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High-tech, heavy-duty solutions provide greater control, versatility.

High-Capacity Hoist

Spider by BrandSafway has announced the newest personnel hoist, the UpPro P2514 GHS. Its 5500-lb. capacity is paired with multispeed control up to 60 fpm for guided high-speed applications. Other features include:

  • A power range of 410-520 line voltage
  • A variable-frequency drive for optimal power management and soft starts and stops
  • A detachable control unit for ergonomic handling
  • A controlled-descent feature for self-rescue of workers and platforms
  • Torque-based overload protection and an externally mounted overspeed safety lock to enhance operator safety


Warning Signals

E2S Warning Signals has introduced its D2xB1LD2 beacon for private-mode fire applications and general signaling duties. Part of the D2x family of warning signals, it is available in red or gray enclosure colors with field-replaceable, ultraviolet-stable polycarbonate-lens color filters with a stainless-steel guard. Candela ratings of 73.4 cd for private-mode fire and 180 cd for general signaling applications ensure the LED signaling solution can serve hazardous locations. An array of high-power Cree® LEDs is designed to provide minimal inrush and operating current, and optimize visibility in all directions. The beacon has five flashing modes: 1, 1.3 and 2 Hz, double strike and triple strike. It also has selectable high- and low-power steady modes with outputs up to 87 cd for status signaling.

The combination device features the D2xB1LD2 with a D2xS1 116dB(A), 64-tone UL 464 alarm horn integrated into a single enclosure, reducing cabling and installation costs. Its marine-grade LM6 aluminum enclosure has a chromate and powder-coated finish for maximum corrosion protection, and conforms to NEMA Type 4/4X/3R/13 and EN 60529 IP66 protection standards. Additionally, it holds UL 1638 with UL/cUL approval for Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2 and Class I Zone 2/22, and IECEx and ATEX certification for Zone 2 and 22 applications.


Destination Control/Security/Management/Design Package

thyssenkrupp has launched its AGILE “elevator enhancement package” it says will “improve passenger wait and travel times in a safer, more personalized environment.” It can allow building managers to more intelligently group and assign passengers to elevators, move people more rapidly to their destination, adjust passenger flow in real-time, and personalize touchscreens and kiosks.

AGILE includes destination controls, security access, and management and design centers. The destination controls allow building managers to dedicate elevators to specific high-traffic areas as user demand changes, while saving on energy during periods of low demand. The design center allows building managers to add color and branding to their elevator touchscreens or kiosks via a PC or mobile device. Remote data management enables users to optimize equipment performance and adapt to changing needs from anywhere in the building. Security access can function independently or integrate with an existing security system, eliminating the need to redesign wiring infrastructure within a building. Various security access levels can be set with the system.


Jobsite WiFi Access Points

DEWALT has launched its DCT100 jobsite WiFi access points. Designed to withstand tough construction-site conditions, the products utilize the user’s existing Internet service provider to provide wireless jobsite internet coverage. With an operating temperature of -4°F to 122°F, they are IP67 rated to protect against dust and water submersion. A “Jobsite WiFi” mobile app is coming soon to provide detailed steps to guide users through setup. They have vertical and horizontal mounting options for installation on a carabiner, anchor, tripod or wall. Each runs off of 120-VAC power and provides WPA2 encryption via SSL interfaces for security.


Forensic Construction Software/Hardware

Forensic engineering firm S-E-A has introduced an integrated technology/expertise suite designed to provide owners, architects, engineers, contractors and insurance carriers with a turnkey approach to construction modeling. The 360° Digital Construction Platform can provide an accurate and detailed digital record of construction-related information that exceeds the data collected by conventional methods. It incorporates 3-D laser technology to deliver accurate 3D data for Building Information Modeling, Auto-CAD and REVIT modeling services.

The exclusive combination of software and hardware came about from the fact that more than US$1 billion a year is paid in the U.S. for legal fees, settlements, verdicts, testing and expert consulting in the construction industry. The platform can collect, combine and digitally archive an array of digital data so construction methods can be reviewed in near-real-time and archived for “as-built” contract compliance, future examination and use in conflict resolution. 


Personal Emergency-Response/Monitoring Unit

SecuraTrac’s MobileDefender Model S (MD-S) offers individualized emergency response and monitoring without, the company says, “a loss of independence.” Elevator companies can make use of its on-the-go and fall-advisory capabilities, high location accuracy and long battery life. The MD-S provides Global Positioning System services and is designed to withstand extreme conditions and uses. The following features were developed following what SecuraTrac calls “considerable market and focus-group feedback”:

  • “Wake-up on ‘SOS’” mode that allows for at least 30 days of battery life
  • “Wake-up on fall advisory” capability to extend battery life
  • Fall-advisory settings that can be tuned to specific situations
  • Fall detection based upon multiple criteria with fall cancellation option
  • Integrated Bluetooth, which can be connected to wireless health-monitoring systems
  • Compact: able to be worn with a neck lanyard or as a “bracelet”
  • Icons designed to be easy to see and understand, day or night
  • Two-way voice capability with high-power speaker that can be clearly heard from at least 10 ft. and microphone with noise cancellation that can pick up a clear voice from at least 10 ft.
  • Multi-call rotation to call up to four phone numbers in a series (based on no response)
  • Waterproofing: IPX5 (water jets from all directions)
  • Full recharging in approximately 3 hr. from a drop-in base station or clip-in charger


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