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This month’s products, including three from CEDES unveiled at Interlift and others from Carlo Gavazzi, Inc., Energy Zero S.r.l., and Lightspeed Lift Solutions, cover a wide range of applications, from a complete installation to measuring, safety, security and control solutions.

Compact Measuring System

The TOF/Spot is a compact measuring system intended for the safeguarding of closing door edges of elevator doors, including glass ones. A TÜV-approved, Category 2 sensor, it uses “Time-of-Flight” technology for reliable detection, regardless of the background or ambient lighting, up to 6 m. Its purpose is to help ensure no hand or finger is caught at the edge of an opening elevator door. The moment an object enters the compact defined area, the opening is stopped immediately to prevent injury or damage. The system uses a solid-state relay output.

Latest Addition to Light-Curtain Range

The cegard/Mini-CC is the latest addition to CEDES’ top-selling light-curtain range. This version offers criss-crossing beams, which remain fully active until the doors it is safeguarding are completely closed. Intended for both static/dynamic and front/side mounting, it is also available in a waterproof IP67 version. It has 32 elements and 154 beams with an operating range of up to 4 m and a protection height of 1,800 mm. The product’s lifespan is set at greater than 20 years, and its pluggable connection cables are designed for more than 20 million door movements. It has an integrated controller and short-circuit-protected semiconductor output.

Absolute Positioning System

CEDES AG’s Absolute Positioning System (APS) is a SIL-3-certified system that provides positioning and speed information. In conjunction with the elevator control, this facilitates a variety of safety functions within the hoistway. It consists of the APS sensor itself, a code tape running the length of the hoistway and mounting clips. The sensor unit features a contactless twin-infrared camera system mounted on the elevator car. This continuously reads the APS code tape mounted along the elevator shaft on guide rails, C-profiles, or landing-door operators or sills. The position (up to 1,500 m with a resolution of 0.5 mm) and velocity (up to 20 mps with a resolution of 0.001 mps) information of the elevator car is then transmitted to the elevator controller through customer-specific interfaces such as Controller Area Network.

In conjunction with the elevator control, the APS can carry out a wide variety of safety functions within the hoistway. The system is also insensitive to dust and smoke.

 Proportional Solid-State Controllers

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. announced its new generation of proportional output three-phase controllers in October 2013. The RGC2P and RGC3P series cover three-phase solid-state switching controllers that deliver output power in proportion to the control input voltage or current, as well as an external potentiometer. The RGC2P series’ two-pole switching device only switches L1 and L3, while the RGC3P series has a three-pole switching device.

The RGC2P and RGC3P series are available in two frame sizes: 54- or 70-mm wide. The former offers four current ratings of 15, 25, 40 and 75 A (AC) per pole. The latter offers three current ratings of 20, 30 and 65 A per pole. An optional monitoring feature offers the possibility of detecting the status of mains and load, as well as for internal controller failures: open or short-circuit and overheating. 

 Traction Elevator System without Counterweight

Energy Zero S.r.l. has launched its EcoAlfa® traction elevator system, which is intended to supply a patented counterweighting device that precludes a mechanical counterweight. In particular, the system contains a counterweighting compartment for a fluid, connected to the lift hydraulic system. For this reason, the counterweighting compartment is connected to a tank, in which the compensating fluid is stored, but without fluid exchange between the compartment and tank. Moreover, despite the presence of the compartment near the hydraulic components, it works independently of the action system. Empty car weight is calculating when the EcoAlfa is set up. The pressurized fluid will grant the cabin a small force in descent, ensuring the possibility of manually lowering the car, while avoiding rising of the car.

The traction system is available for residential, commercial or goods applications. It can also be applied to other types of moving platforms.

Safety/Security Solutions from Lightspeed

Netherlands-based Lightspeed Lift Solutions offers numerous products geared toward industry safety and security. Its AT1 anti-trap device is a system that detects obstacles in the vicinity of the lift door and door frame when the doors are opening. It can either open the door slowly or immediately stop it to help prevent appendages from becoming trapped between the door and its frame.

A similar Lightspeed product has been designed specifically for hospitals. Since hospital beds usually compromise additional passengers, the HB1 system (which can detect if a bed is present) will send the lift directly to the desired location without stopping at interim floors when boarded by such equipment.

The company offers lift cabin detection in the form of its LC1 optical detection system, which not only can sense when an object or person is in the lift cabin, but can also identify what percentage of the total floor surface is occupied. 

Call systems from the company come in regular and “vandal-proof” versions: the CS1 and CS2, respectively. The former can call the lift using an optical detection system integrated in or on the floor, and such parameters as minimum time duration before detection can be customized. The latter includes a touchpad that can be used for calling and/or operating the lift. The pad is designed to continue functioning even after suffering deformation or damage.

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