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Dignitaries and special guests cut the ribbon to open the 2019 Eurasia Asansör Fair in Istanbul.

Turkish manufacturers push for global recognition at Eurasia Asansör Fair.

With a large crowd of international visitors on hand, Turkish elevator component manufacturers flocked to the International Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition (Eurasia Asansör Fair) on March 20-23 at the CNR Expo Istanbul.

The fair, organized with the aim of contributing to the development of the sector and international trade, drew 30,478 visitors, including 5,726 from 83 foreign countries, who browsed, examined and made deals among the 160 manufacturer booths set up inside the fairground. Of those, 134 were Turkish brands, with the other 26 being foreign exhibitors representing several countries, mainly China, India and Germany. Products on display ranged from elevator cars to automatic door systems and from electronics to safety systems and accessories.

Various presentations and panels were held during the four-day event. Buyer committees from several countries had the opportunity to meet participant brands and make new business connections. It took place in Halls 1 and 3 of CNR fairground in Yeşilköy Istanbul and was organized by Istanbul Trade Fairs, an institution of CNR Holding, in cooperation with the Federation of Elevator Industrialists (ASFED) and the All Elevator Industrialists and Business People Association (TASİAD).

Ali Bulut, chief executive and president of CNR Holding, greeted visitors and exhibitors during an opening address in which he highlighted the advances of Turkey’s domestic elevator industry. Said Bulut:

“We are pleased to see that the Turkish companies have been a competitive force, especially in the last 20 years, in the elevator market, where Western companies, which have more than 100 years of experience, have been dominant for many years. Today, the Turkish elevator sector constitutes one of the important dynamics of our economy, with its more than 3,000 establishments, employment of nearly 50,000 people and its foreign trade volume, which is close to US$500 million.”

The CNR chief offered his belief that Turkish products are less expensive than Western products and are of higher quality than many of the offerings from Asia. He continued:

“Thanks to technological developments, Turkish products have been in a rapid transformation process in recent years. Although the shrinkage in the construction sector caused a decrease in demand, Turkish manufacturers will meet the deficit through export-oriented growth. Turkish constructors have a great share abroad, especially in the Gulf market, North African countries and Middle East market. Our aim is to increase the share of Turkish elevator products in the projects conducted by Turkish constructors.”

Domestic and National Industry

Next, TASİAD Board Chairman Ahmet Fikret Gökhan took to the stage to urge on Turkey’s elevator manufacturers. Emphasizing that elevators carry more people than any other type of vehicle, Gökhan stated, “The elevator sector started its journey in Turkey in the 1950s. Today, we are capable of competing with Western companies easily.”

He said domestic and national industrialists should receive what they deserve in public procurements, but also pointed out that $US60 million of the country’s foreign trade deficit belongs to the elevator sector.

Importance of Fairs

ASFED President Yusuf Atik spoke next, on the importance of trade fairs. He said the aim of these events is to ensure unity and solidarity, and that they are the greatest factor for the development of the country and industry. He continued:

“Today, Germany is one of the leading exporter countries, and one of the most important reasons of this is the [trade] fairs. Fairs open up the horizons of the visitors and the participants. They are important in order to see what is happening in the world.”

He closed his talk by enumerating branding actions ASFED launched in 2018.

Industrial Transformation

Ümit Ünal, manager of the Istanbul office of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, presented a speech in which he talked about domestic and national transformation within the industry, increasing the export share of the industry and the current surplus status. He reminded his audience that a program was begun in January 2018 to promote localization of imported industrial products:

“Domestic and national transformation of industry is crucial for increasing the export share. I am contented to observe this same mindset in this fair. We carry out intensive efforts and have big targets to replace imported products with domestic products. Last year, 42 products were matched. Foreign industrial products with a volume of US$20 billion in imports have been replaced by Turkish industrialists’ products. Now, we are in the second phase. Our slogan is, ‘978 main products and intermediate goods.’ Core products and intermediate goods that total a current deficit of US$105 billion will be nationalized.”

Ünal stated that the ministry encourages the purchasing of domestic products, both in TOKİ (Turkish housing development administration) and other public tenders, which brings added value of domestic and national transformation for the country. He emphasized it is obligatory to increase the rate of domestic manufacturing to 80%, particularly in industry, across a range of sectors from elevators to motors, software to chemistry and other horizontal sectors.

Match Construction Sector Success

Tahir Tellioğlu, president of the Construction Contractors Confederation (İMKON), emphasized the need for Turkey to attain the same success in the elevator sector as it has in the construction sector, as the world’s number two, and said:

The elevator sector should grow in parallel with the growth of the construction sector. We built 200,000-300,000 houses in Algeria and the Middle East. If we cannot buy elevators from our country, then there is a problem here. High state officials should also support this fair.”

Stating they had very important brands making elevator components, but that the public is insufficient in making the shareholders of the sector meet, Tellioğlu emphasized that more incentives should be given for using domestic elevators. The İMKON president said this was a strategic fair:

“Domestic elevator manufacturing should be encouraged in Turkey. The government should also take the responsibility here. I think requesting at least a 50% incentive for domestic production, will not be too much.”

CNR Eurasia has proved to be an efficient platform for raising awareness within the industry, and this year’s event included seminars designed to carry the industry further. One such session was “Lift Tech Academy” by Aydın Arat, İbrahim Özçakır, Nurullah Pireci, Mustafa Kemal Köken, Mustafa Görmüş and Muzaffer. The seminar included detailed discussion on several topics: technical innovations in the sector, legislative amendments, periodic controls and handicapped access in elevators.

Genemek Unveils Mega 7

Gen Elektromekanik, a manufacturer of car and landing operating panels, buttons, LCD monitors, digital and segment displays, and other subsidiary products, introduced “Mega 7,” a new-generation, large indicator module for car operating panels. This product attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign visitors.

Genemek hosted guests for a dinner at Florya Develi restaurant on the second evening of the fair, giving a big-screen presentation detailing Mega 7, as well as its new manufacturing facilities.

Merih Makes a Splash

Merih Asansör, a major exhibitor at the fair with 42 years of business experience, introduced its latest products on an international scale, particularly its complete elevator systems, but also products from several other categories, including cabins, automatic cabin doors, home lifts, personal carriers and goods lifts. Anti-Vandal, L-Fit, H-Max and a fire-resistant glass-panel landing door model attracted a lot of the attention, as did the company’s cabin designs.

Government Official Visits

Turkish Republic Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Hasan Büyükdere visited the expo on the last day of the event. After addressing the exhibitors and visitors, he toured the fairgrounds and booths, taking in information from exhibitors on the products and services they had on display.

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