Consultants’ Perspective

California Proposed Elevator Code Changes

Your author states that, if adopted, there will be far-reaching consequences. by Richard Blaska The state of California boasts the fourth-largest economy in the world, with a population of nearly...

Model Lifts

A look at their fraught beginning and evolution into acceptance I found a recent LinkedIn post relating to the engineering and suspension rope provisions applied to a 1976 Otis LM893...

Troubleshooting Unusual Fault Conditions

Best approach sometimes takes more than simply identifying and resolving the problem. Years ago, when I was actively involved in troubleshooting — that is, in the remedy of unusual fault...

The Significance of Project Management

Breaking down an important role Project management is a fascinating concept that brings both cheers and challenges. Each manager needs to be treated or designated as the CEO of a...

Dressing Up the Modern Elevator

A conversation with interior designer Sapana Jain, founder, I Heart Homez, elucidates COVID-19’s impact on décor trends of residential premises and elevator interiors. Sapana Jain COVID-19 has transformed almost every...

A Vision Evolves

Designing a VT strategy for one of the tallest buildings in the City of London This article was first presented at the 10th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies,

Returning After Crisis

Richie Lobert (RL), director, LML Lift Consultants, shares workplace-reentry strategies in the COVID-19 era with your author (SSP). by Sheetal Shelar Patil SSP: Which workplace-reentry strategies are recommended by LML?...

The Importance of Call-Backs

The industry expectation of maintenance records and why they matter by John W. Koshak In the North American elevator industry, maintenance records are required by the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety...

Elevator Door Detector Light Curtains and Related Door-Closing Injuries

An increase in incidents prompts this examination and explanation of door protection devices. by Frank Fletcher, Jill Sweeney and Michael Fagan We have observed a trend in personal injuries and...

Impact of Cultures on Elevatoring

Differences between norms in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere are explored. by TAK MathewsThis article was first presented at the 2018 is the R&D involved in the science of elevatoring,...

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Plan Submitted for Scotland’s Tallest “Building”

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Tilting Elevator Shaft Causes Construction Delay


NEII DEI Team Attends Tradeswomen Build Nations Conference

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Otis Again Named to America’s Most Responsible List


CiA Announces Safety Meeting, New CAN Dictionary