A Remarkable Milestone in Stockholm
The installations incorporate lots of glass and steel and provide a glimpse at the systems’ inner workings; image courtesy of thyssenkrupp.

“We chose Urban Escape because it fits with Microsoft’s vision of the intelligent workplace, where people, technology and the environment are in symbiosis.”

— Joacim Damgard, Microsoft Sweden Our cover this month is from the feature A Remarkable Milestone in Stockholm by Kaija Wilkinson. Urban Escape is a vertical “city within a city” and the largest-ever project by AMF Fastigheter. There are five buildings (with green roofs), four streets, two green squares and a shopping center. thyssenkrupp was chosen for the vertical transportation with 57 elevators, 27 escalators and 15 platform lifts. Microsoft is joined there by WeWork, Airbnb and Nordic Tech.

The technical focus this month is Suspension Means and Materials. We have four excellent articles from Gustav Wolf, Prysmian Group, Brugg and Wurtec. The Impact of Pre-Stretching on Elevator Ropes by Konrad Stahr and Dr. Andreas Franz is the one from Gustav Wolf. The authors, after much testing, conclude that no significant difference in elasticity could be discerned in the pre-stretching of rope. How Suspension Means Affect Cost-Effective Design and Space Efficiency is by Dr. Nicola Imbimbo of Prysmian Group. The author states that the use of wire rope goes back almost 200 years, and that steel-based suspension means are used around the world in ropes and belts. He focuses on inspection and predictive maintenance. Pat Dreps from Brugg writes about Coated Traction Products (CTP®) — A Milestone in Elevator Rope Technology and details the advantages of coated elevator rope, including smaller sheaves, lighter weight, and being cleaner and quieter. He notes that CTP is used across Europe and is coming to North America. All of these articles are excellent, but one speaks directly to the field: Understanding Problems of Suspension Means by Kevin Heling. The author details the most important things when installing elevator rope, the equalization of the rope and the condition of the installation, and how these things affect fatigue.

We also have a special section this month on Elevator Software that includes three articles on different applications:

  • Grow, Evolve and Transform Your Business: elevator contractor management software by FIELDBOSS
  • Elevator Ride Quality Adjustment with a VFD: using a variable-frequency drive (VFD) as a powerful adjustment tool to control rollback and speed
  • Automatic Transfer Fabrication of Special Elevators With Parametric Design Program: how Autodesk software assists in manufacturing nonstandard projects

The International Association of Elevator Consultants (IAEC) had one of its best forums ever in April/May, as reported by Lee Freeland in IAEC Forum 2019. President John W. Koshak and Executive Director Sheila Swett led a packed program that included door operators, CTP, control packages, sensors, maintenance contracts, digital signage, pulse-width-modulated drives, hoistway doors, machine-room-less (MRL) elevators and oil analysis. By far, the major topic discussed at the open mic session was MRL elevators. Love them or hate them — the consultants have opinions on them!

Two other features are: West Side Glory by Christopher Rosario touting an upscale job in NYC by United Cabs and Rose Architects, and Toshiba VT Enhances Riyadh Project highlighting two towers in Saudi Arabia’s capital that offer opulent living arrangements, some designed by Italian design brand Fendi Casa. Toshiba’s fast elevators also have interiors by the “luxury living group.”

This is a large issue with material to suit everyone. Enjoy!

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A Remarkable Milestone in Stockholm

A Remarkable Milestone in Stockholm