and works in nearby Richmond, Virginia. Later graduating from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, with a Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering degree and a…

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From One World to Another

By Kaija Wilkinson | June 1, 2014

Turkey’s Asansör Dünyası becomes part of the Elevator World, Inc. family. A relationship formed nearly 20 years ago between Elevator World, Inc., founder William C. Sturgeon and Istanbul-based Asansör Dünyası magazine founder Muzaffer Baştakar came full circle on May 1 with the acquisition of Asansör Dünyası by Elevator World. Asansör Dünyası, which translates to “Elevator…

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Having a Say

By Kaija Wilkinson | May 1, 2014

Marie McDonald looks back on blazing a path for fellow women in the elevator industry. Marie McDonald entered the world in a remarkable way and has stood out ever since. She was born in Seattle, and her mother died in childbirth. At only 10 days old, she went to live with her grandparents on their…

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Carpe Diem

By Kaija Wilkinson | April 1, 2014

Young but notably accomplished, Jashan Eison leads, but also rolls up his shirtsleeves at H&B, the elevator cab/entrance company where he is president and CEO. As the child of a single mom growing up in inner-city Milwaukee with two brothers, Jashan (pronounced “Jason”) Eison is no stranger to overcoming significant obstacles. At only 33 years…

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