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Man-D-Tec, RAM, Glazesafe and Peripheral Manufacturing tout offerings.

Lighting Fixture for Cabins

At a height of only 1.28 in., the low-profile fixture of Man-D-Tec, Inc.’s new EyeBeam™ is one of the slimmest lighting fixtures in the industry. It is part of the company’s “Economy Line” and boasts such proprietary attributes as SmoothBeam™ technology for evenly distributed light output. The system comes standard with a dimmable feature and is cULus listed. With a design specifically for elevators, the EyeBeam provides 209 lm of warm white light output from 4 W of LED output. The EyeBeam is available with spring clips for mounting, or in a patented high-security mounting design.


Fast-Erect Anchor/Barrier

U.K. company Glazesafe Ltd.’s new Stronghold® LIFT has been designed to maximize safety for engineers and the public when working at height during lift installation, repair, modernization and decommissioning. Intended as a fast-erect anchor/barrier system, it can be set up on a landing near the lift opening. With the provided safety netting, the Stronghold creates a highly visible barrier around the opening, preventing the public or tradespeople from getting close enough to the opening to fall. It is freestanding and does not need to be affixed to walls or a floor for use.

The Stronghold meets Canadian and U.S. American National Standards Institute standards and OSHA requirements. British Standards EN 795 B 2012 and TS 16415 have also been attained for the product, enabling two users to use the system simultaneously. During the tests, the Stronghold had to support 1.9 T and did so without signs of permanent deformity. It can be folded to approximately 1,300 X 150 X 300 mm and weighs slightly more than 13 kg per side unit (slightly more than 30 kg total).


Non-Hydraulic Home Elevator

The Stratus™ Home Elevator from RAM Manufacturing Ltd. features a purely electromechanical design, completely avoiding hydraulic implementation. The company’s quietest model, it incorporates a number of components to provide long life and reduced maintenance costs. This includes design features that avoid metal-to-metal contact between moving parts. Intended for residential applications with less than 14 ft. of travel, the product has a drive system incorporating a double-nut ACME screw design allowing for a travel speed of 20 fpm.


Machine-Room Fire Protection

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. is now marketing its Aero-K® fire-protection system to the elevator industry. Designed to be used in such spaces as machine rooms, the aerosol agent is a patented potassium-based spray billed as environmentally safe and non oxygen depleting. The company says the product is not harmful to humans or equipment and can be activated by detecting smoke or heat. It also has a 10-year shelf life. Factory-trained installers are required, but the company offers online training at no cost.

There is a growing interest in aerosol systems in the protection of elevator machine rooms. For example, the New York State Medical Board requires that all machine rooms in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities under its jurisdiction have fire-suppression systems installed. In the case of New York City, building and fire codes disallow the use of water-based extinguishing systems in machine rooms. Furthermore, the excessive leak points in such spaces make the use of standard National Fire Protection Association 2001 gas systems problematic. Peripheral Manufacturing reports similar situations developing in other states, such as Illinois.


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