Cambridge Elevating Appoints Management Team

The Gherkin


Custom lift manufacturer Cambridge Elevating Inc. of Cambridge, Ontario, has appointed three managers. Cambridge CEO Derek S. Hamilton named Ken M. Cook president; Derek Moorse, vice president, Sales and Marketing; and Richard Wright, controller. Hamilton said:

“Cook has a track record of success in senior leadership positions with several nationally known entities. Moorse has successfully grown his career within the company, including several years in a senior management role. He has been instrumental in leading our organization to its present enviable market position and will be key to achieving our future growth targets. Wright brings not only his professional accounting designation, but also many years of financial experience in successful public companies.”

Kone to Outfit China’s Tallest Twin Towers


In July, KONE announced a contract to provide 131 elevators and 32 escalators to the Zhengzhou Eastern Center. Under construction in the capital of Henan province in north-central China and scheduled for completion in 2016, the project consists of office and retail space within a pair of 289-m-tall towers, as well as a seven-story shopping mall. The order includes 12 KONE double-deck elevators designed to serve two floors simultaneously. Traveling at a speed of 5 mps, these elevators will travel 123.4 m, according to KONE. The contract also includes 93 MiniSpace elevators (designed to utilize 40% of machine-room space versus that of a conventional traction elevator), 26 MonoSpace (mid-rise) elevators and the E-link monitoring system.

Elevator Market Forecast To Grow

Construction is expected to drive a 10.2% uptick in China’s elevator and escalator market from 2012-2016, according to a new TechNavio report. The report said that China has seen development of energy-efficient lift and moving-walk systems, but that the high cost of such systems could curtail growth. The major players in China, according to the report, are Hitachi, Ltd.; KONE; Otis; and Shanghai Machinery and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. Also having a presence are Canny Elevator Co., Schindler, Shanghai Sanei Elevator Co. Ltd., ThyssenKrupp Elevator and Toshiba. The analysis is available for purchase at website: www.businessresearchindustry.com.

Kleemann to Enter China

Multinational Greek lift company Kleemann is planning a push into China to capture a share of what it considers “the vast potential for lift sales arising from the rapid development of the nation’s construction and property industries,” South China Morning Post reported in June. The company is to begin production at its EUR2-million (US$2.62-million) plant in Kunshan (near Shanghai) this year, where mainland operations of ThyssenKrupp Elevator and KONE already exist. A sales office in Shanghai is planned to sell its products on a small scale.

Kleemann General Manager Nikos Koukoutzos described the company’s presence in Asia as “insignificant,” though, he said, “Two-thirds of the world’s elevator market [is] in China. We want to have a presence here. About 7% of our turnover comes from Asia, and we plan to increase that to 40% in seven to eight years.” The company’s short-term goal is to penetrate the Southeast Asia and Oceania markets in the first stage, but, Koukoutzos continued, “After two or three years, we will target more on the Chinese market.”


EHC Global Welcomes New Shanghai FActory

In June, EHC Global, an international elevator and escalator product provider headquartered in Canada, celebrated the grand opening of its 10,000-m2 factory in Shanghai. The manufacturing facility is “dedicated to the advancement of TPU handrail and belt technologies” and will employ 250 people, according to EHC. Seventeen guests joined members of EHC Shanghai’s management team during the event, which included a facility tour.

Stanley Shao, EHC Shanghai executive advisor, delivered welcoming remarks, and Ron Ball, EHC Global founder and EHC Shanghai chairman and managing director, spoke about the division’s history and his own experience as part of the “fantastic evolution in China” over the past 15 years. Eric Pelletier, vice consulate general of Canada, and Zhang Yu Li, Malu town mayor, also spoke, with Zhang stressing the importance of EHC to the local economy.


Officials Welcome “World’s Largest Building”

In early July, Chinese officials welcomed what they are calling the largest building in the world with the grand opening of the New Century Global Center in Chengdu. It has 1.76 million m2 of floor space housing stores, offices and hotels. In addition, it includes a simulated environment with an artificial beach, a “sun” that shines 24 hours a day, a 14-screen IMAX theater, a replicated Mediterranean village, a professional ice-skating rink and a water park. A promotional video notes the development’s 720,000-m2 Central Business Plaza boasts 244 elevators. It also states there are even simulated ocean breezes. The structure, the architecture of which was inspired by undulating ocean waves, is approximately 500-m long, 400-m wide and 100-m tall – large enough to contain 20 Sydney Opera Houses, three Pentagons or four Vatican Cities, various news agencies observed.

Stiltz Lifts Moves To Expanded Manufacturing Facility

Stiltz Lifts has more than doubled its manufacturing and warehouse space with a move to a new facility in Kunshan, Suzhou. The 10,000-sq.-ft. building will house both manufacturing and R&D, aided by a lift test tower. The company says the move is necessary due to rapid growth. The home-lift specialist was founded two years ago and is headquartered in Wokingham, U.K.

Stiltz Lifts Director of Business Development Lachlan Faulkner commented on the move:

“The new site will allow us to meet the demands of our customers and produce more home lifts at greater volumes. It also gives our R&D team the opportunity to test and bring out more through-floor lifts products in the future. Our new factory is a state-of-the-art facility and cements our position as one of the market leaders in the production of domestic lifts.”

Sematic Opens Plant In Changshu

The Sematic Group officially opened its new plant in Changshu on June 17. Approximately 100 attendees, including Sematic management, elevator-industry leaders and local government and financial-sector representatives were present. The factory’s 15,000 m2 will be dedicated to the production of elevator doors for various
applications, such as commercial, residential, office and industrial buildings, and modernization projects. It also includes modern administrative offices and meeting rooms, canteens for employees and guests, as well as a warehouse and a product showroom. Both custom and standardized solutions will be produced.

The Changshu project represents Sematic’s largest single investment in China and a further step toward the development of the company’s goals for a modern manufacturing, logistics and expertise center for the entire Asia-Pacific region. Its location is only 100 km from Shanghai, among the main Chinese goods yards and close to the Yangtze River Delta’s largest commercial port. Sematic plans to be able to quickly deliver tens of thousands of its products from the factory per year.

   “Sematic [aims] to be a leading technological-solution provider to the elevator industry worldwide, and the inauguration of our new plant in Changshu is a crucial step in this process,” commented Eng. Roberto Zappa, Sematic Group chairman. “We see a promising future for Sematic in Asia. . . .”

Seta Committee Plans Occupational Skills Competition

A Shanghai Elevator Trade Association (SETA) committee to organize an inaugural elevator-industry occupational skills competition met at SETA offices in late June. Among the topics discussed were selection of participants and pre-competition training. SETA reports the following are among those expected to participate: Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. Ltd., Otis, Schindler, Yungtay Elevator, Hitachi Elevator; Toshiba Elevator, KONE, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Shanghai Building Equipment Co. Ltd., Shanghai Edunburgh Elevator Inc. and Shanghai GFC Elevator Co. Ltd.

Otis Makes Key Acquisitions


Otis announced in July that it acquired two of its key distributors in the country, allowing it to better capitalize on a quickly growing market. The companies acquired are International Elevator Inc. (IEI) and Lucky Global Elevators S.A., both headquartered in Bogota. “IEI and Lucky have been Otis’ strategic partners for years,” Luis Molina, regional vice president of Otis Latin America, said. “As employees in our global organization, they now have direct access to Otis’. . . new equipment and service technologies and can deliver these enhanced solutions to our customers,” he continued. IEI has operated as an exclusive Otis distributor since 1987, with branch offices in Medillin, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena. Lucky has been an Otis partner since 2000, and has branch offices in Medillin, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga.

Liftech Expo 2013


LifTech Expo 2013 will be held at the Cairo International Convention Center on December 2-5. Both domestic companies and those from 40 other countries are expected to exhibit in the 4,000 m2 earmarked for the event. Additionally, at least 30 international buyers from the Middle East/North Africa region will be invited. More than 7,500 visitors and 110 exhibitors are projected to attend. Organizer Lead Trade Fairs was pleased with the event’s turnout at last year’s iteration, which included exhibitors from Egypt, China, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the U.K. and the U.S.

For more information, contact Lead Trade Fairs at phone: (202) 2-505-2615 or 2-505-2815, fax: (202) 2-505-2615, e-mail: ashokry@ltf-eg.com, or website: www.ltf-eg.com.

Interlift 2013 On Track To Rival Record 2011 Event


Interlift 2013 (ELENET 569), scheduled for October 15-18 in Ausburg, is on track to rival numbers of its 2011 record event, organizers report. Nearly 470 exhibitors had signed up as of July, according to AFAG Exhibitors GmbH. In 2011, there were 499 exhibitors. The use of the Internet and smartphones has enhanced exhibition preparation and promises to facilitate planning for those traveling to Ausburg for the event, organizers said. For the first time, South Korea will have several companies at Interlift, which will also feature 45 experts from 12 countries speaking and answering questions on standards, international markets, new products and services, and design. For more information on the event, contact Winfried Forster, AFAG head of communications, at e-mail: winfried.forster@afag.de or website: www.interlift.de.

Liftacademy Training From Liftinstituut


Liftinstituut Solutions now offers a range of courses on vertical transportation, related technology and safety issues. Intended for engineers and managers, whether or not they work in the lift industry, these practice-based courses from field professionals teach participants about the technology and safety aspects of lifts, escalators and suspended access equipment. A course on EN 81-1/2 Amendment A3 will be presented by Wietze Visser on October 24-25 in Istanbul. The 2009 amendment has been mandatory in Europe since 2012 and consists of modifications to safety guarding, speed, unintended car movement, and stopping and leveling accuracy.

Courses on programmable electronic systems in safety-related applications (PESSRAL) are offered in response to a trend that more elevator/escalator systems include electrical and/or electronic elements used to perform safety functions. EN 81 and EN 115-1 even include Safety Integrity Level requirements for safety functions or make reference to such standards as IEC 61508 and 62061, and ISO 13849-1/2. LiftAcademy training offers the fundamentals of functional safety and a roadmap of how to deal with issues encountered during the development of a PESSRAL system. Intended for project managers in the elevator/escalator industry, consultants and those in industry R&D, this year’s PESSRAL courses are presented by Ron Bell and Pieter Schaareman on September 10-12 in Istanbul; November 12-14 in Frankfurt, Germany; and December 10-12 in München, Germany.

Courses on risk assessment and EC type examination explain what a risk assessment is and why it is important. They also show how to make a risk assessment and are intended to enable trainees to conduct their own risk reviews per EN-ISO 14121-1 and 14121-2, and ISO 14798. The target group for these presentations includes constructors of elevator companies, maintenance engineers and supervisors, and consultants. Willem Kasteleijn will present one such course on September 25-26 in Istanbul.

Other LiftAcademy training courses on aspects such as liberating entrapped passengers and first-line elevator control and troubleshooting are also offered. For more information, contact Dennis Lindeboom at phone: (31) 6-520-84-107 or visit website: liftinstituutsolutions.com/training. For courses in Turkey and the Middle East, contact Süleyman Özcan at phone: (90) 5303203167.

Urbanization, Housing Demand To Drive Industry Growth


Urbanization – the development of mega cities, regions and corridors – is expected to drive 15-17% growth of the elevator industry over the next five to seven years, a new report from Frost & Sullivan says. Despite the global recession, India has seen economic growth of 5-6% over the last few years, and that is expected to continue, with demand for office, retail and, primarily, residential space creating the need for additional elevators. Elevator sales are at about 40,000-45,000 units per year, compared with about 14,000-15,000 a decade ago. Demand for housing is the primary driver.

“The residential real-estate segment contributes to more than 50% of elevator sales in India,” the report said. “With several cities and state governments pursuing reforms to relax norms for environmental clearances, higher multistoried buildings on smaller roads and lanes will soon become a reality.” On the flipside, escalator demand is limited, due to there being few opportunities to grow outward.

Lm-Liftmaterial Opens Subsidiary


In July, LM-Liftmaterial GmbH, Sematic Group’s complete-elevator division based near Munich, announced the opening of its new Italian subsidiary, LM-Liftmaterial Italia srl, in Suisio, Bergamo. The new company specializes in custom traction elevators with gearless motors and offers a range of products, from sophisticated elevator platforms with gearless motors to goods elevators with load capacities up to 15,000 kg, in both hydraulic and roped configurations. It also offers certified options for elevators with reduced pit and/or headroom.

LM-Liftmaterial Italia is dedicated to the sale and installation of complete lifts in Italy and emerging markets in North Africa. It is led by Andrea Villa, Italy Sales manager. The Sematic Group says Villa has “significant experience in some of the most important companies in the Italian elevator industry, and he is able to support customers in any phase, from design to after-sales service.” He can be contacted at e-mail: andrea.villa@lm-liftmaterial.it.

High-Rise Apartments A Hot Commodity In Moscow


High-rise apartments are a hot commodity in Moscow, where they are becoming scarcer as prices rise. That’s thanks to a year-old law banning construction of buildings taller than 75 m (equivalent to 24-25 stories) within Moscow Ring Road, which surrounds the city, The Moscow Times reports. Prices are expected to rise by up to 11% annually, the report said.

Skyscrapers under construction when the law was passed were grandfathered in, and construction on those is almost complete. Developers are also free to seek individual approvals for projects, though few are expected to do that before 2018. One person who could seek approval, however, is a Saudi prince who has put Moscow on the short list of cities where he intends to build the world’s tallest skyscraper. A June study said there are 96 apartment buildings in Moscow that exceed 26 stories, a third of them new to the market. The lion’s share – 70% – is in western Moscow.

Thyssenkrupp To Supply 346 Units For Tunnel Project


ThyssenKrupp Elevator has been tapped by Spanish joint venture Obrascón Huarte Lain and Invensys Rail Dimetronic to supply 191 elevators and 155 escalators for a 13.6-km-long rail-tunnel project linking Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Geared toward easing traffic congestion in Istanbul, the Marmaray project includes improvements to 63 km of track and the construction of 36 stations. ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s lifts and escalators will be able to withstand “intense use and extreme weather conditions,” according to the company, and will include numerous panoramic elevators. The tunnel is expected to start operation in late October, and the upgraded track and stations are expected to be complete in 2015.

Mitsubishi Electric Expands

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.’s local entity, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey A.Ş., has integrated the operations of GENEL TEKNİK SİSTEMLER SANAYİ ve TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (GTS) and, as of July, was inaugurating sales of industrial automation systems under a new 42-person organization encompassing five sales offices in the country – one each in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Izmir and Adana. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey also expects to develop sales in neighboring countries, while supporting efforts to expand other Mitsubishi Electric businesses in the country, including those involving elevators and escalators.

The president of Mitsubishi Electric Turkey is Masahiro Fujisawa. The company is headquartered on the European side of Istanbul. It has operated since December 7, 2012, and is jointly owned by Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Work On “The Scalpel” Underway


Work is underway on the 38-story The Scalpel at 52 Lime Street in London’s historic financial district, www.constructiondigital.com reported in July. Skanska is the contractor on the GDP500-million (US$769.3-million) office building, designed by Kohn Pederson Fox as the headquarters for insurer W.R. Berkley. Slated for completion in 2017, it will contain 59,269 m2 of floor space, street-level retail and a basement restaurant. The Scalpel – so called because its sharp angles and edges bring to mind a surgeon’s blade – is taking shape next to Heron Tower, the city’s tallest building, completed in 2011.

Leadenhall Building To Be Complete In 2014

The 48-story Leadenhall Building, under construction in London at 122 Leadenhall Street, will be the second-tallest office building in the city’s financial district when completed next year. The 224-m-tall joint venture between British Land Co. PLC and Canada’s Oxford Properties will have 29 elevators and five escalators supplied by KONE (ELEVATOR WORLD, February 2012). Insurers Aon PLC and Amlin PLC have taken space on the building’s lower levels, but the top floors are still on the market.

“Asian Tigers” To Help Fuel Global Construction Growth


World construction activity is projected to grow by 70%, or US$6.3-trillion, by 2025, a new report predicts. “Global Construction 2025,” sponsored by 24 companies, said that two-thirds of construction will occur in China, India and the U.S., with the “new Asian tigers” of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines playing increasingly prominent roles. “Indonesia will become the world’s third largest housing market globally by number of new homes that it needs to build each year, slightly more than the average number for the U.S.,” said the report’s authors. Indonesia is expected to post average annual growth of 6%. China surpassed the U.S. as the world’s largest construction market, but healthy growth of 40% by 2025 is still predicted in the U.S. as housing continues to fuel recovery. Urbanization is expected to increase, which will present challenges to the engineering and construction industries.

New Smart Elevator Market Report Available

A new report detailing the outlook for and drivers of the worldwide smart elevator market is available from Fast Market Research. The report, “Smart Elevator Market: Access Controls & Security (Card Based, Biometrics, Touch Screens & Keypads); Automation (Sensors & Controllers, Motors and Drives, BMS); Modernization (Operating Panels, Electronic Device),” forecasts the market will grow at a double-digit compound annual growth rate until 2018, when it is projected to reach US$16.45 billion. Among the drivers, the report said, are increasing demand for energy efficiency, convenience and security in elevators as building owners and managers strive to trim expenses. Increased construction spending, growth in urbanization and international sporting events such as the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are expected to offer opportunities for growth. The report breaks down data by region and country, noting that the Asia-Pacific region has a greater need for new technology and new installations versus the Americas and Europe. For more information, visit website: www.fastmr.com.

CTBUH Honors Tall Buildings, Innovation, Performance

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in Chicago has bestowed its 2013 honors for “Innovations,” “Best Tall Buildings” and the “10 Year Award,” which recognizes proven performance over at least 10 years. In tall buildings, the four regional winners are, for the Americas, The Bow in Calgary, Canada; Asia and Australia, CCTV Headquarters in Beijing; Europe, The Shard in London; and Middle East and Africa, Sowwah Square in Abu Dhabi. An overall winner will be named during the council’s annual awards dinner at Crown Hall in Chicago on November 7. Besides being honored at the awards dinner, winners will be featured in the annual CTBUH Awards Book.

The council’s 2013 Innovation winners are: Broad Sustainable Building’s prefabricated construction process, which facilitated the building of a 30-story hotel in 15 days in Changsha, China, using preassembled components, and KONE UltraRopeTM, a new, ultra-light hoisting material that doubles the distance an elevator can travel (ELEVATOR WORLD, August 2013). The finalists are: The building team for the Nakanoshima Festival Tower in Osaka, Japan, for its use of megatruss seismic isolation structure, and the building team for Tour Total in Berlin for its use of a raster façade precast system.

The 10 Year Award honoree is The Gherkin at 30 St. Mary Axe in London. CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood said the building, completed in 2003, “changed the landscape with respect to what’s possible” and changed thinking about tall buildings in London and beyond. Among its benefits: programmatic flexibility; energy-friendly, naturally ventilated social spaces and ample, protected public space at ground level.

CTBUH said the innovation honorees promise “to revolutionize the technology sustainability and efficiency of tall-building construction and operation.” A panel of industry experts, meanwhile, selected the tall-building winners from more than 60 contenders, recognizing projects they felt made “an extraordinary contribution to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment and achieving sustainability at the broadest level.”                                                                             

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