OTIS GEN2 Switch Elevator

SpiderRails come with swivel clamps, interconnection and built-in 4-in.-tall toeboards.

Otis has launched a new residential Gen2® elevator that eliminates the need for three-phase power, and utilizes solar power and battery-backup technology. The Gen2 Switch™ elevator will be available through Otis operating units in a phased rollout in such markets as Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. The first low-power Gen2 system, the Switch builds on the Gen2 product family. Otis states it adds the benefits of being simpler to install, more sustainable and safer during power failures or outages.

The unit is suitable for up to a 21-m rise, seven stops and 80 starts per hour. The company says only single-phase power is necessary, and via its flat belts and ReGen™ drive, the product is up to 75% more efficient than traditional elevators. It reportedly requires 12 times less installed power from the power grid compared to the requirements of a standard Gen2 residential elevator. The single-phase technology is capable of drawing renewable power from such resources as solar panels or wind turbines.

For more information, contact Otis at website: www.otisworldwide.com.

M18 Photoelectric Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. has added a new generation of PA18-Series photoelectric sensors in its M18 housing. The “PA18CAD…WS Series” features a wider detection angle and shorter blind zone. It also has a sensing distance of up to 400 mm, detection angle of ± 16°, 10-30-VDC power supply, up to 100 mA DC load, detecting frequency up to 500 imp/s, LED indication, linear sensing distance adjustment and laser-etched cable. The sensors carry Underwriters Laboratories, Communauté Européenne and ECOLAB® approvals with an IP69K rating. They are available in cable or M12 connector versions.

For more information, contact Carlo Gavazzi at 750 Hastings Lane, Buffalo Grove, Ilinois 60089; phone: (847) 465-6100; fax: (800) 222-2659; e-mail: Sales@CarloGavazzi.com or website: www.gavazzionline.com.

Spiderrail Guardrail System

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, has announced SpiderRail™, a temporary, non-penetrating guardrail system used to protect workers from fall hazards in the restoration, new-construction and process industries. Designed for easy and efficient assembly that meets and exceeds OSHA’s fall-protection requirements, SpiderRail™ is intended to protect edges and other fall hazards. Counterweights and base plates are designed to provide stability and sturdiness.

For more information, contact Spider at phone: (877) 774-3370, e-mail: spider@spiderstaging.com or website: spiderstaging.com.

Electrodyn Energy Saver

Electrodyn Systems has announced its passive infrared product, Energy Saver2, which is 8 in. X 5 in., installed in the car-operating panel and designed to turn off elevator lights and fans when not in use.  It does not require wiring to the machine room and can be installed in less than 3 hr. In addition, Energy Saver2 does not interface with controllers, so energy savings can be achieved without interfering with ASME’s A17.3 alteration clause.

For more information, contact Electrodyn Systems at website: www.electrodyn.com. 

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