Monitoring, Signaling and Cladding Applications


The latest technology to become available kicks off an array of products.

Expanded Remote-Monitoring System

SMIRC Automation has released two complementary systems to its Smart Monitoring Incorporating Relay Control (SMIRC) (ELEVATOR WORLD, December 2013), the SmirCAM and SmircROP. With SmirCAMs installed, users can switch among different views of the elevator system, such as the cabin, controller, machine or car top. A mobile app allows those who have set up one or more SmirCAMs to view live feeds on their devices. SmircROP is the company’s “Remote Operating Panel,” a variation of its SMIRC with reduced functionality, such as floor display and call button only. Its purpose is to allow users (such as residents in apartment buildings) to be able to call the elevator to their floor and let their guests in. It is also useful as a backup for a security key (when one is needed to use the elevator), as another app can give users this functionality.


Updated Schindler Performance Data Tool

Schindler released a new generation of its Customer Score Card in September. The online tool provides users with detailed information on Schindler-maintained equipment. The venerable online performance data tool now features secure accounts accessible from computers and tablets. Designed as a performance indicator with real-time data, it provides building owners and managers access to facts, figures and data, including two years of data, equipment performance summaries, service activities and maintenance histories; specific maintenance routines, including tasks completed; and the availability of either individual pieces of equipment or a complete system portfolio.

Navigation in the tool was designed to be intuitive, with pull-down menus. Users have the ability to create an account, through which they can request service; download performance reports; and receive reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Alerts can also be automatically sent when there are changes to the status of equipment or a service request.


Signaling Products for Extreme Environments

The MICRONOR MR380 Fiber Optic ESTOP and MR382 Fiber Optic U-Beam Sensor are fiber-optic signaling products for use in harsh or hazardous environments, from mines to wind turbines to petrochemical plants. The MR380 series offers ESTOP Functional Safety compliance with a SIL1 rating, and the MR382 series is a general-purpose photo interruption/slot sensor typically used as a gear-tooth speed sensor, edge detector or proximity sensor. The products consist of a passive optical sensor that links to a remote DIN-rail-mounted controller module via an industry standard OM1 62.5/125 multimode fiber optic link up to 2,500 m. The company calls the sensors and optical links “rated inherently safe” and immune to electromagnetic interference, radio-frequency interference, lightning, high-voltage discharges and ground loops.


Pre-Stocked, High-Volume Elevator Cladding

Cambridge Architectural has introduced a volume stock program for certain woven metal mesh patterns used primarily for elevator cab cladding. By maintaining an inventory of its “classic,” high-volume patterns (Channel [29SS], Plaza [75A], Sawgrass [88A] and Stipple [19A]), the company intends to offer customers lower prices and shorter delivery times. Details on each high-volume metal mesh pattern are:

  • Channel (29SS): stainless steel, 4 lb./sq. ft., maximum width of 120 in.
  • Plaza (75A): stainless steel, 3.7 lb./sq. ft., maximum width of 60 in.
  • Sawgrass (88A): stainless steel, 3.57 lb./sq. ft., maximum width of 60 in.
  • Stipple (19A): stainless steel, 3.57 lb./sq. ft., maximum width of 60 in.


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