Applications for new tech in tracking, training, machines and the passenger experience

Mitsubishi Electric’s in-building guidance system includes wheelchair-specific guidance and is intended to help people move about buildings smoothly and efficiently.

In-Building Guidance System

Mitsubishi Electric now offers an in-building guidance system that uses illuminated projections to provide building visitors with directions and detailed elevator status information. The system guides visitors to elevators, restrooms and other building facilities via large illuminations projected onto floors and walls. For each elevator, the current floor location and level of congestion are displayed on the outer doors. A wheelchair-passenger indicator alerts people waiting outside the elevator to begin making room so the passenger can exit easily. The product’s standardization is in accordance with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

Advanced GPS for Fleets

RingVoz has launched Truway, an advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and monitoring system that helps keep track of drivers’ routes and amount of fuel used, and lets them know when it is time for fleet maintenance. It also alerts when vehicles make a delivery and other updates about what the drivers encounter. It enables setting up points of interest where the drivers will need to stop, event notifications and active up-to-date reporting. A graphic interface keeps managers and drivers updated and informed about odometer readings, license-plate information and policy differences in various states’ driver’s license information.

App for Tracking Employee Training

Engineerica Systems, Inc., a software-development company specializing in tracking applications, has launched a cloud-based system to track employee training. AccuTraining allows companies to track their employee training classes and training progress. Since AccuTraining is cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere, on any web-enabled device. An administrator can create training plans, consisting of classes and to-do tasks, for their employees to complete. The training manager can then assign the appropriate training plan and list the available training sessions online. The manager can also print training badges or QR-code stickers for employee tracking while at the classes.
Once employees have attended training, they can log into AccuTraining and view their training-plan progress (including the completed sessions and remaining sessions/tasks), and view upcoming training sessions available for which they can register online. It can show employees’ photos when they sign in (for easy verification), get a random selection of one or more of the attendees (for door prizes or surveys), design employee training completion certificates, and print or email them via the system. Finally, a “Rules Engine” can trigger actions based on certain events, such as sending an email when an employee is added or completes a training course.

Servogearless Traction Machine Range

The Wittur Group has announced the global launch of its new range of servogearless traction machines: WSG-SF. EN 81-20/-50 certified, the new series is replacing Wittur’s S0.x and WSG-S1.x, intended for the low-rise segment, and available in four versions, according to different rated loads:

  • WSG-SF.1: up to 375 kg
  • WSG-SF.2: up to 500 kg
  • WSG-SF.3: up to 750 kg
  • WSG-SF.4: up to 1250 kg

The WSG-SF solid design includes a nodular-graphite cast-iron housing, free-flying traction sheave and sealed bearings that allow a 26-kN shaft load over the whole range. Other features are:

  • Synchronous 16-pole motor with high-efficiency permanent magnets
  • Various electrical options regarding speed, voltage and feedback system
  • Electromagnetic dual-circuit safety brakes with optional manual brake release
  • Optical absolute encoder
  • Various available traction sheave options and drive package with specific inverter
  • Can also be used as a solution for unintended car movement

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