TUBITAK Accepts Applications for 2021 R&D Supports

TUBITAK made its first call regarding its 2021 support programs, which are the 1501-Industrial R&D Projects Grant Program and the 1507-SMS R&D Start-up Support Program, for SMEs. Within this scope, project-based research-technology development and innovation activities of the companies will be supported.

The details of these two programs are below:

1501-Industrial R&D Projects Grant Program

Within the scope of the 1501 TUBITAK Industrial R&D Projects Grant Program, within the framework of innovation definition, R&D projects are supported to produce a new product, to develop and improve an existing product, to raise product quality or standard, or to develop new techniques and new technologies that reduce costs. The support rate for each period of the project is 75%, with a fixed rate. The duration of the support is a maximum thirty-six (36) months on a project basis. There is no budget limit.

1507-SME R&D Start-up Support Program

With the SME R&D Start-up Support Program, TUBITAK provides funding for three R&D projects, with a budget of TL600,000 and limited to 18 months, aiming to develop or upgrade new products, develop new techniques to save the cost and/or increase the quality and standard of a product and develop new production technologies. Additionally, two projects coming from the Entrepreneurship Multi-Phase Program will be supported with this program. The support rate for each period is fixed and limited at 75%.

Applications can be submitted through the following link, https://eteydeb.tubitak.gov.tr, as of January 4, 2021.

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