Honesty Gendii

First floor

thyssenkrupp Elevator (Taiwan) outfits a private residence in Taichung City, Taiwan.

by George Li and Lily Chang

The 22-floor Honesty Gendii condominium building is a high-end, private residence located in Taichung’s Seventh Redevelopment Zone — the most competitive and high-class residential area in middle Taiwan. To stand out, developer Treasure Dragon Corp. focused on a subtle yet luxurious and comfortable environment. This standard was also applied to the equipment, lighting, artwork and public spaces in the building such as the lobby, social hall, media room, reading room, fitness center and swimming pool. thyssenkrupp Elevator (Taiwan) endeavored to match the building through the technical and decorative aspects of the lobby elevator.

Nowadays, high-end customers want to live in a building with a relaxed atmosphere — a living space that includes amenities such as a garden, luxury public areas and a swimming pool. In Taiwan, however, space is scarce, especially in such a high-density city as Taipei. Many construction companies and investors have thus shifted their business to the middle of Taiwan, and Taichung’s Seventh Redevelopment Zone is an opportune place. Not just the political and commercial center of the city, it also has an abundance of green space — in other words, excellent for city living.

The elevator is not only panoramic, but also an art fixture of the building. It was not easy to complete this project, due not only to the bottom-drive machine under the shaft, but also the oval-shaped car. Precise measurements were necessary, especially the radian of the oval car, which needed to fit the hoistway perfectly. To match the building’s sophisticated decor, thyssenkrupp used material made of glass and hairline titanium stainless steel on the car wall, frame and landing-door frame. They also customized the handrail and hidden doorsill. All these features together make for an extraordinary elevator.

Treasure Dragon Corp. is the owner of the Honesty Gendii building and parent company of Ming Jie Construction, which was established in 1989. Private residence is its main market, in which it offers high-quality, aesthetic buildings. It is not easy to satisfy their standards, but thyssenkrupp rose to the challenge. This project is not our first successful cooperation, and it won’t be the last.

George Li and Lily Chang

George Li and Lily Chang

George Li is general manager at thyssenkrupp Elevator (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., where he has 20 years’ experience in sales and management.

Lily Chang is president of Treasure Dragon Corp. and president of Ming Jie Construction.

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