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Forms + Surfaces LEVELe® Elevator Interior System

LEVELe Elevator Interiors meet a wide range of aesthetic, performance and budgetary requirements. Ideal for new or modernization projects, the program offers a remarkable breadth of options that can be used to customize a look, carry design themes throughout a setting, and cost-effectively perform in today’s public spaces.

This versatile panelized system combines self-revealing extrusion channels, aluminum-framed panels with lightweight structural backing, and extensive material options. Eight configurations, defined by wall panel shape and layout, can be tailored to project-specific needs.

Individual panels consist of two visible elements: extruded aluminum frames and insets.

Inset material options include stainless steel, Fused Metal®, Bonded Metal®, Bonded Quartz, and Wood Veneer. In addition, LEVELe Elevator Interiors accommodate LightPlane – our engineered, edge-lit LED panels that provide seamless illumination of elevator interior walls and incorporate our VividGlass line of architectural glass.

LEVELe packages are available for all typical sizes of passenger and service cabs, single or double opening, and include everything needed for a quick, cost-efficient installation: wall panels, trim pieces, and hardware are standard; handrails and ceilings with LED downlights and/or perimeter lighting are optional.


MAD Elevator The Fixtures You Should Expect

Elevator fixtures have the biggest impact on your passenger’s riding experience. More than just an interface, fixtures have become an accent piece to the cab interior finish.

Contemporary glass fixtures are becoming a popular alternative to typical stainless steel Car Panels. Builders, architects and interior designers can now bring elements of the building’s design into the elevator interior via MAD’s new fixture line.

MAD Elevator’s prestigious Glass Fixtures provide a sleek, modern look that is a step beyond the traditional. Consider a touch of class for your refreshed elevator interior.

Don’t settle on the ordinary, expect more. Please contact your MAD Sales representative and let the contemporary look redefine the elevator experience on your next installation or modernization.

Rigidized® Metals Panels Systems

Rigidized® Metals deep textured metal panels are attractive, durable, and easily installed. Scratch and dent-resistant, Rigidized® Metals’ panel faces are made via our deep texturing process, reducing the weight of the metal face and making these panel systems an ideal choice for elevator cab interiors. Panels can be faced in stainless steel, aluminum, brass or bronze and a variety of finishes and colors and include lightweight aluminum honeycomb cores from 1/4” to 2” thick. Add a choice of finished corners and available z-clips and we can make a complete panel, ready for use. Designed and fabricated to your specifications, the possibilities are limitless.

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Elevator Entrance Protection Kit

Protect elevator door jambs from dents and scratches with Palmer® Elevator Entrance Protection Kits (EEPK™). Each kit includes two side door jamb pads, an elevator header pad, and Palmer’s patent pending low-profile hanging system.

Palmer® Elevator Entrance Protection Kits are easy to install and provide unobtrusive protection to stainless steel and enamel coated steel door frames. The low-profile hanging system uses Velcro® adhesive-backed loop and mating hook fasteners to quickly secure door frame pads to jambs and headers without getting in the way of tenants, furniture movers, maintenance workers, or construction crews.

Mac Metals Knows Elevator Sills

Mac Metals maintains a reputation as the country’s leading producer of architectural bronze and nickel silver elevators sills (also known as saddles or thresholds) serving all aspects of the elevator industry. For over 40 years, Mac Metals has specialized in the production of elevator sills, moldings, handrails and other extrusions common to this industry.

Custom Sills and Components

Mac Metals designs and maintains tooling for every major OEM and most Cab and Entrance manufacturers or contractors. We are frequently consulted by renovation, or modernization contractors to manufacture unique custom components. Whether your requirement is for a major new construction project, or a single replacement sill, Mac Metals can meet your requirements.

Stock Sills

Mac Metals knows that the best way to serve the elevator marketplace is to have cab and hoistway sills and extensions available in stock for immediate delivery. We stock single and double cab and hoistway sills and extensions in architectural bronze and nickel silver.

Mac Metals Stock Sills are light-weight, have a uniform thread design, and are available in 7’ lengths, 8’ lengths and 10’ lengths. Extensions are available in four different widths and have matching thread grooves.

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Contact Mac Metals at www.macmetals.com, or 800-631-9510.  All Mac Metals brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions are 100% Made is the USA using over 90% re-cycled materials. Mac Metals is WBENC certified and proud members of NEAC, CDA, and NOMMA.

MAD Elevator Premium Center Console

Add a fully interactive, customizable feature to your premium cab interior. MAD Elevator Fixture’s unrivaled touchscreen replaces the outdated elevator push button. Architects and designers can bring limitless design concepts to your elevator fixture while improving functionality.

The Touch To Go touchscreen solution effectively communicates the buildings style, image and identity to tenants, customers and visitors.

Using vibrant, easy to read, color touch screens linked to a custom control system, the interactive elevator display breaks the limitations of traditional elevator buttons. Create a distinctive experience that will have a high impact on the passenger and enhance the usability of the elevator.

Please contact your MAD Sales representative and let the Touch To Go touch screen redefine the elevator experience on your next installation or modernization.

MAD Elevator Fixtures Inc.

  • 1-866-967-8500
  • info@madfixtures.com
  • www.madfixtures.com

Verri Cabins: Your Custom Needs, Our Quality Standard

Allowing people to travel vertically in safe, comfort and style is a matter of knowledge and dedication. Sematic offers Verri-branded cabins with a wide range of custom built solutions, all complying with the highest levels of construction details, quality, and safety standards available.

The solutions offered by our cabins resolve a myriad of installation problems in terms of space and utilization, from residential and small-scale commercial properties to large-scale, complex environments.

Our expertise, in both traditional and innovative contexts, makes our products being the ideal solution for meeting the most stringent technological requirements and the most sophisticated architectural designs, always with an all-Italian commitment to getting the details and the styling just right.

Our cabin portfolio offers a wealth of options, ranging from the more traditional to the most technologically advanced, such as circular cabins and angled installations. Materials and finishes of our cabins can be infinitely customized to suit customers’ own requirements. Not only a concession to aesthetics, but key elements in the search of the highest possible quality. Special solutions are no exception, from glass to non-standard structures.

Beautiful,  safe  and  functional,  our  cabins are real pieces of furniture, a synthesis of aesthetic taste and technology, the most effective choice in terms of form and function. And if your project has a degree of complexity or novelty that makes it unique, we can study and develop together a completely customized solution.

Sematic Elevator Products

Forms + Surfaces CabForms® Elevator Interior System

CabForms Elevator Interiors address diverse design and performance scenarios with configurable layouts that can be tailored to project-specific requirements. Floor-to-ceiling wall panels attach to the cab shell using a system of extruded aluminum mounting clips. Panels consist of metal faces bonded to fire-rated structural substrates. Two series offer different visual possibilities.

CabForms 2000 wall panels feature a stile, rail and inset design that suits a wide range of material combinations. Stiles and rails can be specified in stainless steel or Fused Metal®. Upper and lower insets can be specified in the same or different materials, including stainless steel, Fused Metal, Bonded Metal®, Bonded Quartz, Wood Veneer and VividGlass.

CabForms 1000 wall panels emphasize stainless steel. For CabForms 1000-A, the main panel face is a single piece of stainless steel in a choice of finishes and patterns. For CabForms 1000-B and 1000-C, main panel faces of stainless steel are enhanced by accent areas of stainless steel or Fused Metal.

Ideal for new or modernization projects, CabForms packages are available for all typical sizes of passenger and service cabs, single or double opening, and include everything needed for a quick, cost-efficient installation: wall panels, trim pieces, and hardware are standard; handrails and ceilings with LED downlights and/or perimeter lighting are optional.


Man-D-Tec, Inc. Pushes the Limits of LED Lighting Again!

Lately, we’ve been seeing some interesting designs come from Man-D-Tec, Inc. They have shown that LEDs are here to stay, and continually introduce new lighting products to the elevator industry. Traditionally, lighting designs are round, but the new S2Beam™ and aeRoBeam™ bring a square and rectangular design to light.

Featuring TrueSquare™ technology, Man-D-Tec has launched their new S2Beam square LED fixtures. Each fixture provides 262 lumens of delivered light, which is efficient from just 4 watts of LED output. Unlike many other fixtures that adapt a square trim to a round fixture, this is truly a square design for maximum output.

For those needing even more punch, Man-D-Tec has now launched a rectangular LED fixture as well. The aeRoBeam is a unique rectangular design – boasting an output of 573 delivered lumens per fixture. This is an astounding feat, accomplished with just 6 watts of LED output. This is one of the most efficient lighting fixtures offered by Man-D-Tec, with an impressive 90.4 lumens per watt.

To determine how many of each of these lights would be appropriate for your new or existing cab, you can go online to the Lighting Design Studio at www.ManDTec.com/Design-Studio

Once again, Man-D-Tec shows how they continue to lead the industry in elevator lighting. “It’s all about the lumens!”™

Call to place your order today! We have some of the fastest lead times in the industry!

A + Woodwork & Design Knows Custom Cabs

It is vital to know that an elevator car does not only create a tone to compliment the home or building, but it also provides a structural foundation for safety and elevator reliability.

A+ Woodwork & Design takes great pride in providing high quality elevator components and car interiors. There are no shortcuts to a high quality, beautifully finished elevator. Each car that leaves their factory is fully finished and assembled and is carefully inspected for quality.

A+ says, “We work with the architect and/or elevator contractor from the beginning stages of the plans so the elevator is a focal point and an essential part of the home or building rather than an afterthought. The industry-standard is to use a laminate product as the finished surface in the car interior. Although we offer a line of similar products, in most cases, our interiors are 100% hardwood. Our cabs are shipped with all finish work complete – including custom trim and stain – to match the hardwood profiles and décor of the home or building.”

A+ discourages the purchase of unfinished elevator cars. Finishing the car on–site is typically more expensive than finishing in a facility’s controlled environment. Stain and finish work applied on site will settle due to heat/cold expansion, thus, you are guaranteed to have touch–up work. A+ fully finishes in their facility, negating the need for on–site finish work, which is both costly and lackluster.

A+ Woodwork & Design

Forms + Surfaces Elevator Doors

Forrms +Surfaces Elevator Door Skins are the perfect way to carry design and material themes across a property, from cab interior to cab exterior and beyond. Included within this group are door skins for elevator car doors and hoistway doors in materials, finishes and patterns that match our LEVELe® and CabForms® Elevator Interior Systems. Forms+Surfaces Elevator Door Skins are available for standard and custom clear opening sizes.

Stainless Steel & Fused Metal® Elevator Door Skins offer the beauty, versatility and durability of Stainless Steel and Fused Metal, our line of colored Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel and Fused Metal elevator door skins may be specified in numerous patterns and finishes, including high-durability options with exceptional resistance to abrasion and wear. Stainless Steel and Fused Metal Elevator Door Skins are NFPA and IBC class A fire-rated and UBC class 1 fire rated.

Bonded Metal® Elevator Door Skins incorporate Bonded Metal, our proprietary surfacing material in which metal granules are in a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix. The lightweight but extremely durable castings have the character and appearance of solid metal. Bonded Metal is NFPA and IBC class B fire-rated and UBC class 2 fire rated. Bonded Metal that is NFPA and IBC class A fire-rated and UBC class 1 fire rated is also available.


  • 30 Pine Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15223
  • Phone: 800.451.0410
  • Fax: 412.781.7840
  • marketing@forms-surfaces.com
  • www.forms-surfaces.com

Columbia Builds Elevator Cabs with Today’s Aesthetics

Reflecting the visual design aesthetics of today’s construction market, Columbia Elevator specializes in the manufacture of elevator cabs customized for any need or architectural environment. The trend is for more custom design using various rich materials – etched glass, marble, wood veneers, patterned metals, etc. – and new looks, such as taller cabs and doors reaching 10 ft. in height and beyond. These aesthetics are becoming an increasing factor – not only in new construction but also in older buildings, where lobbies and elevators are being upgraded for a substantial increase in property value and to more favorably compete for tenant retention and acquisition.

 Shown here under construction is a typical Columbia “designer” cab, featuring side-wall upper panels in back-painted glass, rear-wall upper panels in leather with 8-ga. stainless-steel reveals, lower and upper panel trim in dark oak with 8-ga. stainless-steel reveals, and an 8-ga. stainless-steel handrail.

 An infinite selection of designs can be built using Columbia’s proprietary InstaFast® and LamiCan® technologies, plus XChangaCab® for cab modernizations/upgrades. All Columbia cabs feature an Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) label, certifying full compliance with section 2 of the elevator safety code and making it easy for the elevator inspector.


Columbia Elevator Products Co Inc.

Rigidized Metals DuoTex Lineup

Introducing Rigidized® Metals’ newest lineup: Rigidized® Metals DuoTex family combines the bold presence of Rigidized® Metals’ linear deep-textures on a refined embossed surface to create a great look at both fifteen feet and fifteen inches. A new Rigidized® Metals pattern, “1SL”, combines a beaded look with complimentary embossed surfaces such as Squares, Linen and Sandtex® and makes this family a popular choice for elevator cab interiors.  Our newest pattern, 3FL, is also now available on Sandtex. The addition of these four new looks, now gives us eight attractive linear patterns that show well in all applications. The strength, durability and damage resistance of the Rigidized® Metals deep texturing process is key in high traffic areas like elevator cabs.

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Many Prestigious Buildings – One Address: ElevatorID.com

Located in Boston, MA, Elevator Interior Design furnishes custom elevator cabs and cab interior component packages for the US and Canadian market. We provide innovative elevator component design, lighting systems and hardware that simplify installation. EID has over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space solely dedicated to the production of elevator cabs and cab system components.

Along with the manufacture of custom and standard cabs for new construction and modernization projects, we also offer comprehensive architectural design and specification writing, project specific 3D rendering capability, optional field surveys to ensure exact dimensioning and field installation using EID ‘IUEC’ signatory labor.

Our cab mod packages arrive complete with all required material, hardware and templates ready for install. EID can also include door, transom and return panel facings formed in advance for immediate and seamless installation by field personnel. 

Our ‘Slim-Lite’ product is designed to accommodate limited weight and space applications such a new OEM cab shells with weight and space restrictions. Using only 5/16” of wall space, the complete system includes wall panels, ceiling and handrails and weighs less than 350 lbs. for a standard cab.  The ‘Slim-Lite’ cab system is a remarkably streamlined approach that allows your customers to create a striking interior cab finish.

EID John Antonellis

KLEEMANN Future T710 and T310

Future T710 and T310

To further satisfy market and customer needs for more specific products KLEEMANN has developed 3 different lines of cabins. The names clearly describe their content and purpose. The Classic, Modern and Future lines can cover a wide range of tastes, tendencies and budgets. Key representatives for the Future Line are the T710 and T310 models that are designed in collaboration with an internationally known automotive designer, Andreas Zapatinas whose experience spans long working projects with top manufacturers worldwide. These cabins are truly unique; the characteristic curved vertical walls offer a memorable experience to the elevator passengers. The interior space is now more inviting and a “warmer” relationship with the user is created since the elevator cabin has finally been liberated from the hard box shape that has been the main offer for decades. Now the passenger may touch or comfortably lean on the walls or simply for few moments have a new experience in a space that is moving vertically and is more related to the human curves rather than the cold hard edged box. These cabins guarantee a series of sensations and the wide range of material choices complete the overall package. A true breakthrough that has been evolved applying high standards of material and assembly quality tested at the KLEEMANN manufacturing facilities.


  • Kilkis Industrial Area,
  • P.O. BOX 25, P.C. 61 100 Kilkis, Greece
  • T: +30 23410 38 100
  • F: +30 23410 38 200
  • headoffice@kleemann.gr

MAD Elevator Built Around the Passenger

Introducing the MAD Elevator Fixtures Video Wall Experience; now changing your cab interior requires only your imagination.

From the moment you enter the elevator you will be immersed in an incomparable experience. The High Definition video wall, composed of multiple screens in various sizes and orientations, replaces a cab wall inside your elevator. Interfaced with your elevator controller, it allows full interaction between the position, direction of travel and other events and what is being displayed on the video wall.

The end result is a unique, fully immersive experience built around the passenger.

Please contact your MAD Sales representative and let the Interactive video wall experience redefine the elevator on your next installation or modernization.

MAD Elevator Fixtures Inc.

Draper Elevator Cab Company

Custom Designed Elevator Cab Interiors

Draper Elevator Cab Company of Boston, MA has grown to become one of New England’s top providers and suppliers of elevator cab interior solutions. Specializing in the manufacturing of custom elevator cabs & cab interiors – Draper has proudly displayed their work in some of the most prestigious buildings and institutions throughout New England. Some of our most notable work includes The Prudential Center Towers, The Hartford Towers, 100 High Street Boston, Mass General Hospital, Yale – New Haven Hospital, Boston College, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern University, Museum of Fine Arts and The JFK Library.

Elevator cabs can make a big impression on the people who visit and occupy your building. Draper understands the difference a well-crafted, tailor-made cab interior will make to the appearance of your facility. Have you thought about tying in existing elements of your building and/or surroundings with your elevator cabs? If you have, Draper can recommend the best available products on the market to make your design unique.

Material finishes are constantly evolving. With our expertise Draper Cabs will work hand in hand with you so you don’t have to sacrifice design for durability. To see examples of completed projects follow Draper on twitter: 


KLEEMANN T110 and T120

T110 and T120

The latest additions to the Future family of cabins are the models T110 and T120 specifically designed to satisfy the need for something fresh and clearly innovative. On the T110 the led lighting used offers energy savings and at the same time creates a high precision quality look to the cabin environment. Two illuminated bands run from the edges of the ceiling continuously through the frontal vertical mirror wall, all the way to the cabins floor. The longitudinal dimension of the cabin is emphasized and the high tech sensation of the illuminated dots completes the composition.

The T120 is the answer to the need for a futuristic looking cabin that is offered to the lower budget conscious customer. The simple lines give the sense of tranquility and relaxation.The dotted illuminated ceiling is the main theme and recalls a star studded sky while the pleasant vertical wall material and color complete the freshness of the design.Created with the collaboration that KLEEMANN has for years with Andreas Zapatinas, both cabin projects were developed at the KLEEMANN design and manufacturing facilities. During their development phase the cabins have gone through a carefully monitored process that can assure high quality results in terms of perfect fitting and assembly resulting in excellent control of tolerances and gaps.


  • Kilkis Industrial Area,
  • P.O. BOX 25, P.C. 61 100 Kilkis, Greece
  • T: +30 23410 38 100
  • F: +30 23410 38 200
  • headoffice@kleemann.gr
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