Elevator Emergency Operations

By Elevator World | November 1, 2014

Recommended safety features and how to make an elevator fully compliant with the codes in effect are discussed. Passenger elevators play the most important role in vertical transportation within most buildings. The design and operational features of an elevator require thorough review for predicting the emergency conditions a passenger could face while traveling in an…

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Rising to the Challenge

By Shem Oirere | May 1, 2014

In the quickly growing African market, training is critical for safety. Despite the fact that fatal accidents involving vertical-transportation systems are rare here, Africa’s current commercial and residential real estate explosion calls for a re-evaluation of training for elevator installation and maintenance professionals, those in the industry said. Demand for commercial and residential space in…

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CEDES Installs IMS 100 Safeguards in Lucerne

By Elevator World | November 1, 2013

CEDES Corp. has installed its IMS 100 safeguard sensors, an entrance-area monitoring device, in Lucerne Cantonal Hospital in Lucerne, Switzerland. The 19-story building, which is equipped with nine Schindler elevators, was provided with the IMS 100 this summer. According to CEDES, the 3D camera sensor helps improve elevator efficiency, reliability and safety. According to Walter…

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An Apparatus for Testing Contacts of the Elevator Safety Circuit

By Yuandong Jian, Jiefeng Li, Yihui Ruan and Cheng Zhou | November 1, 2013

by Yuandong Jian, Jiefeng Li, Yihui Ruan and Cheng Zhou The safe operation of an elevator system is of primary importance. The system should work correctly and, above all, safely. For this reason, elevator systems employ a number of safety devices, one of which is the safety circuit. This device is one of the most…

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A Way Out: Escape Rescue Systems Are Like Lifeboats in the Sky

By Kaija Wilkinson | November 1, 2013

Images of people jumping from the burning World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City on 9/11 haunted Escape Rescue Systems Inc. CEO Jonathan “Yoni” Shimshoni and his friends. None had engineering or fire-safety backgrounds, but all knew there had to be a better way. So, several years after the tragic events in 2001,…

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Safety Has Been a Driving Force for Columbia Elevator from the Beginning

By Ralph M. Newman | November 1, 2013

As our country wound down from World War II, the recently immigrated Blaiotta family suffered its own tragedy when its patriarch died in a 10-story fall while repairing a construction hoist in New York City (NYC). And so, when the patriarch’s orphaned son went on to forge a multigenerational involvement with the elevator industry, it…

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Software Testing of Embedded Safety Loops

By Alexandru Forrai and Takaharu Ueda | November 1, 2013

by Alexandru Forrai and Takaharu Ueda This article deals with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) software testing applied to programmable electronic safety systems (PESSes) used in passenger elevators. Development of PESSes with application in elevators and escalators started in the early 2000s. Electronic overspeed governors, detection of uncontrolled car movement and two elevator cars in one shaft are…

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Fail Safe Safety Guard: A Way to Prevent Accidents Resulting from Human Error

By Elevator World | May 1, 2012

This article focuses on fail safe safety guards and provides solutions on how to minimize accidents caused by human error. Each year, approximately 500,000 new elevators are installed worldwide, and approximately 15 million elevators that require regular maintenance are in service globally. A substantial number of these units are serviced by small maintenance companies. In…

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