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New Elevator Range, VR Design App

Spain-based MP Lifts’ new elevator range FULL AMBIENTUM is an enlargement of the company’s CARevolution model. Like CARevolution, the new range integrates ecological design based on car lighting and weight. Its operating panel, the FUSION COP, is provided with customizable 7-in. LCD or thin-film-transistor displays. The COP can be assembled directly on the glass wall.

The line enables customers to choose not only from the different finishes collected in MP’s catalog, but also to use their own decoration, combining colors, or inserting pictures onto the various car walls or car operating panels (COPs) using MP’s CarDesigner tool. Its three walls of lacquered glass can be customized with wall panels, mirrors, handrails, lightings, COPs, etc. Now also available as a smartphone app, the mobile version of CarDesigner can be used with virtual-reality (VR) glasses, letting the client see how it looks inside the car he or she designed. It is also available as a website at



ELD for Roofing/Waterproofing Membranes

SKA Consulting Engineers of Greensboro, North Carolina, has introduced the IntegriScan+ electronic leak detection (ELD) service. It confirms the integrity of the waterproofing/roofing membrane installation using low-voltage ELD scanning equipment on a wet surface. The patented technology accurately pinpoints leaks by utilizing a mobile platform that isolates the test area and scans 100% of the membrane opposed to the older probe-like sampling method. Other features include:

  • Tests up to 40,000 sq. ft. per day
  • Detects hard-to-see breaches
  • Same-day testing of breach repairs
  • Minimal setup time: no perimeter wire required and no need to isolate penetrations
  • Audio and visual components for easy and accurate breach location alerts
  • Forensic testing of existing roofs



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