Retracta Ladder by Smart Elevator Tech


Smart Elevator Tech, LLC’s patent-pending Retracta Ladder® is a retract -able elevator pit ladder engineered to fit tight clearances where traditional, stationary pit ladders do not fit. For new and existing elevators, including machine-room-less hoist-way overhead-machine access, the ladder is 16 inches wide. Custom widths are available, with height increments to fit any pit depth. When retracted, the Retracta Ladder has 3-inch wall to outside edge of ladder clearance for tight car to hoistway clearance. When deployed, there is a 7-inch clearance center of rung to wall, satisfying compliance with ASME A17.1-1996 through 2010. The ladder is Electrical Protective Device com-pliant with A17.1-2007/10, meaning it can be wired in series with the elevator stop switch or door safety circuit, preventing elevator operation when the ladder is deployed.

For more information, contact Smart Elevator Tech at phone: (415) 819-5744, e-mail: rich@smartelevatortech.com or website: www.smartelevatortech.com/retractaladder.htm.

Eaton Safety Relay Solution

Eaton Corp. is expanding its safety solutions for North America with its ESR5 safety relay. The ESR5 is designed to monitor signals from safety devices and quickly switch off in an emergency. It is compatible with a range of safety devices, including emergency stops, rope pulls, two-hand control stations and others.

In addition, the device detects faults that occur in the control circuit, including ground fault, cross connection fault or wire breakage. It is available in single- and dual-channel versions. The ESR5 is de-signed in accordance with EN 954-1, ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061 and 61508.

For more information, visit website: www.eaton.com.

Noren Elevator Oil Coolers

Noren Products Hytec elevator oil and cabinet coolers are designed to solve many problems associated with elevators and escalators. Intended for high-usage applications and requiring little to no maintenance, they can be used as elevator system variable frequency-drive (VFD) cabinets and provide smooth stops and starts, end leveling problems, increase operation time, reduce shutdowns, stop hot-oil odor and extend seal life. The units are easy to install and energy efficient, using only a fraction of the energy of an air-conditioner. Noren offers the following models and options.

“E” Model

The “E” model provides effective oil cooling for elevator systems with submersible-type hydraulic reservoirs. It utilizes a basket arrangement to capture and divert all hot return oil through the Hytec cores. The basket is constructed of steel and is suspended on rails, which fit inside the system’s reservoir. This design maximizes hot-oil flow through the cores. Heat is absorbed by Hytec heat pipe cores and quickly transported out of the reservoir to be carried away by the cooling fans above.

“D” Model

This model provides oil cooling for elevator systems with dry-type hydraulic reservoirs. This model utilizes a partition to divert all hot  return oil through the Hytec cores before being drawn back to the pump. The partition is constructed of rectangular tubing and angle mate-rial. “Wings” are sized to fit each application closely to the reservoir walls to maximize hot oil flow through the cores.

“EF” Model

The “EF” model provides added flexibility to the standard “E” model. In the “E” model, independent fan shrouds draw ambient cooling air across the Hytec heat pipe cores and expel waste heat in opposite directions. The “EF” option orients the fans to direct all of the waste heat in a single direction.

Ducted Systems

These work in combination with “D” and “EF” model oil coolers. The system removes waste heat from the oil cooler and expels it from an over-heated machine room. As the oil is cooled, heat is transferred from the oil to the top of the Hytec cooler cores. Machine-room ambient-temperature air is drawn through the top of the cores, while the waste heated air is collected in a hood arrangement and routed to a vent.

Thermal Switch

All Hytec oil coolers can be installed to operate 24 hours a day to keep oil temperatures low. However, a thermal switch can control them to run only when oil temperatures elevate above acceptable norms. 

Noren Hytec oil coolers are currently being utilized at the new San Jose International airport in California and were specified by the project’s elevator consultant.

For more information, contact Noren toll free: (866) 936-6736, phone:(650) 322-9500, or visit website: www.norenproducts.com.

In-Car Diagnostic System

Drucegrove and Qameleon Technology have integrated the Dragonfly™ range of color thin-film-transistor indicators with the QarVision™ remote elevator monitoring and diagnostic system. The result is a diagnostic system that gives technicians a complete history of every trip from any indicator, in either a hall or an elevator car. The system can be used on any elevator. A technician can switch any Dragonfly indicator to become the user interface of the QarVision system.

For more information, contact Drucegrove at phone: (44) 0-1992-650486 or e-mail: sales@drucegrove.com, or Qameleon at phone: (480) 495-2777, e-mail: sales@qameleon.com, or website: www.qameleon.com.

H&B Artworks

H&B Elevators, Inc. now offers its ArtWorks® product, which allows property owners to customize elevator cabs, entrances and doors. It has been tested by an independent laboratory and satisfies the class “A” fire For more information, contact Jashan Eison of H&B Elevators at phone: (612) 728-2780, e-mail: jei-son@hbelevators.com or website: www.handbinc.com.

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